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20 Best Tips for Beginners in Blogging

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Being a blogger is getting more and more popular and it doesn’t surprise me. A blog is not only your chance to express yourself but also to help others, give pieces of advice, share your pictures or artistic creations, and even make money and get discounts. Some bloggers produce content themselves while others use various services like Writingcheap or similar. It’s up to you to decide which way to go.


Although it seems that becoming a blogger is a tough task, it’s still pretty easy to accomplish. The competition in the media market is high enough nowadays due to the great number of influencers and people trying to get through. There are over 2 billion bloggers in the world today! Nevertheless, there are special rules, life hacks, and tips for starting a successful blog. But before we get to the point, let’s get a clear understanding of a blogger.

What is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who is the owner of the blog, Instagram account, YouTube channel or a profile on any social media platform. He or she is creating specific content and has a stable or growing audience. The information they post may relate to any topic from business and cooking to various lifecycles of insects. Every LiveJournal or channel has its unique army of followers. If it seems to you that you are the only person on the planet with such a hobby, interest, mindset or problem, start a blog and you’ll be amazed. Some people are subscribed to the profile on Instagram that uploads photos of puppies resembling cupcakes. And believe me, that’s not the weirdest thing out there.


Many renowned bloggers like Zoella, Meghan Rienks, or Murad and Nataly Osmann treat blogging like a full-time job and have a team of assistants standing behind the production of one post. When you set a high level of quality, you have to be stick to it. The number of followers and the engagement rate influence the revenue you might receive for ads. Famous opinion leaders earn lots of money for promotions and advertisements. For instance, Kylie Jenner charges 1.2 million dollars for a single post. What stops you from choosing this modern profession, inspiring and altering people’s lives, and getting paid?

How to be a Blogger, Anyway?

So, you decided to pick up this media-related career. But, but how to become a blogger from scratch?

First of all, choose the type of content you want to display and the topics you plan to talk about. I would recommend starting a blog only if you have something to share and not to create content out of thin air.

Then, research and learn more about the technical side of a deal: applications you might need for shooting or editing either pictures or videos, programs to proofread the texts, the instructions for using SEO, analytical tools for obtaining metrics, etc.

After you have a so-called strategy, make sure you create a plan of publications and be ready to devote time to blogging daily.

There’s one chance in a thousand that you shall wake up a celebrity overnight unless you publish a viral video. Starting something new is always hard but the results are worth the efforts taken. Every person can become a successful blogger and these 20 tips for beginners will help you achieve this:

1. Choose the domain name or the nickname carefully. This title must be unique and reflect the essence of the blog. If you write about beauty products and doing makeup, use related words;

2. Do not jump from one topic to another. Choose a single or several promising spheres you have expertise in. Analyze, whether you’ll be able to create content constantly or you don’t have much to say;

3. The recommended size of the text is from 800 to 2000 symbols. On the other hand, you can mix longreads with short texts, study the feedback and select what they prefer more;

4. Choose the design of the blog carefully. It must be simple, user-friendly, and not overfilled with distracting sections or advertisements. You must take care of your readers. No one likes sudden irritating pop-ups;

5. Produce unique and extraordinary content. Your subscribers love you for your thoughts, honesty, and ideas, and would most likely abandon you for frauds and cheating;

6. Use plain and not sophisticated fonts in calm colors. Highlight in bold, underline or use Italic but don’t go too far – think about the eyesight of the readers;

7. Be the author of your posts;

8. Let your audience comment and leave feedback about your blog;

9. Distinguish and optimize your blog to certain keywords;

10. Register your blog at various search engines and popular web-catalogs;

11. Use diverse kinds of content – gifs, pictures, video, texts, – and draw more people with catchy titles;

12. Interlink the pages of your blog: include hyperlinks to your previous posts;

13. Add analytical tool to track your growth and audience behavior, analyze the data and enhance the performance;

14. Share your posts on social media.

15. Offer your guests to subscribe and leave their e-mails for sending the updates;

16. Create an automated notice sent to all the subscribers of your blog when you release something new;

17. Add a page that displays general information about you with a photo. Readers love following real people, knowing their stories, and feeling like a part of their lives;

18. Tag other bloggers in your posts if you want them to mention you as well. This simple action will attract traffic to both of you;

19. Communicate with your audience: read their comments, reply and answer questions yourself.

20. Try to be active and post new content regularly. You can even announce a schedule. Thus, you invite your readers to check out your new blog post at a certain time on a specific day. Many bloggers like Tati use this to form a habit among their subscribers.

As you can see, being a blogger requires lots of concentration and challenges. I hope that you will use the tips I prepared for you and experience the rapid development of your blogging career. Good luck to all the beginners and have fun!

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