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12 Twitter Tools to Search Hashtags, Tweets and Mentions

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Yesterday we’ve recommended you 4 tools for searching hashtags across multiple social networking sites. During our research for this particular topic, we’ve stumbled upon quite a number of online services developed for exploring and analyzing hashtags from Twitter only. Apart from hashtags, contents like Mentions, Tweets and user profiles can also be managed by using these free and user-friendly tools.


In today’s post, we’ve rounded up 12 Twitter hashtags tools, adding to our existing 14 hashtag tools collection. That means you’ll have total 26 hashtag online resources to help you make the most out of this popular microblogging service.

This Twitter tool provides a very detailed reach analysis for the keyword you’re searching. If you search for hashtags, it returns the number of user accounts and impressions reached. Additionally, you can use the tool to monitor tweets in real-time and analyze the latest trending topics on Twitter.

Twitonomy offers a pretty comprehensive and visual analytics data on any user’s tweets, hashtags, replies, mentions, etc. It allows you to you keep track of your favorite users’ daily activities such as their tweets, lists, retweet as well as keyword searches.

Tweetdeck is another powerful social media analytics service where you can search for hashtags, monitor users’ social activities, and keep track of any events and campaigns. The tool also allows Twitter users to receive hashtag alerts, schedule tweets, and connect with other users with similar interests.

This online search application allows you to search for the latest news, popular hashtags, tweets and any trending topics from different social networking sites and news sites. Just search any keyword or hashtag you’re interested in, you’ll then see the results of highlights, news stories as well as Tweets from Twitter.

Tweet Archivist
Tweet Archivist is a powerful Twitter analytics tool that enables you to explore Tweets with hashtag you’re interested in. You can search any keyword and phrase to monitor Tweets about any topics, campaigns and brands on Twitter.

This is a social bookmarking site that allows users to connect it via Twitter. Users can use the free service to bookmark their favorite links, search for trending hashtags, follow celebrities as well as explore the most tweeted links on Twitter.

With this network visualization tool, users can see a map of mentions on Twitter. Each user is connected with other people and hashtags they mentioned in the recent Tweets. Its user interface is neat and intuitive making your network data analysis easy.

Instead of searching for Twitter users’ daily activities, this map tool allows you to find out where your followers located on a map. You can also filter them by a specific location for detailed analysis.

Visible Tweets
This is a simple search engine that allows you to search and visualize Tweets that match your search term.

This is another map based search engine that allows you to search and visualize Tweets by users’ location on a map.

Seesaw is another social media search engine that allows you to explore any topic and hashtag you are interested in. The real-time results will be displayed on the dynamic board where you can easily retweet, reply and bookmark the content you like.

With Geochirp map based tool you can search hashtags and tweets within a specific geography around the world. It helps you to find Twitter users with similar interests and find events, businesses regionally.


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