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Archives – October, 2012

37 Search Engine Sites You May Not Know

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We all know that Google is the most widely used search engine on the web, but it’s not the end-all search solution. There are tons of websites out there that come with sophisticated search functionality, allowing users to customize the results based on individual’s need. Today we would like to show you 37 websites that feature powerful search facilities, customizable filters, engaging search interface and interactive options. Instead of searching web pages like Google, these sites are specifically designed to let you find travel information, Internet archives, hot trends / topics, ebooks, audio files, videos, fashionable items, special restaurants, and more.


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Antivirus for Mac: Excess or Necessity?

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There’s a wide-spread opinion that the devices that run under Mac OS X are immune to viruses. Do Mac users need to install an antivirus on their devices? In this article I’d like to try and answer this question and also tell you about good antiviruses for Apple devices.


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How to Effectively Stop Wasting Time on Facebook

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Facebook is perhaps the greatest invention of the 21st century, helping people to reconnect with long lost friends and family, post status updates, share interesting things with friends, as well as promote and grow businesses. However on the flip side of the coin, Facebook tends to distract our concentrations from the daily works and studies. More and more users are addicted to Facebook wasting a lot of time on social games, following friends’ status updates, and chit-chatting.


If you just want to use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and do some simple networking, here are some of the best ways to avoid you from spending too much time on the social networking site. Read more…

20 WordPress Plugins to Interlink Blog Posts, Pages & Keywords

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Interlinking blog content is one of the best ways to keep visitors stay longer on your site. It provides a good opportunity for new visitors to explore more blog posts and pages, encouraging them to understand your site better. Additionally, if your blog contents are well interlinked, not only it helps visitors to easily navigate throughout your site, but also makes sure that search engine spiders can successfully crawl your site and index contents faster. SEO wise, interlinking improves your site and page ranking on the Google search results.


To help you interlink your blog posts, pages and keywords easier, below we’ve compiled a list of WordPress plugins which you’ll find them helpful. Any other easy ways you know for interlinking blog content, let us know in the comments section below. Read more…

How to Remove Copyright Infringing Web Pages from Google Search Results

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Despite the facts that online plagiarism is pretty common in the world of Internet, but as a blogger we will never want to see our hard work being copied and republished on other sites without our consent. If your site is unfortunate, becomes the target of online content thieves, what can you do to deal with them? In the previous posts, we’ve taught you some effective methods for fighting with notorious copycats such as send a warning message, submit a Cease & Desist letter or file a DMCA complaint. Today we’ll show you a quick tutorial guiding you to send a notice of copyright infringement to Google, requesting the search engine to remove copyright infringing webpages from its search results. We hope you’ll find it useful!


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Best 20 Websites to Publish and Sell Your eBooks

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Want to be the next J. K. Rowling or Dan Brown? Then pay attention to this article. First, let’s admit that it’s not easy to find a well known publisher who is willing to publish your books. Without publishers, it doesn’t mean that you should put an end to your writing career. In fact there are other ways you can try to get your own books out there yourself, and one of the easiest ways is to publish your books in the form of electronic, as an ebooks.


The reason being is that there are many online platforms on the Web helping you to publish, distribute and sell your ebooks. Most of the sites have zero sign up fees and majority of sale will go to you. So if you’re ready to be an ebook author or seller, here’s a list of popular sites for selling self published ebooks and other digital content. Read more…

iPad Mini Comparison: Comparing iPad Mini with Other Tablets

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Yesterday, Apple has finally announced its most anticipated new product called iPad Mini. Without a doubt, the small version of iPad has become the latest hot topic being discussed not just among the Apple fans, but all the mobile phone and tablet users around the globe. The iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch display with an awesome 1024 x 768 resolution. It comes with Apple A5 processor, 0.3 megapixel front camera, and 5 megapixel rear-facing camera.


