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20 Most Addictive Virtual Reality Games You Must Play

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With a plethora of virtual reality games making their debut in recent times, it is rather difficult to choose the best from them. Both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have loads of titles to offer but you will be surprised to find out that games like Job Simulator have already started drawing praise for the enticing VR experience offered by them as well. As they say, “VR never felt more real before 2016”. So, this is the best time to pick our top 20 most addictive and popular virtual reality games.


Top 20 most popular VR Games

Before delving into details, let us clarify that VR is a fairly new medium explored by developers, who are still learning the ropes. So, further development of the games, listed here is imminent. Let’s take a look.

1. Eagle Flight


Let’s face it. Some of the most compulsive gamers out there disliked almost everything about Assassin’s Creed III except for its Eagle Flight component. Thus, we have Ubisoft’s VR offering – a full-fledged version of Eagle Flight designed for unspecified VR devices. The game is bound to win more hearts in the near future – thanks to the unique thought behind it and its impeccable art style. It takes you through a virtual trip of an alternate version of Paris, completely uninhabited by humans.

2. Superhot VR

Have you ever thought of “taming” time? Of making it work in tune with your beck and call? If not, then do try out Superhot VR for sure! Its developers describe it as the FPS where time moves when the gamer moves. Oculus Rift is offering you access to complete dual-wielding action only to be bolstered by the Oculus Touch controllers that are yet to be released.

3. Fantastic Contraption

This is not exactly a recent launch. It was developed way back in 2008 and repurposed for mobile VR. The gamer here is required to establish exceptional but strange contraptions in order to solve little puzzles. Now, it’s not that difficult to build the contraptions but it is definitely challenging to get your creations move in the right direction.

4. Audioshield

Here’s a brilliant mix of gaming and exercise for you! The gamer is required hitting the glowing orbs rushing towards him at his tunes. This one makes for an addictive gaming experience whereby gamers can upload their own music and set difficult settings challenges.

5. Final Fantasy XIV Online

Though Sony has indicated that this one will have VR properties, details are yet to be explored. Though it resembles a DLC more than a completely virtual gaming experience, its popularity seems inevitable.

6. Arizona Sunshine


This particular VR game developed by Vertigo Games is a perfect example of graphically superior “zombie” experience, where you’re asked to “run” or “gun” the zombie. What more? Nothing beats the excitement of getting close to the rotten zombie!

7. The Gallery: Call of the Starseed

If you’re a fan of fantasy adventure gaming then this one is for you! Indulge in this fantastic episodic ride through the eighties dark fantasy setting on your way to finding your sister! While on your quest, you need to pick up dark objects and explore them by having a closer look!

8. The Climb


This one is your much-coveted access to the arcade-styled VR climbing experience that puts you against time and tests your stamina to scale summits!

9. Star Citizen

First-person shooting on planets, space-station and a virtual trip of the entire cosmos on hand-crafted spaceships!!! Your tryst with the Wing Commander series comes full-circle here!

10. Lucky’s Tale

It’s a Virtual Reality platform which allows you to race through trees and evade battle bosses and swamp puts on your way. Guess what? You even end up playing mini-games in the avatar of Lucky, the little fox. Lucky’s Tale remains one of the first games to make gamers pose their faith in Oculus Rift.

11. Hover Junker

HTC Vive brings to you this thrilling multiplayer flying and combat game which can easily make its place among the sleekest games to have debuted in recent years. Its roomscale controls are its definite highlight. The player is allowed to select a ship in accordance with the size of the room and then design its defenses. The game has very interestingly been described as ideally retro-futuristic.

12. Tilt Brush

It’s rather more of an app and less of a game. Owned by Google, this HTC Vive demo video stalwart is essentially your 3D illustration tool which enables you to walk around your creations made with the help of Vive controllers. Immerse yourself in the fun of using light brushes to paint.

13. Chronos

Chronos by Oculus Rift is an atmospheric RPG, where the gamer rises above his personal interests in order to save his homeland from evil. In the process, you’re immersed in the world of labyrinth, monsters and broken edifices.

14. Surgeon Simulator 2013

This one makes for a truer version of the game of Operation where your inefficient surgeon is supposed to perform various operations on his patient Bob. Gamers who are yet to download it must be aware of the fact that this one has recently added support for both Hydra and Oculus Rift. The surgical procedures can now be viewed in realistic 3D.

15. Dragon Front

Dragon Front is for everyone who loves card games or board games. If you’re a fan of traditional card collecting games, then do download this one to bolster strategies.

16. ADR1FT


You are the one survivor battling your way out of a space station. The most notable aspect of this particular first-person adventure game is that the player here is battling his own vulnerability as well. The game looks, sounds and feels great.

17. Farlands


You’re a scientist who explores the planet (of course inhabited by aliens!!) Farlands— with a real-time clock backing its ecosystem. There’s virtually a lot to do! You’re playing with the other-wordly animals and caring for them and is stimulated by a discovery to make further discoveries.

18. Elite: Dangerous

Frontier’s Elite: Dangerous is also available on HTC Vive. You can explore more than 400 billion star systems here with 150,000 of them being modeled on real time astronomical data.

19. Rigs: Mechanized Combat League

Shoot your rivals in order to slow them down while you’re in a rush to collect the yellow orbs around you. The game is fast-paced, adrenalin pumping and requires coordination.

20. London Heist: Getaway

Our list would have been incomplete if we hadn’t included this upcoming VR shooting game. You are required to shoot and reload ammunition simultaneously. You better put your best intuitive skills to the fore while playing this one!

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