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17 Twitter Marketing Online Tools to Boost Your Businesses

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No matter you are running a blog or business, Twitter and Facebook are both must-use social networking sites to promote your works. These social media sites are excellent platforms for you to build good relationship with your visitors, turning them into your royalty fans. Today we’ll be focusing on Twitter. As you know that there are tons of third party online tools out there specifically built for Twitter making it even more complete. Here we’ve gathered 17 excellent Twitter tools to promote your businesses. Each of these tools has great capabilities to help you get more customers and fans, taking your business to a new level.


Tweepi is a Twitter follow management tools that enables you to add, follow and unfollow tweeps in bulk. It’s a great time saver that minimizes the time you need to do all follow and unfollow tasks.

TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening on Twitter and other social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more. The Twitter tool enables you arrange your feeds, focus on what matters, schedule tweets, monitor and mange, and stay up to date with notification alerts for new Tweets.

Twyah provides you a great way to share your tweets. Its pages are search engine optimized which give your tweets greater exposure.

Ifttt is an excellent online tool that automates your social activities. The beauty part of this tool is that you can connect any two web services together, like Twitter with Facebook, or Instagram with Dropbox.

TweetAdder is an automated Twitter management tool that lets you manage more than one Twitter profile. Some of its benefits include blacklist and whitelist, auto follow Twitter users, auto follow stop feature, random time delay settings, auto unfollow Twitter Users and more.

With SocialBro you can manage and analyze your Twitter Community. It enables you to get accurate information about your community by different criteria. SocialBro also lets you find out when your best time to tweet is and take advantage of every tweet you send.

Gremln is a social media business and marketing tools where you can read Tweets from your timeline, see who you follow, and follow new people, update your profile, post Tweets as well as access your direct messages.

TweetGrid provides a dashboard of Twitter searches that update in real time. This is useful for monitoring topics that related to your businesses at once.

Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet. It analyzes both your tweets and your followers’ tweets so that you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others. This free analysis tool will analyze up to 1000 of your followers.

TweetChat is a Twitter conversation tool that enables you to follow conversations through the use of a #hashtag. The service has thousands of on-going discussions on a wide variety of topics.

ClickToTweet provides you an easy way to promote and advertise your blog, website, or business on Twitter. It enables you to create fast tweet through its custom link, whoever clicks on the link will have the message automatically added to their Twitter status box, then they simply click to tweet.
clicktotweet_promote_on_twitter is a Twitter management tool that improves the way you manage your followers and build a good relationship. The Twitter tool lets you analyze relationships and focus on your high-value members: top influencers, supporters and potential leads. The beauty part of is that it suggests you who to follow and unfollow based on your engagements.

NewsMix is a social newsstand that lets you discover, read and share news of any topics you are interested in. It lets you easily create “channel” to follow your favorite topics or influencers you like.

InboxQ provides users a convenient way of asking and answering questions on Twitter. The Twitter tool delivers a real-time stream of questions related to your business, products, or general interests from Twitter directly to your browser including Firefox and Chrome. You can create a campaign to target questions you want to answer.

Buffer makes it easy to share any web page you’re reading to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts easily. On top of that, it provides you free and detailed analytics on all your posts to every social network so that you can see how many likes, shares and retweets you get.

Brandfluencers helps you connect with your influencers on Twitter and drive more traffic to your website. You can add your landing page, blog, or website to this online service and see who brings you the most traffic. Then add a prize or connect with them to encourage more sharing.

Blast Follow
BlastFollow lets you to follow Twitter users who share your interests. Just enter a hashtag and then click the “Get Users!” button. You’ll see the number of users who tweeted with that hashtag recently. Then, enter your Twitter name and password and click “Blast!” to start following all of those users.


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