The new Apple device has only 0.28 inch in thickness and it’s the lightest iPad ever made, with only 0.68 pounds about 50% of the weight of “The New iPad”. The most exciting part is that the iPad Mini comes with a starting price of $329 (for 16GB WiFi model) which is the least expensive iPad you can get. Read more…

16 Best Siri Alternative Apps for Android Phones

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Looking for Siri-like functionality on your Android smartphone? Look no further, below we’ve compiled a list of Siri alternative Android apps for you to choose from. Siri is a cool voice assistant exclusively developed for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. The voice assistant enables users to perform a variety of tasks in a completely different way. Instead of tapping the screen, you can just speak to the phone to make voice dial, send text messages and emails, search the Web, create appointments and reminders and even post your status updates on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.


Although Siri can only be used on Apple devices, the good news for Android users is that there are many voice assistant apps available on Google Play for free download. So just go through the list below and choose the app that best suits your needs. Read more…

Top 22 Business, Stock Market, Currency Exchange Simulation Games

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Business simulation games are very useful educational tools for enhancing personal financial management skills. These games come in various forms, some allow you acting as a CEO to run a virtual company, some train your trading skills by playing a pretend stock market based on actual and real time stock exchange data.


Below we’ve listed some of the most popular business simulation games where you can create your own business, trade online and invest in the stock market without risking your hard-earned money. Enjoy! Read more…

17 Best Tools / Plugins to Integrate Twitter with WordPress Blog

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Undeniably Twitter is the most popular microblogging service on the Web. Almost every website owner and blogger has integrated the social networking tool to their sites. This enables their visitors to easily “tweet” about information and updates found from the site which helps in attracting more visitors.


Twitter has its own set of tools which you can use to display your Twitter button and status on the site. In case they can’t fulfil your needs, here we’ve compiled a list of third-party online tools and WordPress plugins specifically designed for integrating Twitter to your blog. We hope these tools can help you promote your site better, tweet to your followers easier, and attract more visitors. Read more…

How Cloud Storage Software Has Made The Possibility of Mobile Music Production A Reality

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Music production and recording has come a long way since the days when group of singers huddled in a room around one microphone, trying take after take until they got it just right. The advent of 8-track recorder changed the music landscape of the 60’s, the proliferation of at-home recording software changed the world of music again in the 2000s and now, in the 2010s, Dropbox and other cloud storage technology has ushered us into a new era of long-distance collaboration and a speedier process.


ProTools, Logic, Reason, Garage Band, Reaper…these digital music platforms Read more…

How to Download Google Earth Maps for Offline Use

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Offline maps can be very helpful when you are abroad or out of network. If you are looking for the best way to download Google Maps data to your mobile devices, look no further as we have solution for you. In today’s post, we’ll show you some easy ways to save Google Maps data to your smartphone or tablet device so that you can browse saved areas by using My Location and compass mode, even when you’re not Internet connected.


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How to Stop Facebook Games Requests and Apps Notifications

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If you are one of those Facebook users who are sick of receiving game requests such as Diamond Dash and FarmVille from your friends. Here’s a simple tutorial you can follow to get rid of these annoying messages without hurting your friends’ feeling. Apart from blocking game requests, this tutorial can also be used to disable notifications from apps you’ve installed.


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27 Online Tools to Test and Validate Websites / Blogs

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Website validation and testing are both important processes we must conduct before putting any website online. By validation, we can check our website against standards and requirements published by Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) or WapForum. This necessary process is to verify the correctness and quality of webpage code to ensure that the page is working properly with nice appearance.


Additionally, we should also conduct a series of fundamental tests such as browser compatibility, page load speed and simulating as a first time visitor or repeated visitor to determine the user friendliness of the site. In today’s post, we’ve compiled a list of highly useful online tools for validating and testing your website in an easy way. Enjoy! Read more…

11 Best Google Maps Tips and Tricks You Should Learn

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Google Maps is the most powerful online mapping tool you can find on the Web. It allows you to easily find the location of destination and get the right driving direction, you can even discover places in the other part of the world. The online map service has been around for years and Google continues to improve the maps by rolling out many cool features such as 3D street views, turn-by-turn navigation, map makers, real-time traffic condition and more. In today’s post, we would like to show you 11 really useful tips and tricks helping you to get the most out of Google Maps!


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