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Top 25 Augmented Reality Games for Smartphones

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Games have been fascinating us since generations; right from handheld to TV video games and PS. But what’s captivating everyone now is the mind-boggling experience of Augmented Reality games. They are surreal and dilute the boundaries of reality to an unbelievable extent.

To get you the best of this new tech, we have created a list of Top 25 Augmented Reality Games for Smartphones. Enjoy!


1. Ingress


The #1 in Augmented Reality game comes from the buzz-worthy makers of Pokemon Go. Ingress is a game that makes you a capture of energy. Players can join either of the Enlightened or Resistance group to follow the mission.

This sci-fi venture needs you to travel places in order to find the next energy portal and aids you with some surprising tools. After the levels have been upgraded, the difficulty level changes accordingly.

2. DinoMess

It’s a mess from the ancient world of dinosaurs that challenges you to capture them from different locations. While you are traveling and capturing from the 19 dinosaur types, you will also be engaged in Player vs Player (PVP) battles.

DinoMess intensifies the game further with evolution, egg hatching, daily tasks, supplies, etc. And when you are at it, you may also invite your friends to go on a dinosaur collection hunt.

3. Friendly Fire!


Friendly Fire is an amalgamation of plotting games like War of Nations and Clash of Clans, wherein players use resources to create a base. Then protect it using weapons. What’s unique about this game though is, it uses real-world map. So, the base is created in your hometown. While players can use a surrounding roadmap to strategize their next moves.

4. Resources

If you mean business, then this augmented reality game is the real deal. Resources is a virtual world that lets you build mines, sell resources, earn money and expand. It’s a game of mines which are meant to be protected and upgraded to get richer in the game.

During the adventure, you will be needed to scout and extract different types of resources, and make sure that they don’t get hijacked by your competitions.

5. Garfield GO

Garfield fans are gonna love this game right from its graphic designs logo, and get to know this cat at a whole new level. This augmented game takes you on real-world scavenging, in search of treasurable comics. Although, finding them is not as difficult as moving the thick-skinned Garfield.

You will have some challenging times feeding the cat his favorite dishes, dressing him up, earning badges and collecting trinkets. And as a treat, your winnings will be converted into real prizes like Amazon Gift cards, Dominos Pizza, VISA prepaid cards, and more.

6. Turf Wars

If you are looking for a spin around the gangsta life, then head straight to Turf Wars. This game is meaner than its name, that needs you to go mafia and create gangs. As an augmented reality experience, you get to claim real-world territories and defend them with in-game weapons.

When you wish to expand, go attack on the rival turfs and grow. Thereafter, you can charge less stronger players for their safety and even fight the law enforcement agencies. Ya know, the mafia style.

7. Zombies Everywhere!

Zombies are some ruthless lifeless creatures. And nothing is greater fun than shooting them left, right and center. To serve this fun right on your smartphone, Zombies everywhere was developed.

Use your phone’s camera to find the nearby zombies, and attack them in full force with extravagant weapons like the flamethrower, shotgun, Magnum, AK-47 and many more. Although, this killer game costs $0.99 to unlock all the weapons.

8. Mobbles, the mobile monsters

Mobbles is a modification of Pokemon Go where players get to pet and grow mobbles. As of now, there are 250 mobbles to catch and grow. However, the mobbles have to be taken care of their food, sleep and play. Once they grow, you can use the mobbles to fight other players from around the world.

9. Landlord Real Estate Tycoon


Remember the famous board game Monopoly! Well, Landlord takes this business up a notch with real properties. Use the virtual money to buy properties and earn rent when someone visits them. Like any businessman, you’ll have to be smart at spending the money and buying the right real estate.

This augmented experience takes you through all places, right from local restaurants to Eiffel Tower, if you have the right kind of virtual money!

10. Genesis Augmented Reality

It’s not the Terminator, but players do not find it any less challenging. Genesis is a game of humans and monsters with some super abilities. You can use their magical and brute powers to battle against players in the real world.

Solo options are also available, where you can fight the mob in a dungeon.

11. SpecTrek

Are you looking for some serious thrill that gets you goosebumps? Well, look no further, for the ghosts of the SpecTrek do it quite well. This augmented game is meant to get you out of the house, looking for some serious ghosts.

During the game, players get limited time to track and catch from a different type of ghosts. As you catch them, your exorcism clears the town of these unwanted spirits.

12. CodeRunner

Nope, it’s not a game of coders. Rather it’s brutal of a spy who’s got to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. CodeRunner will get you bugging phones, hacking networks, solving puzzles, and maybe even exterminate your enemies.

