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13 Best Free Twitter Statistics and Analytics Tools

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How to be successful and productive on Twitter? If you are Twitter user who wants to make full use of the social media, you must check statistics of your Twitter account and analyze it. We all know that Twitter doesn’t provide detailed stats for analysis, but the good news is you can get those by using some tools which are available on the web. Here we’ve found 13 most-used Twitter statistics and analytics tools for you to get most out of the social networking site. You can analyze and visualize your tweets, the people in your network, the tweets from your followers and other activities on Twitter.


Just give the following tools a try and share your thought with us. If you come across any Twitter analytics tools which you think are worth sharing with our wider community, please let us know in the comments section below.
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TwitterCounter tracks Twitter users and displays attractive stats to everybody interested. Web designers and bloggers can add a simple button displaying the number of followers they have on Twitter.

TweetStats lets you enter your Twitter username and view interactive statistics such as tweets per day and direct replies per user among others.

TweetReach is an easy to use application which allows individuals to know how far a tweet has travelled. Users can enter URL, Twitter name, phrase, and hashtag into the tool’s search box to create a report.
Twitaholic ranks Twitter accounts using only one metric: total followers. The Twitter ranking tool is as easy to use as its ranking methodology. Simply visit the website and enter your Twitter username in the upper right search bar.

Twitter Grader
Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter profile compared to millions of other users that have been graded. Just enter your twitter username and you’ll get an instant grade and report.

Klout provides social media analytics to measure a user’s influence across their social network. The analysis is done on data taken from Twitter or Facebook and measures the size of a person’s network, the content created, and how other people interact with that content.

The Archivist
The Archivist is a service that uses the Twitter Search API to find and archive tweets. You can use the Twitter tool to understand trends such as the number of Tweets over time, top users and words, sentiment, and more.

Trendistic is a tool that allows you to track trends on Twitter, similarly to what Google Trends does for Google searches. It gathers tweets as they are posted, filters redundant ones and compiles the rest into one-hour intervals.

Twitalyzer is a unique tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, clout, and other useful measures of success in social media.

Mentionmapp lets you explore your Twitter network. The tool discovers relevant users to follow and find out who and what people are talking about.

Twoolr is a Twitter metrics app that grabs your “140 characters” and shows you, how your tweets are behaving over a period. It measures comprehensively your reach, the content and who is talking with you and about you.

Xefer Twitter
Xefer Twitter brings to you a graphical representation of your twitter activity. The graph displays the tweets and replies related to your twitter account. You can make use of this tool to understand when your twitter followers are most active.

TwitGraph looks at your profile and then measures your tweets and provides you with data in a colourful pie chart format.


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