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10 Effective Ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites

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Are you a die-hard fan of Facebook, but tired of Game Invites? Then, worry not! Now, you can really get out of this problem. All you need is to become an expert in supervising the unwanted invites or apps or new stories.


Facebook, as we all know, is the hotspot destination, when it comes to build new contacts or remains in touch with someone. One can best utilise this platform in both professional and unprofessional way. It is a place where one can share his/her personal life with everyone or selected audience.

Before you start up with other things, let’s briefly discuss what makes Facebook incredible in networking sites. You’ll be amazed to know that out of 13 people, 1 is using Facebook, 71.2 % of USA crowd is on internet using Facebook. Also, in every 20 minutes more than a million links, event invites, photos, status updates, and friend requests are posted on Facebook. No doubt, these qualities make Facebook popular, but unwanted requests and invites make people hassled.

Some are in favor of adding these invites and some are not. You love your friends who are added with you, but game invites from them can really bother you. On the other hand, there are few people who just come on Facebook to play games, download apps and update status.

To smartly manage the on-going process of invites without losing temper, below are the few effective ways to deal with Facebook game invites:


Never Play Games on Facebook: when you don’t play games on Facebook, it’s quite obvious that you’ll not get requests. But, even if you get, it’s just an act to make you frustrate. People who play games, there comes options “Invite All” or “Send to All” which is by default available. In this case, even the player is helpless to send request to all rather than ignoring. Assured games played by you already collect the list of your friend circle that either played or playing any of the games. So, it’s hard to ignore requests, but notifications, updates and requests can be stopped.

Turn off Invites/Notifications: When you get a Facebook notification on your desktop, click on the notification icon for declining notifications. Facebook account is mostly based on interacting with friends. In case, you get distracted from their unwanted app and game request, you can turn off or block invites from your friends. This method is useful which allows you to use your Facebook account trouble-free.

Block Apps/Invites before Hand: To make sure that you fully out of this issue, you can choose blocking games or apps individually. But, it’s not that easy as they are numerous in number. So, before you start getting notifications sooner or later, sign in to your Facebook account. While signing on to your Facebook main page, open menu bar and go to the top of the extreme right. There’s an arrow facing down, click on that. Hit on to gear icon to demonstrate the menu, and select the account setting from the existed list.


While opening the Settings window, steer to the Apps section by using left sidebar. There comes the option “Apps”. This option is by default turned on. All you need is to turn off Platform by clicking on “Edit”. This eradicates all the posts related to apps and games which appear on your Timeline.

Block All People Who Play Games: About online games, Facebook is the only platform which has massive game community. It contains many free games like Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, Treasure Isle, and so on.


People who are regular players or addicted to FB games, they activate alerts on their phones. If this goes off a number of times a day, then it might be really infuriating. Then, you think nothing but to block them.

Block only Those Who Tag You on Your Timeline: Sometimes, a situation comes that you don’t feel like blocking everyone, and then this might be the simplest way. All you need is to block those people who tag you in their game on your timeline. This is an easy and useful way to get out of such irritating game requests.


One Can Even Hide Such Game Requests: Although, there are many options available to hide such unwanted requests coming from your friends. But, people who are sending you such requests are very close to you. Well, in that case, make a click on corresponding item, which is available in the same drop-down dialogue box. There you will find an “Hide all” option with particular App name. One can hide them and get secure!


Restricted List: Blocking someone from your friend list just because of invites and requests looks quite rude. So, all you can do is open your blocking option in a setting menu. There you’ll find an option where you can add them to a “restricted list”. Here, you’ll be able to see their updates as well as your posts will also be visible to them. But, they will be unable to invite to events and apps.

Stop Beacon: One of the popular information-reaping features of Facebook is Beacon. It gathers information about us when we take actions related to third-party websites. By turning this off instantly, one can get hassle-free of extra cookies. To disable the option “Facebook Beacon”, first Log in to your Facebook account. Tap on Privacy, then on External Websites. Here, you’ll find a text “Don’t allow any websites to send stories to my profile.” Right next to this text, there’s a checkbox which you need to check. If you find any third-party in the visible list, you have to go for the option “Never”. And, click on a “Save” button.

Play down Inappropriate Application from Profile Boxes: Application profile boxes are visible in a same way globally. In case, if the application and game requests are not appropriate, you can minimize the unwanted invites/Apps from profile boxes. This will even conceal your friend’s profile.

Thoroughly Sort out Notifications in Your Email: When you start using Facebook, it’s obvious that you get almost all kind of pop ups. Most of the time, if you check Gmail, your Gmail is full of FB game requests. There you feel like filtering emails and check your settings for notifications.

By above discussion, one can get a brief idea of how to get out of game invites and other App requests!

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