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Top 22 Business, Stock Market, Currency Exchange Simulation Games

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Business simulation games are very useful educational tools for enhancing personal financial management skills. These games come in various forms, some allow you acting as a CEO to run a virtual company, some train your trading skills by playing a pretend stock market based on actual and real time stock exchange data.


Below we’ve listed some of the most popular business simulation games where you can create your own business, trade online and invest in the stock market without risking your hard-earned money. Enjoy!

Virtual Stock Exchange Games
This is a free stock market game with community trading discussion, player rank, profiles, and earnings game.

Investopedia Stock Simulator
This is a stock market game that simulates trading stocks and options. Just put your trading skills to the test against other users and see where you rank among the thousands of Investopedia traders.

Wall Street Survivor
With Wall Street Survivor you can create your own stock trading games, choose your own trading dates, beginning cash balance, and other trading rules. You can even upload your group or company logo so that your users can have branded stock market games.

UpDown Stock Market Game
This stock game allows you to play with $1,000,000 in a realistic trading simulation. You can make real money if you beat the S&P 500 every month.
This stock market game helps you to understand how stock trading works. It lets you trade virtual stock using real market prices and get the practice you need before trading in real life.

The Business Strategy Game
This is an online exercise where class members are divided into teams and assigned the task of running an athletic footwear company in head-to-head competition against companies managed by other class members. Company co-managers must make decisions relating to plant operations, distribution and warehouse operations, work force compensation, online sales at the company’s web site, sales and marketing, and finance.

StockTrak offers virtual trading simulation that features trading of U.S. stocks, options, bonds, futures, mutual funds, futures options, and equities from over 20 global exchanges.

Simunomics is a massive-multiplayer business simulation game where you create your own business and set your own strategy to conquer a vast, changing economy.

SmartStocks provides a live stock game using real stock quotes. It lets you learn how to trade online and invest in the stock market without risking your hard-earned money. You can test your new investment strategy or track the return of multiple online accounts in one place.

Deloitte Business Simulation Game
The Deloitte Business Game Simulation enables companies to experiment with a realistic model of their company and its immediate external environment to evaluate the potential future scenarios for their sustainability efforts in a safe game setting. – Games and Simulations offers various interactive games and simulations such as
Core Concept Cards, Economic Literacy Test, Escape from the Barter Islands, Fed Trivia, Fedmatch and many more.

Cesim offers a range of comprehensive business simulation games for higher educational institutions and corporations to provide both educators and trainers with a state of the art online team environment, where participants can practice their business and decision-making skills.

WeSeed is about real people trading real stocks under real market conditions with fake money in a collaborative, supportive online community.

Stock Market Game
The SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game (SMG) gives students the chance to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in an on-line portfolio.

Exchange-Game puts you inside the real world of live currency trading now. It lets you prototype your own successful trading strategy on the fly, and see how it works instantly. You can even choose to compete with other players if you like.

Virtual Trader
Virtual Trader is UK’s stock market simulation game that lets you experience the thrill of investing with no risk. Everybody starts with a amount of £100.000 in their portfolio.

IndustryMasters Realtime
IndustryMasters is a browser based simulation of real world economy. You take the role of an entrepreneur and compete live against players from around the globe for market share, profit and shareholder value. The business game simulates all aspects of management: from Strategy, Investment and Finance to Product Pricing, Marketing, Quality, R&D, HR and Ecology.

SimVenture is another business game or business simulation lets people create, run a virtual company and learn about entrepreneurship. The in-depth functionality of SimVenture makes it a highly sustainable resource that can be used at home as well as in an academic or commercial environment.

National Budget Simulation
This simulation gives you a better feel of the trade-offs which policy makers need to make in creating federal budgets and dealing with deficits. It asks you to adjust spending and tax expenditures in the 2006 budget proposed by the White House in order to achieve either a balanced budget or any other target deficit.

National SMS
The National SMS is a stock market game for high school and middle school students. Students manage a fantasy stock portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and commodities and learn valuable economic, business and math lessons.

Informatist is a free online business simulation game that offers you a great environment to play and learn business skills that will stand you in good stead in the real world. It gives you a wide playing field and you play against Players from all over the world.

Business Smart
Business Smart provides business games and simulations, and can facilitate events, for management development, commercial competence, retail management, banking, sales, finance, strategy as well as team leading and bespoke training.


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