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16 Online Services to Send / Receive Anonymous Emails

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So you want to send anonymous emails while keeping your identity secret? Well you should then read through this article and learn how to do it.

Despite there are plenty of free and feature-rich email services such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook offered by some well-known Internet companies, many users still feel unsafe when it comes to online privacy. Just like most of the websites and free online applications, these email services are ‘free’ simply because they generate revenue through online advertising.


These days, most of the online ads are tailored made for each and every service user. To do that, web service providers would need to get as much as private information from you so that they can show you ads based on your interests, or in other words, ads that you are most likely click through.

Moreover public’s concerns over digital privacy has risen significantly, especially after Edward Snowden’s disclosure of numerous global surveillance programs run by US national security agency (NSA) and other secret agencies.

Regardless of any reasons you may have to keep your emails hidden and untraceable online, here we’ll recommend you 16 cool services for sending and receiving anonymous emails. Before you use any of the email services below, you may use proxies like Tor or other VPN services to hide your IP address and ensure anonymity on the web.

Encrypted Web Mail Services

TorGuard G/PGP Encrypted Webmail
TorGuard anonymous email service allows you to communicate with other OpenPGP-compatible email users around the world. So far there are no known methods can break the OpenPGP’s encryption so you feel safe to send or receive anonymous emails. The email service offers 10MB storage and multiple privacy protection features. Additionally it works from any web browsers, both desktop and mobile supported.


Guerrilla Mail – Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address
This webmail service lets you create a disposable, temporary and self-destructible email address. Once you send an email, it will be automatically deleted after 1 hour which leaves no trace on the web.

You’ll need to sign up this service account by using your valid email address.
Once registration is completed, you can then send anonymous emails without disclosing any of your personal information.
This email service allows users to send both anonymous email and sms. All emails will be transferred through a SSL encrypted connection to keep your identity and IP address hidden.

Send Emails without Pre-Registration Required

5YMail, by default, you can easily send anonymous email by providing recipient’s email address, subject, message content as well as your real email. You would need to register the service’s active account if you don’t want to receive reply from the recipient and stay completely anonymous. Text-editor is featured in the service so that you can format your messages the way you want. provides a simple form where you can fill in receiver’s email address, subject and content to send an anonymous email without registration required.
You can also attach a file if needed and choose to provide ‘reply to’ email address for receiving feedback.


AnonEmail –
With AnonEmail, you can easily send secret emails to others without disclosing your personal information. There are only 3 things you need to provide namely recipient’s email address, subject and the message content.
Similiar to AnonEmail, this service only requires you to give basic information including receiver’s email, sender’s email (optional), subject and the message for sending anonymous email. Before sending any email, you are required to give security code.
Here’s another free tool for sending anonymous emails instantly. It’s a simple and plain interface that only requires you to provide receiver’s email, subject and message. You can also give out your real email address for receiving replies.

W3-Anonymous Remailer
This is another easy-to-use anonymous email provider that requires you to give recipient’s email address, subject and message for sending secret email.

VenomPen also offer an anonymous email service with simple interface. To use the service, you’ll have to certify that you are at least 18 years old and agree their terms of use.

Create Anonymous Email Address/Inbox to Receive Emails

Hide My Ass! Anonymous Email
If you don’t want to give out your personal email every time you sign up a new online service, then Hide My Ass! Anonymous Email meets what you need. The service lets you create an anonymous email account for receiving emails only. You can also opt for sending notification to your real email when you receive a message. Another noteworthy feature is that you can set your emails to be auto-deleted after a pre-set period of time.


Mailinator is a free disposable email address service that allows you to create email inbox instantly for receiving emails only. The service’s main purpose is to provide users an anonymous and temporary email address and protect you from spam.

MyTrashMail is a spam blocker that protects your private email address from getting spammed. It’s especially useful to block out spam when you sign up a newsletter, register at a web service, forum, etc. No registered account and password are required.

Another disposable email address service you can use whenever you sign up a web service or register on a website without giving out your real email address. One of the awesome features offered by Mailnesia is that it helps you to visit email verification links automatically in the background to validate any service account you’ve signed up.
As the name implies, this free service lets you create temporary and disposable email inbox for receiving incoming emails only.


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