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Top 15 Writing Websites for Fiction Writers

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Fiction writing is one of the most in-demand types of careers simply because of the fact that we need entertainment every once in a while. Stories are great sources of entertainment to help us pass time when doing nothing and are a good way to uplift our mood based on the emotions that are being expressed in these stories.


To those who aspire to help people feel more entertained and to create a new kind of story that a lot may like, you can start writing fiction stories with the help of some websites. There may be hundreds of writing sites out there, but the best 15 best websites are what we will provide. With these, you can finally experience the right service as you grab an opportunity to become a fiction writer. Here are the following:

15. Writer’s Carnival
It’s a simple site that serves as a hub for novelists who want to publish their content. It contains a lot of critiques for every aspiring novelist who shares their stories here, and it contains hundreds of stories for you to get inspiration from. You can go ahead and check out the numerous poetries, short stories and fiction novels here. They hold writing contests for skilled writers, too.

14. Wattpad


If you aspire to be a fiction writer, Wattpad is a website that you should never miss out as it’s a popular one online. It’s a community for novelists and storytellers around the world, and what makes this more amazing is that it’s a free site. You can check out millions of fiction and non-fiction novels and short stories in .pdf format in this site all for free. Note that some good Wattpad stories are also featured in TV, too. This site also accepts excerpts from your fiction novels.

13. Kboards
For Kindle users out there, Kboards is a good-quality site which became the main hangout hub for most Kindle writers worldwide. It’s a well-designed site made possible by some professional website development company as seen from its accommodating appearance, and it contains a database of stories and news for Kindle writers. It’s a good way to start your career if you prefer to go for Kindle, too!

12. Live Write Thrive
It’s a well-organized site with lots of blogs and excerpts for you to gather ideas from. The author C.S. Lakin makes sure that it will be filled with tips and tricks for fiction writers worldwide for them to boost their skills in the craft. What made Lakin’s site better is that it also teaches you some advice in selling and publishing your story – even if you want to go for self-publishing. It’s also one of the most modern writing websites.

11. Fantasy Faction
This site contains a lot of articles as well as fiction novel excerpts.. To provide you more info, the site also holds interviews with various novelists around the world, as well as some news regarding the matter. It also contains a forum section in order for novelists to share a lot of ideas. If you already have an excerpt there, you can post it on the site for you to gain reviews to get you started with your career.

10. Better Novel Project


Most novelists prefer this website due to the fact that it can help you “reverse-engineer” a novel for better understanding about its structure. It’s one of the best websites out there that has made bestsellers already. Also, a lot of beginners became skilled in the craft in just a month because of the valuable lessons that it contains. Owner Christine Frazier tends to explore various fiction and non-fiction novels out there in order to provide guidelines to refine your novel further.

9. Literary Rambles
It’s a site that was made in 2008 by a well-known professional website development company and still looks organized up to this very day. It contains a lot of topics about fiction and non-fiction novels, as well as children’s stories for writers to learn about. On its left side, you will be able to see a lot of literary agents who provided expert opinion to a lot of beginners, too. The site can also help you gain brilliant ideas from concepts and works done by other writers.

8. Bent on Books
Bent on Books has its own agency that willingly accepts a lot of new authors to become skilled ones in the long run – to the point where bestsellers can be crafted. It’s more focused on the usual publishing methods than self-publishing. Owner Jenny Bent can definitely help you get more exposure in being a bestselling novelist as long as you’re passionate with the craft.

7. Writers Helping Writers
Writers Helping Writers is a hub for fiction writers around the world and lives up to its name since writers can help each other here. It contains a lot of tools that you and other writers can use together. Their tools can help you get an insight about setting up plots, as well as make editing a lot easier. They also contain a huge database of thesaurus for making your storytelling more entertaining and for your character development to become better.

6. The Writer and the Critic
The website is more of a podcast that contains a lot of topics regarding fiction novels, as well as some important news and gossips about the business. It also contains interviews from skilled novelists and reviews from critics to help you learn when it comes to novel improvement. The hosts Ian Mond and Kirstyn DcDermott also have a lot of tricks and trivias to share in this podcast site that publishes new episodes every two months.

5. The Kill Zone
It’s a fiction novel website that’s more on darker stories. It contains sections for critiques/reviews, some blogs to help you out, as well as some interesting thriller novels made possible by the most skilled thriller writers around the world. They provide a lot of nice advice for you to boost your writing skills if you want to go for darker stories as well as publishing tactics.

4. Romance University


It’s a writing website mostly dedicated for female writers out there and for those who are female at heart. Romance University contains decent tips when making romance write-ups, as well as some tips in understanding men as you make a male character for your fiction novel. It’s one of the finest fiction writing sites out there that contain some of the most inspiring lessons that can help you supercharge your writing pursuit. You can even contact the contributors and the faculty of the site for more help, too.

3. Sarah Peck
Made possible by Sarah Peck, it’s a site that’s dedicated for better storytelling. What makes her site more amazing is that it can teach you a lot about psychology in order to create better emotion for your story, so your readers will feel more entertained. She also includes tips about yoga, pregnancy, life, identity, health, communication, business and many more. These categories can be decent inclusions for your novel content if you wish to add those. These can also develop your writing life at its best as you progress through your career.

2. Fiction University
It’s a more unique site made by Janice Hardy. The reason why it’s quite different than some of the sites mentioned is because it contains more lessons than just idea sharing for novelists. The site talks about the industry and how to use it as an advantage when working and publishing a novel. It also contains tips when planning out a type of novel that you want – whether it’s fiction or not. She also gives insights about some of the world’s most successful authors as they progressed in their career, and in a technical way. No wonder why it’s considered as a University online!

1. Fantasy Author’s Handbook
It’s a modern website made possible by fantasy and sci-fi novelist/editor Philip Athans. In this site, he shares some of his experience when working on his craft, as well as some witty advice in making people feel entertained about her story. He also provides some entertaining articles to help you out in a way where you won’t get bored, and he makes sure that you will become more unique in your writing style.

These websites were all owned by professionals who want to help out those who aspire to become as skilled as they can be. These were made by the finest Professional Website Development Company that’s committed to helping people flourish as writers. If you feel like improving your craft to the point where you can create a world of your own ideas, then it’s time to check out these sites and get ready to for the real deal. If you are looking for a reliable custom writing service, contact Custom Writings and hire professional essay writers for academic writing needs.

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