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Top 20 Free Online Music and Video Editors

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From editing a short snippet for your friend’s birthday to editing your own play production, editing music and video is no more a hassle. All app stores hold a diverse collection of free and paid applications that can allow you to become the videographer or discographer of your dreams.


Just for fun or for a serious project, these apps won’t let you down! Below are the top 20 free online music and video editors:

1. Our very own, YouTube


The world’s favorite video tube has its own inbuilt editor, which you can access while uploading videos on your YouTube Channel. It has all basic features that you will need such as trim, fade, textboxes etc.

2. Video Toolbox
If you are looking for a multi feature video editor, then this is it. It allows you to work in a simple or an advanced mode, where other than cropping and merging, you can play with detailed information such as codec and resolutions. Here, you can also extract video or audio files to suit your needs, embed subtitles in your videos, and record footage directly to the editor from your webcam.

3. Online Audio-Video Cutter
This editor is for those who want to keep it simple, it can allow up to 500MB file size, and is equipped with all the basic cut and crop tools. Other than this, you can also rotate your video in several angles, or the regular landscape mode. Apart from videos, you can also edit your desired audio files, with features like fade in – fade out, trimming, merging etc. Additionally, this online app allows you to create customized ringtones for your iPhone.

4. File Lab


FileLab lets you personalize and enrich your videos through various video effects like Vintage, Pencil Sketch etc. You can also choose from a range of overlays to decorate your videos with as well as transitions that can amp up your video projects. It supports almost all video formats, and is quick and easy for first time users as well.

5. Magisto
Those who do not want to put much effort into a videography project, Magisto is perfect from creating cute and edgy videos in very less time. It lets you upload your pictures and turn them into videos with the help of several themes such as Birthday, or Mother’s Day. The next step is to choose a soundtrack for your masterpiece and Magisto does the rest. Magic, really.

6. Loopster


This app makes video editing seem so easy with its interactive tools which can allow you to add graphics, music, and much more. The interface is intuitive, and there is no previous experience needed to edit your projects like a pro. Other than a variety of free in-built sounds, Loopster also has a collaborative feature which can enable students and teachers to make online groups in which the projects can be easily supervised.

7. Animoto
Animoto is a three step video editor in which you have to choose a style and song before adding your photos and videos. This guarantees your production to be absolutely memorable as you can choose for different themes such Wedding or celebrations for a Newborn.

8. Imgur
Currently one of the 50 largest websites worldwide, Imgur allows you to turn videos into GIFs, as well as create several kinds of memes. You can access thousands of original projects daily influenced by personal stories, pop culture or even politics. How else do you get cute puppy and kitty memes or clips on the internet?

9. WeVideo
This is a cloud based collaborative platform where you control what your video looks like, through your personal selection of transitions, and editing tools. WeVideo supports all kinds of cloud storage which gives you accessibility through all of your devices.

10. WireWax


WireWax is a highly interactive online tool through which you can also drag and drop videos from YouTube or Daily Motion for editing. There are superb video tagging and editing features available as well.

11. Coub
For people who love remixing videos, Coub is for you. Here you can upload videos from a number of sources and create crazy mashups and remixes. Other than the general editing tools, you can also add audio tracks to your projects.

12. MusicLab
Here you can choose your favorite genre that you want to create from Alternative to Hip-hop. After this you have the option to select an instrument that you want to add to your track. You can record your own music or choose to add thousands of songs from the Hummers or Soundcloud database.

13. CutMp3
If you simply want to cut or trim an audio file, then this is the perfect lightweight editor to use. Just open your file through this online app, and you’re ready to go.

14. YouConvertIt


Audio conversion is a crucial part of audio editing, this app lets you do just that. It is an easy three step process where you upload your file, choose a format to convert it too and lastly, email yourself the converted file.

15. Twisted Wave
Through Twisted Wave you can easily create, edit, and convert your audio files. A range of tools are available which let you loop, amplify, fade, etc. all your projects. It also supports cloud uploads and downloads, as well as import and export from Soundcloud.

16. Soundation
This app has a very professional feel to it as it can allow you to mix and edit multiple tracks at the same time, you can also mixdown your tracks to create professional sounding dubsteps and remixes. It also has an added feature of a virtual keyboard for your ease.

17. Audio Joiner
Very useful for joining or merging two or more audio tracks together, this app has a very easy to use interface and also allows you to experiment with smooth transitions and crossfades between your desired audio tracks. You can also add intervals between songs if you want a pause in between your audio file.

18. Audio Tool
Audio Tool provides a very real DJ style experience, because of its virtual interface which includes mixing and routing panels, effects panel as well as instruments. There are about 250,000 free samples which you have complete access to. You can collaborate online through this with your friends as well as share it publically over social media.

19. Audiosauna
Audiosauna is directly available as a Google Chrome App where you can use synthesizers and live effects to build your masterpieces. It has a great interface making it very easy for you to write, edit, and mix your music.

20. Beautiful Audio Editor
With this tool you can enhance your audio file as it allows you to use several frequency filters such as dynamic compression, pan, gain, etc. You can also play with audio flexibility and speeds. You can also directly download your creations in mp3 or wav formats.

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