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20 Best Blogging Tools for Promotion of Content

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Regardless of what social media platform you use, you can notice one trend that becomes more and more important as content marketing and online promotion techniques advance: everyone promotes something. Whether an individual Twitter user or a business registered at Facebook, everyone tries to reach more users that could be their potential customers. Indeed, promotion in social media is a powerful tool that has been quite beneficial for many businesses.


Similar to social media, blogging is another great way to promote content because it can also help to expose it to thousands of Internet users who visit the blog. Moreover, in some areas it is even better than social media when it comes to promotion; for example, social media has limits on how much text you post out there while blog allows you to write as much as you want.

Promotion of content through a blog is very easy and can be enhanced through the use of various tools. To help you make the right choice, we have prepared an ultimate collection of the best blogging tools for the promotion of content. Enjoy!

1. Quuu Promote


This is a tool for automatic sharing of the content that lets you reach more people than you would do normally. The platform needs to be provided with the link to the blog post you need to promote in order to create the sharing version and provide some attractive images. Next, the tool invites you to select the promotion category to make sure that you reach the right people. Even though it is paid platform (the fee is $10), but such advanced promotion is certainly more effective than manual.

2. Taboola

Tabola claims to the world’s largest discovery platform, and for a good reason. It is one of the most popular content promotion tools that use a sophisticated system, which brings your content to the target audience by publishing it on websites and social media. Among the websites used by the platform are the Weather Channel, USA Today, and NBC, so millions of Internet users can be your audience.

3. Pablo by Buffer


This tool focuses on the power of visual content in attracting the attention of Internet users. For example, your post will look like a card with really good graphics and minimum text that allows making the emphasis on the most important words. It is increasingly used by various businesses today, including advertising agencies, professional writing services, and web development agencies for keeping their social media and blogs active. The user is free to choose among thousands of great photos and graphics to be featured on the post, which could be a great option for those who need to have control over these elements.

4. Meme Generator

Memes are great and everybody loves them. Why not use them to promote blog posts, right? Meme Generator lets you use the most popular meme templates and insert your own text, which could be fun and effective. As the result, the audience does not need to apply some extra effort to understand your message and find your promotion very engaging.

5. Mylikes

A very popular promotion platform that allows you to put your content on numerous popular sites and send a strong message. The main focus of the tool, however, is put on social media, and the experts from the company are inviting the users to follow effective strategies that worked great for other clients.

6. Canva Infographic Maker


Infographics is as popular as memes, because it provides graphic representation of the textual material, which is found to be much easier to understand. Canva is a great tool that allows you to create your own custom infographics and use them to promote your blog content.

7. ElegantThemes

Are you using WordPress for your blog? If you are, this might be a great tool for you because it can make your blog appear more professional and elegant. Over 300,000 bloggers and online marketers have already found ElegantThemes useful for their websites, so take advantage of it as well.

8. Social Warfare

A very detailed and crafty tool, Social Warfare enables the users to manage and customize the appearance of the blog pages on social media, including text, graphics, and images. For example, it ensures that your posts will look good in the social media feed by allowing to upload images and other elements that are customized for the particular site.

9. Gravatar


If you need to respond to the comments posted on your blog, a good appearance is important. Instead of using the basic avatar, you need to advance it with Gravatar, a tool that provides you with an image that follows you from site to site and appears beside your name.

10. MailChimp

Email marketing campaigns are still effective and widely used by bloggers to promote their content. For example, you can invite others to check out your new section in the blog or read a recent post, and MailChimp is the right tool to use. In additional to helping you to create personalized and well-written emails, it also helps to reach more customers, thus advancing your campaign.

11. Hootsuite

This tool takes the blog promotion on social media to another level by letting you to control the social media marketing from one place. It has a great functionality and provides the user with online marketing tips and education.

12. Audiense

Another great tool for promotion in social media that claims to possess “smart social intelligence” that includes audience management, campaign workflows, and other features. Audiense is a complete tool for those who want to discover the world of online promotion.

13. Buffer

One of the easiest and most widely used online promotion tools, Buffer allows you to promote your blog content on social media in a meaningful way by having the content appear at particular time. It is designed both for individual bloggers and companies.

14. Click to Tweet


As you have probably guessed from the title, this tool allows generating one-click links that could be shared on a blog or a website. When a visitor clicks on the link, the pre-defined message gets created on their account on Twitter.

15. Narrow

Interaction with social media users that are engaged in conversations about the topic relevant to the audience of your blog is performed by Narrow. It helps to attract the visitors and make the blog more popular.

16. Disqus

This popular free platform helps the bloggers and other publishers to grow and attract the visitors by engaging them into an industry-leading comments section, which allows identifying the people interested in a particular content.

17. ContentClick

This is advertising delivery platform that can get your content to hundreds of thousands of websites, thus allowing reaching more people with your blog.

18. PubExchange

An unusual and effective tool, PubExchange is an exchange traffic platform that allows establishing relations with other bloggers and creating partnerships with them. As the result, the volume of visitors can be increased because of new exchanged content.

19. PR Newswire

If you want to get into a conversation with the world’s best bloggers, you need this tool. It allows distributing information to more than 500,000 bloggers and journalists and engaging in interaction with them.

20. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

If you are struggling to come up with the best idea for the next blog post, this tool is here to help you. It requires the keywords from you and generates the headline that is appealing and suitable for use in blogs.

The blogging is perfect for promotion, so use these tools to make you take advantage of it and enhance the exposure of the content.

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