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Make Your eCommerce Store Reach Its Peak Performance with Magento

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For those who haven’t received the memo yet, Magento is the platform to go with when you are planning to build an online store. Launching an Ecommerce site unarguably is a decision accompanied with a lot of contemplation and a huge investment of time and money, as and when you decide to take the plunge. Thus, it is only imperative that the platform you choose to build the site upon gives you a free rein to be creative, and at the same time, aim for superior user experience. And Magento fits the bill right till the last thread.


On this date, Magento is unarguably the most sought-after content management system, used by a majority of Ecommerce website owners to lend their website an exceptional visual appeal and a dynamic set of functions. The question, however, for novices is: what makes Magento so good and so recommended?

Here are the More-Than-Convincing Reasons for You to Pick Magento:

It is Open Source

To begin with, you don’t have to shell out any sum of money to start working on Magento. It is available free of cost and can be downloaded easily enough. And being open source, it also gives developers the wherewithal to modify the source code as they want, and when they want. Also, they can seamlessly install various extensions without worrying about any possible conflicts within the CMS.

It is Use-Friendly – for Site Admin and the Users

Even if you are a site admin with minimal or no prior coding knowledge, you don’t really have to worry about the same while using Magento. There is a seamless set up procedure for building an Ecommerce store and you are given an interactive interface to deal with the impending complexities. For the users, Magento facilitates easy navigation and a proper structure that allows them to find products they are looking for without racking their brains. Layered navigation is made possible that further streamlines their search and enhances the overall user experience to a great deal.

Manage Multiple Stores on a Single Installation

And you can also manage multiple Magento stores on just a single backend – a feature that you can’t find with other highly recommended systems for the Ecommerce needs. As you just have to manage a single database, even with several stores, you end up saving a lot of time and efforts that you can channelize in other tasks. The saved resources can be channelized on enhancing the core aspects of the store and making features like placing an order, making payments, etc. more streamlined and simpler for the users.


Flexibility Unabated

Be it an Ecommerce website or just a blog centered on content, any webmaster would prefer a platform that allows them to make changes on the fly, and make them at free will. With Magento, the site admin enjoy a great scalability as they can tailor the operation of their online store in a fuss free manner. The store can be adapted to the changing market trends and business requirement. Business models of all sorts can be easily implemented on it. And when ever there is a need to further expand the store and integrate a wider range of products and services, same can be done seamlessly while retaining the speed and responsiveness of the site.

“Made for Mobiles” Sites Can be Build Seamlessly

While Magento has always been instrumental in creating mobile friendly websites of the highest order, the recent integration of HTML% elements has further given this feature a shot in the arm. The whole shopping experience through the mobile phones has been greatly enhanced. Irrespective of which mobile device, which OS platform or what size of the screen they are using, the Magento website adapts to the varying platforms in a manner most efficient.

Bolstered Security Standards

Security has always been a concern with web. And when it comes to Ecommerce website, there are some serious repercussions for the users and webmasters to bear if the site is vulnerable to the hacking attacks. The webmasters, at all times, have to ensure that their website’s security structure is robust enough to kep the hackers and web intruders at bay. And Magento comes with superior and reliably excellent authentication features for the same. It has an in-built security system that makes the Magento sites highly impenetrable. And if there are any grey areas left, they are appropriately filled by the Magento security extensions or Javascript libraries. The Magento extensions are readily available and easy to install. What makes them so singularly amazing is that they don’t need developers to write extra chunk of codes to implement them.

Magento has always been powering Ecommerce websites take giant leaps towards exceptional user experience and customer satisfaction. While the competition grows, Magento continues ot be the undisputed leader in the Ecommerce realm.

Author: Danial Wright

Danial Wright is the blogger cum Magento Programmer at Magentax Ltd. Company. He is fond of writing the latest news about the magento web development.

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