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How to Find Your Lost Android Phones & iPhone

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Are you really much tired of losing your keys, wallet, and phones now? This is the obvious thing because human nature is quite used to of this situation and they make such types of mistakes most of the time. Many of us have the situation when we lost our mobile phone somewhere or theft by any mishap.


Now there are multiples of apps have introduced by the Android and iOS developers that will allow you to find out your lost or theft phone current location respectively. Furthermore, you will get to know more specifications related to the apps.

Android Phones

1. Find My Device


Android has also introduced the preloaded option on their phones to locate your lost device easily. Android has taken the idea of iOS ‘Find My iPhone’ service respectively. FMD is the newly added feature of Android which will provide the complete security of your phone and your data in a better way.

The ping feature of FMD will ring loudly and you can locate your lost phone anywhere in the world. This feature will also allow the option to wipe your phone by handling it through computer respectively. You may also factory reset of your lost phone so your data may remain to save from any other person.

2. Mobile Security & Antivirus


This application also acts like the ‘Find My Device’ and if you have lost your phone somewhere else, it will probably provide you the most beneficial features as well. It will also allow you to locate and erase the complete data from your phone and it has the remote lock facility as well in it. If anyone will try to bypass the phone by removing the SIM cards, it will send you the new number of your selected phone number. It will force the lost phone to receive your call and automatically wipe the phone via SMS command. You will surely get the complete security solution of your phone by using this application.

3. Lookout Security & Antivirus


Lookout is also a very best application which will ensure you that your complete security of your phone respectively. It will not only provide you the complete security protection of your phone but also provide you the antivirus facility to keep safe your phone from different types of viruses. You may backup your data, contacts, and photos and call history and it will also reload the new phone. If you have lost your phone you will also receive the image from the front camera of your phone if anyone dials the wrong code three times. You may easily trace your phone and the thief easily by this service.

Apple iOS

As we know very well this thing, apple devices have a remarkably strong fencing around its iOS. This is why with these applications you may also get the most appreciating results from them as well.

4. Find My iPhone


The original application of the iPhone will allow you to trace locate your lost phone by ‘Find My iPhone’ option. You may not only track your iPhone only but also your iPad and MacBooks as well. This is a free application for all iOS users and you may also wipe your complete iPhone and a remote lock of your complete data by using it through iTunes. It will also help you to locate your lost device by showing you the exact location of your device. You just have to connect it to your current location so you may get the exact location of your lost iPhone.

5. GadgetTrak


For making secure your complete data from any other person, you may frequently use the GadgetTrak application which will remotely activate GPS location tracker. It will also provide you the picture of the person who will try to unlock it and this application will only cost $4, but this price is not very hard to pay to get your iPhone back to you.

Any Other Phones

6. MissingPhones.Org


If you know the IMEI number of your lost Smartphone then you may easily search it through MissingPhones.Org. You just have to register your phone’s IMEI number respectively. If you don’t have your IMEI number then you may only dial from your phone *#063 and your phone’s IMEI will be on your screen. You just have to register your account on this website and you will probably get the benefits in future. It will surely save you from any type of loss as well.

By sharing these applications you may just have to make sure that your lost phone will get back to you and your data will also be safe. These applications will not charge with you much for these services. If you only consider this thing that the amount is not very costly as compare to your mobile phone’s cost. Developers have specially made these applications to provide you the complete security at its best. Now you need not to take any type of stress further about your lost phone. You will definitely get them back by using these applications.

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