13. Silent Streets

Silent Streets is a trickier version of CodeRunner, that focuses more on your investigative skills. Since your job is that of a detective, your journey will revolve around fictional characters while exploring Victorian Snow port.

Being an augmented reality game, you will have to really roam around to interact with clues and go further with the story.

14. Kazooloo DMX

It’s like living in a chess game of monsters. Although the game works to full potential with a Kazooloo DMX board, you can still use a smartphone to point and move around a virtual board. By moving around, you get to dodge the hoard of monsters and take the next step in attacking.

15. Magical Park

The Magical Park is an augmented experience meant for kids, with characters like kittens, fairies, and even dinosaurs. Based on the fairy creatures, the game is divided into two parks, namely Augmentin and Prehistoria. It’s a nice game, but you won’t find it too cute when being chased by a T-Rex.

16. Anti Mosquito AR Game

If you’ve ever had grudges with mosquitoes and pests, then this is the heaven to be in. The Anti Mosquito AR Game laces your smartphone with extreme weapons like shotgun, machine gun, flamethrower, pistol, and more, to destroy these bugs.

Don’t judge this game to be all about shooting weapons, as each bug has its own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need to be smart enough to figure them out and attack accordingly.

17. Night Terror

If you think Annabelle, Conjuring and Exorcism movie series as buying tickets for boredom, then you’ve definitely gotta try the Night Terror game. This AR game is programmed to calibrate itself as per the ambiance and pop out some of the scariest ghosts and demons.

Put on the headphones, turn on the camera with the Night Terror app and roam around your house in the dark. You’ll never believe the kind of nightmares it can give you!

18. Clandestine: Anomaly

This anomaly is an amalgamation of dungeon games, doped with an alien invasion. A fine piece of graphic interaction, the Clandestine has a voice acted story narration that submerges you in its reality.

Once the mission is explained, you will find aliens invading your nearby areas. Being the protagonist, you need to scan these areas with the phone’s camera and seek alien forces. Then, send in your troop to destroy their invasion plans.

19. Park AR

Do you find parking cars to be an exciting challenge from day-to-day? Well, the Park AR game has taken this obsession to the next level. It lets you play with aka park varieties of cars, trucks, and buses.

To start playing this game, you must first download its marker and scan through the phone. Once started, there are 55 levels of tough and engaging challenges to make you a pro at parking any vehicle in the virtual world.

20. Spacecraft 3D

Remember Curiosity; NASA’s six-wheeled little spacecraft that excavated Mars?

It’s time you got to know it a little closer. The Spacecraft 3D is a unique augmented reality game that aims to lure more people into space traveling. It lets you explore spacecraft at a 3D level, and even view the universe through its eyes.

If you are even slightly fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, then this game is more than just to get you going into deeper spaces. Simply download a few of its markers and scan them through this app, and we bet that it will give you second thoughts on your career choices.


Social Media has somewhat taken away the fun out of selfies; because come on, everyonhé posting too many of these. So, how do we make it any different? The answer lies with the ambiance modifying app called Mybrana 3D.

This tech can add animated logo design characters to your photos & videos, without any hiccups. While the range of characters goes seamlessly across dinosaurs, penguins, pumpkins and tons of other crazy stuff.

22. Aurasma

Animation work can bring fantasies alive for kids and adults alike. And Aurasma is trying to capture this market for the later generation.

With its suite of animes, Aurasma lets you create interactive digital content by animating images, objects, and even physical locations. Bet, those old roads will not look the same anymore.

23. Bee Ready

Bee Ready is one of the simplest pass time option that you can come across. Less complicated, and totally engaging; the Bee Ready uses phone’s camera to show you a bunch of incoming bees. Simply aim and shoot to save yourself from getting stung.

The game gets challenging as butterflies come into the scenario. And you’re not allowed to shoot them. Although it’s a free game, the game gets over when you’re out of health.

24. Toyota 86 AR

Wanna drive with the thrill of Toyota’s meanest cars? Then, Toyota 86 AR is the game that will help realize your dream.

Being a promotional platform for Toyota, this game is free to download from Google Play. You need only download and print the markers from its website. The app shall recognize the markers and get you on the hot wheels of some of Toyota’s finest automobiles.

25. Parallel Kingdom

Everything you imagine is a possibility that exists in the parallel universe. Leveraging the same fact, a company came up with the Parallel Kingdom AR game. It uses Google maps to transform your neighboring areas into kingdoms, dungeons, and castles.

The game itself is very simplistic, where players get to kill monsters right in their backyards. Things get more interesting if you’re willing to travel, for an opportunity to conquer faraway lands and create your personal territories.

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