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How to: Easy Ways to Stop Getting Spam Emails or Junk Mails

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Most of us should have experience with our mailbox being bombarded with spam emails selling and promoting products, software, loans as well as adult contents. In addition to being annoying, these spam mails can bring viruses, malware and spyware into your computer. Unfortunately, the situation is worsening as the spammers are getting sophisticated. They are able to produce very plausible looking e-mails which make people fall into the trap easily.


So, why do we receive junk mails? how to spot them? What can we do to stop them? If you are having these questions on your mind, following are some simple tips and effective precautions you can use to stop receiving spam emails.
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How to Determine If an Email is Spam?

  • Check the sender’s name. Most spammers appear with a first name and a last name, eg. David Jones, Peter Jackson. If you can’t recognize the name, then it’s probably a spam as most email users use nicknames.
  • Check the time email was sent. Most people won’t send you emails in the midnight.
  • Check the file size. Most of the spam size is about 3KB.

How Do Spammers Get My Email Address?

Generally spammers collect large amount of email addresses through databases. Following are some reasons why your e-mail addresses falling into the hands of spammers:

  • You post a comment with your email address to a public forum, newsgroups or unreliable websites.
  • You sign up for an online service that asks for e-mail address.
  • You give your email address to an online store or internet retailer.
  • You reveal your email address on your blog or website.

How to Stop Spam Emails?

To effectively stop receiving junk mails, you need to be savvy about the way you use your email. Following are some anti-spam measure you can use:-

  • Do not open any spam emails or click any links in the spam messages.
  • In case you open spam emails, don’t reply them.
  • Do not purchase any products or services offered by spammers.
  • Avoid clicking “unsubscribe” option. Sometimes clicking “unsubscribe” link in the spam message will not stop the menace but attract even more spam as this is to confirm your email account is active.
  • Watch out for checkboxes when signing up something on the web.
  • Use disposable email address for any online purchase and subscriptions. In case your mailbox is filled with a lot of spam mails, just delete that email account and set up a new one.
  • Do not easily give out your primary email address to shady and non-reputable websites. Use disposable email instead.
  • If you reveal your email address on your blog or website, try to change the “@” to “[at]” eg. quertimeteam[at] This method can fool spambots as they usually scan websites for e-mail addresses.
  • Use spam filters to block spam emails and junk mails. Many email services including Gmail, Yahoo! mail and Hotmail do provide such filters and “block” list.
  • If you are using Microsoft Outlook, use spam filtering plugin like SpamAid or SpamReader.
  • Report spam by forwarding spam messages to: for investigation. This is spam box for FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

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