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20 Tips for Running a Successful Airbnb Property

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Almost every of us mused about renting out the property – either for the reason of financial benefits or just to meet new people and get new experiences. There are dozens of proposals on the Internet, but hardly we can find a better option than Airbnb – a leading rent-and-lease website with countless opportunities for both hosts and renters.


Well, another question is how to rent out the property in the best way? It’s not enough just about putting ads on the website. To find a suitable candidate, you have to constantly communicate with potential clients, answering their questions, and make sure they won’t destroy the housing right after the occupation.

To become a successful host, you should go far beyond the algorithm of meeting the visitor and escorting him to the apartments. Here are the tips on how to become a demanded host and not to rent out at a loss.

1. Carefully Examine the Profile of the Potential Guest
Well, the appearance is the first thing to consider. You don’t want to take a refugee, do you?

  • Check whether the profile is confirmed (if it is, it means Airbnb has all the contact information along with the passport scans of the user).
  • Check feedback. Profiles usually contain reviews from other hosts or at least friends’ recommendations. Pass to the friends’ profiles and check the feedback as well.


2. Don’t be Shy to Ask Additional Questions
It sometimes happens that the profile hasn’t enough information to get the idea of a user. In this case, use personal correspondence to the advantage. Never hesitate to ask a burning question or a few more facts about the guest.

3. Take a Deposit for the Safety of Your Property
Airbnb provides the opportunity to take a deposit for the safety of property. In this case, the system blocks not only the amount of the rent but also the amount that you specify as a deposit. If all goes well, then this amount refunded to the guest account; if something goes wrong – the sum transferred to you.

Make sure you set the reasonable deposit not to lose potential guests.

4. Learn to Refuse
Airbnb service provides you with a choice, which is very useful given the fact that you may meet with unpleasant guests. If you feel the person who sent you a request for a reservation is dishonorable, you are free to refuse him without stating the cause. Well, deny reasonably not to get the reputation of eternally dissatisfied landlord.

5. Provide Information in English
The most obvious tip ever, but it’s still sometimes ignored. If you want to reach the maximum audience, make sure your ads are written in the proper language.

6. Entertain Your Guests


Live and direct communication is very important. According to the experienced hosts, guests are likely to communicate with the owners right after the arrival, even if it’s reduced to having tea together.
Show yourself as a tactful and multifaceted personality.

7. Be a Good Concierge
There’s no need of becoming a professional guide, but prepare to answer at least basic questions. What are the best places to visit? How to get there? What interesting events are coming soon in the city? Where is it possible to save on a meal?

8. Pay Attention to Details
Try to prepare the home as if you prepare it for yourself. The devil is in details. Unpleasant stuff, such as old furniture or dirty dishes, may spoil the overall perception of a visitor.

9. Emphasize on the Advantages of Your Apartments
Create a charming atmosphere that will captivate guests. Be sure to show unique features and competitive advantages of your housing in the best light. It can be a beautiful view out of the window, interior architecture, etc.

Well, if you have nothing to be proud of, be sure to create a few objects of admiration to show everyone you’re special.

10. Let Visitors Feel Like They’re at Home


According to Michael Prentice, one of the most popular hosts on Airbnb, you have to apply special features of the region to your housing. For example, if you’re renting out the property in the south of the United States, you may install popular hanging swing sofas, beds, and hammocks to display the local culture.

11. Clean Apartments = Attractive Apartments
According to Inez Wolf, another popular Airbnb host, dirt is always a fly in the ointment, regardless how charming your accommodation is.

Guests won’t be satisfied with full trash cans, used toothbrushes and someone else’s hair in the kitchen.

Ideally, you have to order a professional cleaning before renting your housing out. Such services will cost you about $ 200 per month, but it’s worth it if you can’t cope by yourself.

12. Get Rid of Your Personal Belongings
Guests need some free space to stay. Be sure to take away your personal belongings. By this, you’ll save your belongings from possible use, damage, and even theft.

13. A Well-Though Check-In System
You need at least one free day between the visits. Do not let greed destroy your reputation. After the departure of guests, make sure that the apartments are clean and neat, and only then take the next guests.

14. Buy Sets of All that is Necessary for Comfort Living


Who needs an attractive housing if it has nothing for a comfort living? Be sure to provide the guest with a few sets of towels and sheets, a couple of packs of toilet paper, and other account materials needed for a comfort living.

15. Install Nest
Nest is a great way to automate the climate control and instruments in the apartment. It manages air conditioning, heating, and electricity. This device will pay off in about a couple of months of intensive use. It’s a very convenient and saving option for comfort living.

16. Install Lockitron
Another important task is to deal with the keys. Often, new guests arrive late due to delayed flight or other unforeseen circumstances. Lockitron is a software for mobile phones, which can unlock the door at a distance. Using it, you’ll be able to receive visitors, being wherever you need.

17. Beware of bad reviews
Negative feedback is the worst thing for your business. After all, the reviews are constantly on the page, so each and every potential client sees them and forms the first impression.

18. Be Ready to Be Active
Renting out apartments is a passive income only by half. Actually, from time to time, you need to react to force majeure. So don’t turn off your mobile phone even at night. You must be responsive to your guests.

19. Keep in Touch with Future Guests
Accompany and support your guests at all stages of cooperation. Instead of just deliver them a few tens of square meters, take care of their arrival and stay. Close communication will assure the guests arrive in time.

20. Check the Accommodation after the Departure
People are different. If you notice any damage or breakage, immediately contact the support of the website, attaching correspondent photos. Airbnb support will contact the guest and notify him about the need to compensate the damage.

As a rule, the person who decided to rent a house is looking for new impressions. Thus, you have worthily meet guests, providing them with the best experience and the utmost comfort.

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