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How to Promote Your Website or Blog on Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. With more than 600 million active users, this social utility is definitely a great place to promote your businesses, websites, and anything you can imagine of. If you are blogger or web developer who hunger of web traffic, then you should try following effective ways to promote your website or blog on Facebook.


Create Facebook Fan Page
Create a Facebook Fan page to promote your blog or website. It helps you get immediate attention from other Facebook users and create brand awareness for your blog quickly.

Add Blog or Website Information to Facebook Profile
Make sure you add your blog or website URL and other contact information to your Facebook profile. If you have Facebook page, remember to fill in your blog or website information such as category, name, description, email, website URL, etc. in the basic information section.

Make Your Profile Visible
Make sure you do not restrict your Facebook profile from getting indexed in search engines. Check your privacy settings and make it open for everyone, including the whole Facebook community.

Suggest Your Page to Friends
Promote your Facebook page to your other friends on Facebook. Simply go to your Facebook page and click on the “Suggest to Friends” option available on the left-hand panel of the page. A box appears with all the friends you have on Facebook. You can choose your friends whom you want to suggest the page.

Write Interactive and Useful Post
Update your Facebook page with interactive and useful post as frequently as you can. This will create an opportunity for them to respond to the post with their thoughts and comments.

Update Your Page Regularly
It is important to update your page regularly to keep your fans interested and occupied with your page. So if you don’t show up every once in a while, they will most likely leave your page soon.

Use Facebook Applications
There are tons of 3rd party applications that can be easily integrated with your Facebook profile to promote and highlight your blog. Most famous are RSS aggregators and social media services mash up applications.

Publish RSS Feeds
Use RSS feed aggregator applications like Simplaris Blogcast and Blog RSS Feed Reader to publish your blog feed in your Facebook profile. You can customize it according to your needs and integrate it with your profile page.

Join Relevant Groups
Browse through various groups on Facebook and take membership of those groups that provide promotion of blogs, social networking and social media marketing services to members.

Advertise on Facebook
Place advertisement on Facebook is one of the best ways to give exposure to your blog. You can customize the ads and filter targeted readers.


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