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The Process of Handling The Magento WordPress Integration

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You must be aware of the fact that WordPress is the best for CMS, as well as for blogging websites. Magento is also considered the best for e-commerce. You use both of them together, as well as share the components including static blocks, navigation menus and cart data. In this situation, the Magento WordPress Integration (MWI) comes into play. You will be able to install, as well as configure MWI without any difficulty. At the same time, you can also get any type of block from the Magento store in the WordPress theme. You will also get the option to add the Magento products to the WordPress pages and posts.


Things to do

The MWI plugin will allow you to do the following things:

  • Bring out the Magento Blocks in the WordPress theme.
  • Bring out the static Magneto blocks that have been made in the admin area.
  • Displaying the Magento products in a WordPress page or post by means of an add-on.
  • Displaying products from a category using widget add-on.

Installation of MWI plugin


In order to install the MWI, it is required to edit the Magneto file. It is also required to make a duplicate copy of the file. It is done in order to minimize the possibility of overwritten of the files. It is an essential step that you cannot afford to ignore. You need to deactivate the Magento function, which will conflict with the WordPress function. The plugin installation on the WordPress website should be done by following the following steps:

1. Gain access to the admin area of WordPress.
2. Click Plugins and select ‘Add New’ option.
3. Search for MWI
4. Click the install option on the end-result.
5. After completing the installation, click the ‘Activate plugin’ option.

The installation of MWI plugin can also be done via upload in the following ways:

1. The plugin needs to be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Repository.
2. Sign in to the WordPress admin area.
3. Click Plugins and select ‘Add New’ option.
4. Click Upload option.
5. Search the file that you have downloaded from WordPress Plugin Repository.
6. After that, click the option ‘Install Now’.
7. After completing the installation, click the ‘Activate Plugin’ option.

Features of WordPress Deluxe

The best and original MWI will give you an option to use the WordPress plugins by means of Magento template engine. At the same time, the extension will also be compatible with Magento Community Edition, Magento Professional and Magento Enterprise. A number of extensions try to copy the Magento WordPress function. WordPress Deluxe will allow you to do the customization without spending a lot of effort. In addition, it will also allow you in using the Magento short codes, as well as WordPress functions. For the WordPress blog, you can also use the Magento theme. The WordPress plug-in can be used without any restrictions. You can use the WordPress function anywhere in Magento.

Use of WordPress Site Development

At the moment, people find various ways in order to create the website for business or personal reasons. However, the procedures are not effective as a lot of people are not aware of the consequences. In order to develop and start a website, you need to consider a simple and the cost-effective way. This is essential in order to create the online presence for your website. For this reason, the best option will be to select the WordPress web development. The WordPress extensions are also called as WordPress plug-in. It will help to increase the usability, as well as an interface of a WordPress blog or website. At the same time, it also helps to modify and enhance the website’s external interface.

Helpful for Website Owners


WordPress and Magneto are the best combination for selling and promoting the products of your business online. You will be able to get the e-commerce solution, along with the blogging system and CMS. MWI can be considered as useful and valuable for the owners of a website. With the help of MWI, you can have a compatible CMS WordPress system. You can also have the best e-commerce system of Magneto with the help of which you can promote and sell your products in an effective way. WordPress will let you interact and communicate with your visitors and customers. It will provide the necessary descriptions of each product.

You will be able to manage the articles, texts, PDF files, photos, music and word documents without any difficulty. On the other hand, you can get the management of products from Magento. In fact, Magento is considered as the ideal option for many items. It uses the local banks for the payment gateways.

Delighting the Customers

You need to offer the suitable products to all your customers. Moreover, you need to provide all the useful and necessary information that is required to know by customers in order to buy your products. The WordPress blogging features will permit you to communicate and connect with the customers in a proper way. It will provide the necessary and relevant information about the products, along with its usage. If customers are able to get all the information about the products, then they would surely purchase the products. Blogging will also help to improve the SEO features for the online store.

Process of Integration

Both WordPress and Magneto are open source platforms. WordPress is mainly used for blogging. On the other hand, Magneto is specifically designed in order to provide the e-commerce store. Various large and small businesses can make best use of Magneto and WordPress by combining them. Various offshore developers are depending on various plugins in order to complete the integration of WordPress and Magenta. A type of extension that is used for this purpose is FishPig extension. In order to install this extension, the extension key will be required by the Magneto programmers. The key can be found easily by every registered member of Magneto community. The registration process does not involve any cost. Due to this reason, the developers will be able to register, as well as retrieve the key.

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