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10 Amazing Ways Augmented Reality Will Improve Our Life

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The Augmented Reality (AR) is making a loud roar as the latest innovation in technology proves that it is useful to improve the lives of people. Augmented reality is a mixture of real life and virtual reality. Developers create an image within applications that allows blending in with the content in the real environment. With the help of AR, users can interact with virtual items.


Also, users can interact with virtual contents in the real world that AR is viewing. Users can distinguish the difference between the two.

Through the stimulation of the senses both sight and sound, the user can interact with the real world and virtual objects that the AR is showing.

Here are some amazing ways that AR will improve a person’s life:


10. Customer Service

No one in this world likes calling the customer service. Not unless someone is fine being put on hold while listening to a repeated script recited by a representative. On the brighter side with AR, if a person is having problems with their gadget, the customer service will be the one knocking on the person’s door.

With the use of Augmented Reality Software and the user’s camera, there is a support team that will overlay instructions through the camera. Instead of hearing repeated generic solutions, someone can already walk the customer through the process while seeing things. It also enables the representative to point out things in a more detailed manner.

9. Manufacturing / Automotive

Manufacturing is an industry that has a great potential in using AR as a business tool. For manufactured items, for consumers to have real-time experience, business owners and managers can use Augmented Reality technology to make it happen.


It is a way to create a virtual reality prototype of their items. Also, letting the customers and consumers have a firsthand experience of the services and credibility of the items manufactured by the company is a good idea.

Rather than spending money, time and effort on creating and building physical prototypes that need alteration from time to time, manufacturing company can use this kind of technology to make adjustments in a short period.

The augmented reality prototype is an excellent way to lessen the time spent, effort exerted and money spent, it will give faster results as well.

8. Education

Education is a sector that often expands to discovery, observations, explorations and learnings.

Augmented Reality can be a great tool for educators to teach their students and vice versa. Using AR as an educational tool would let the learners experience real history with virtual objects from the past and other past happenings.

In this way, students can have a firsthand experience with lifestyle in the past. Also, they will be able to learn something from their experiences and not only from what they read in books.

It will also allow students to interacts with prototypes, live models and real landscapes in different areas of studies. Augmented Reality as an educational tool can level up the learning abilities of the students, wherein their auditory is not the only sense functioning but also their visual and tactile senses.

7. Teaching people to fly


The same with surgeons, pilots can also learn more with the help of Augmented Reality. Pilots can do something more realistic and immersive to sharpen their skills properly. AR can be the perfect technology to do that.

6. Healthcare

The healthcare market will have lots of benefits when using the augmented reality technology. Using virtual replicas of the human anatomy, medical student, and professionals can already learn something from the virtual experience before having the experience of the real human body.

Surgeries and other medical procedures can be viewed in 360 degrees which will be very useful for students and experienced professionals.

The AR applications will be designed to learn and examine patients like real doctors and medical professional would do in real life. AR saves both time and revenue.

There will be a vast and limitless experience in the medical field with the support of this technology, where professional, medical people and student can all have a beneficial gain. Also, there will be a virtual experience that the augmented reality technology can teach.

5. Urban Exploration

Augmented reality is always in association with navigation. So, it is not surprising that AR will surely aid in improving the manufactured mobile devices.


AR might revamp the ways people navigate the world both outdoors and indoors. Using navigation outdoors while on-foot will also improve with AR. Newly manufactured cars will also use AR to create a creamy illustration of directions without needing to look away from the road. Augmented reality will have a great impact in revolutionizing exploration.

4. Architecture, Engineering, and Design

The same as the manufacturing industry, the AR model, can also be a big help to Architecture, Engineering and Design fields. Perfect for designing, AR can help in figuring out any designs that need to be in a certain place. With the help of AR, designers can already visualize if the addition fits well with the design or not.

Professionals working in this area would be able to save time and maximize their effort. They can use the AR application to create prototypes. Also, they can quickly convey the structures through actions and the virtual reality prototypes of their manufactured or built designs.

There will be a better understanding between the builders, contractors, engineers and architects. Also, it can bring a design to life. Designers, Architects or Engineers can immediately discuss the possible changes to their clients. And, include sudden experiments with the use of the AR application.

Augmented reality is a kind of technology that would allow professionals to broaden up their visualization. It can also incorporate certain methods that fit with their designs.

3. Destination and Tourism

As one of the developing technologies nowadays, augmented reality enables to change people’s habit. Also, AR is a very powerful tool for promotions and travel. The AR application can lead the user to different places, anytime they want.


Tourism and promotion centered companies are slowly using AR as their promotional video. Companies can let their future customers experience the destination that they planned to go. Companies can also let their consumers use AR as a way for them to visit the place virtually like it is real.

2. Retail

Augmented Reality will have a big impact on the retail and omni-commerce industry. Nowadays, the innovation in the retail business is already accelerating. Also, the next trend that will change the industry is product visualization.

Augmented Reality will change the game and excite shoppers. This technology will lessen the pain of the customers from standing for long minutes in line, long walks in the mall and the discomfort of having experiences. And the shopping experience that might not meet their “customer satisfaction.”

Augmented Reality applications is a good strategy for retailers to maximize their services. The application will not only provide an unforgettable experience for shoppers but also an ability to make it easier, faster and better.

1. Gaming or Entertainment

Augmented Reality is prospering well in entertainment, and it plans to stay longer. One example is Pokemon Go, which still holds the label for the largest rollout or Augmented Reality for the consumption of many.


Presently, on the top of the list of AR is game development industry. Right now, the modern AR technology is improving the existing platforms and is offering the best game experience to the gamers. From the stunning visuals to the realistic setting, the gaming industry is at peak with the use of AR technology. AR gaming will add experiences to gamers reality while making the gameplay more natural.


As the technology continues to evolve, and new discoveries unfold. Newly discovered technology are created to help and lessen the burden to humans. Augmented realities are this Digital Era’s development that lets human experience a virtual reality in any aspect of life.

There are a lot of people that for some reason are not capable of having a normal life. However, they still deserve to experience the wonder of life and the world beyond. AR can provide people that are not able to experience normal things as an outlet to experience it without restriction.

From the past until present of innovations, people and users can already experience everything with the help of the augmented technology. What are your expectations for this technology that it might bring to the world?

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