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Recover Lost Photo, Audio and Video Files from Mac OS X Yosemite

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Apple Inc. recently launched another successor in its series of Macintosh operating systems, named Yosemite – Mac OS X 10.10. The newest version brings updates for hundreds of applications and features that its predecessors have already been providing. Additionally, many new features have also been added to the operating system suite, which are intended to make consumers even more comfortable in its usage.


As you know that Mac OS X is termed the excellent computer operating system, I consider that you must know the reason behind it. If not, then let me remind you of its unmatched graphics, excellent hardware, and most importantly – its performance. How can I forget Disk Utility – the Mac OS X inbuilt disk management tool, which lets you fix many of the problems encountered while doing your work. Mac computers are even more secure as compared to other computers in the marketplace, which by the way cannot compete with Mac, no matter whichever feature is on the line.

Talking about the security mechanism followed by Mac OS X Mavericks puts a question, “Is my data stored on Mavericks secure like never before?” Well, data security is the most challenging feature, which every computer must incorporate because nobody is ready to compromise his data over security issues at any cost.


Mac OS X at Homes

Apple products today have become a symbol of status for us, haven’t they? Well, you must have seen people upgrading to Mac for their personal works like internet surfing, chatting over social networks, downloading stuff, and more. In fact, those who never compromise with performance own Mac – a desktop, or some even a MacBook.

Since I am talking about Mac OS X, you must also have one at your home for all such or even more personal works. However, have you ever come across a security flaw that made you feel guilty over your decision to upgrade to Mac? Did you ever have to compromise your personal stuff like a photo, a video or one or more of your personal collection of photos? If you ever did, I understand the pain of data loss you must have been through, and I suggest you regain Mac data along with other media files that are no longer available. For this, you must have a professional data recovery tool for Mac. Make sure the software you download or purchase from the Internet is compatible with Mavericks.

Mac OS X in Corporate

Mac computers are quite sophisticated in nature in comparison with other computers in the market; however, they are very much fit to be used in corporate. The prime reason for Macs being used in corporate is data security, which eventually is one of the key features expected from a computer operating system to provide. However, you cannot always rely on the Mac keeping your data secure, as a data disaster may surprise you anytime.

Data disaster for photography professionals or someone in a related field can cause data loss in huge amount. However, lost photo, audio, and video files can be recovered easily using a commercial Mac photo recovery application.

Loss of Media Files on Mavericks

With the release of Mac OS X Yosemite, Mac users certainly think that some of the problems they have been facing for a long time must be resolved. Well, I must say that newest version has got many of its features enhanced, and it also includes a number of new features. However, when it comes to data security I may not be able to ensure you for this.

Recently, I come across a scenario that Mac fails to boot after upgrading to Mavericks, which fortunately did not come out an issue related to Mavericks. The particular model of WD hard drive was faulty, and therefore responsible for the issue. However, in case you unintentionally or unknowingly lose your personal stuff such as photo, audio and video files from the Mac or an external storage media, you can bring them back to life with a commercial photo recovery tool.

Choosing the Best Recovery Software

Though recovery of lost or deleted files is an issue entirely based on the concerned storage media, you can recover them with advanced commercial data recovery tools. In other words, lost files can be recovered up to 100 percent based on the efficiency of the recovery software. Now, the question is, “how to figure out if a data recovery tool is efficient?” Well, you cannot call a software ‘Best’ until it works for you the way you expect it to. Therefore, you must look for a software that best meets your requirements.

Odds for Recovery from Mavericks

Data loss situations are quite common, which more or less are subject to the storage media. In fact, each files saved on computer has an index value that is directly associated with it. The index value of a file is called when a command to access it is executed. In case the index value of a file is not available or deleted, the particular file cannot be accessed and it is termed the deleted one.

In other words, when you delete a file or a file is deleted or lost unknowingly, its index value is the only things that is deleted not the file itself. The original file remains intact at its original location, and can be recovered with an efficient data recovery tool. Likewise, in case you delete or lose one or more of your personal files, recover them at the earliest with a professional data recovery tool.

An efficient and reliable photo recovery tool is a prime necessity of photography professionals, in order that not a single photo is lost.

Recovery Criteria

Before you try recovering the lost photo, audio and video files from the Mac, I must tell you that the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • The drive that you lost your stuff from must be stopped using right from the moment of data loss.
  • The concerned hard drive should not be defragmented.

In case the aforementioned criterion is satisfied, the lost photo, audio and video files can be recovered very easy with a commercial photo recovery tool.

Author: Donald Kepler

Donald Kepler writes about tips & tricks for Mac optimization. He loves to travel and write about OS X defragmentation, Mac drive cloning for successful backup of entire Mac. Follow him at Google+.

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    Thanks Donald for sharing this, actually this is what I was looking since long. Losing data is very easy but recovering it is a big deal but these software’s are really very helpful.