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How to Turn Your Blog Post into a Video Online (Quick Tutorial)

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If you have a great blog post that you want to share with the world, why just publish it as an article when you have a chance to showcase it through video? Well if you believe that a picture speaks thousand of words, then a great video can definitely reach hundred of millions of people like the viral music video: Psy’s Gangnam style.


Today we would like to recommend you a cool online tool called Wibbitz. It is a text-to-video platform that can automatically turn any text-based article, post or feed into a short video. What Wibbitz does is basically crawls your site and extracts important text information and then converts it to a video clip.

The video above showcases’s latest blog post updates. If you feel like having one for your site, here’s a quick tutorial you can follow to create your own video within minutes:-

1. Go to

2. Enter your email address and your site URL or RSS feed, and then click on “Create Your Clip” button.

3. Wait for seconds while Wibbitz generating the clip. Once the clip is ready, you may give it a tweak.

4. Scroll down the page to “Customize Clip” section where you can choose features like Voice over, Loop, Autoplay as well as choose the video size you want. Don’t forget to click on “Update Clip” button when you’ve done your tweaking.

5. Now go to “Embed Code” section to copy the code and then embed it on your blog. The video clip is created in HTML5, so it can be watched on most of the mobile phones and tablet devices.

Wibbitz provides a quick and easy way to create interesting video based on blog post. However the online service doesn’t have many settings and options for video customization. Also, it doesn’t allow you to play your own soundtrack.


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