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40 Best Free Project Management Excel Templates, Spreadsheets

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Monitoring, planning, tracking, and controlling are vital processes when it comes to management of organization’s resources. The management of resources, on the other hand, is critical in bringing about the successful accomplishment or completion of the set goals and objectives relating to a certain project. All the above processes fall under project management.


Project management sets the goals to be achieved and keep track of resources and efforts channeled on the projects. The monitoring, planning, and tracking of other processes that goes hand in hand with project management require certain tools and programs besides skills, knowledge, and experience. One of these tools includes the Microsoft Excel. Using Microsoft Excel templates, you can adjust your spreadsheets to forms and charts suitable for project management.

We are going to discuss 30 basic and advanced Microsoft Excel templates for project management, monitoring, and tracking. We will highlight various excel templates for the better understanding of when and how to apply them in project plan examples. We will also analyze the benefits of each project management excel template.


1. Gantt Chart Template

This Gantt Chart template from is a powerful tool for project planning and tracking. It provides a visual timeline of tasks, showing their start and end dates, as well as their duration. The template is fully customizable, allowing users to add or remove tasks, change dates, and adjust dependencies. It is compatible with Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet software, making it easy to use and share with team members. With this template, project managers can easily track progress, identify bottlenecks, and ensure that deadlines are met.

2. Simple Gantt Chart Template

This Simple Gantt Chart template from Vertex42 is ideal for small projects or those who prefer a more straightforward approach to project planning. It provides a basic timeline of tasks, showing their start and end dates. The template is easy to use and can be customized to fit your project needs. It is compatible with Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet software, making it accessible to a wide range of users. With this template, you can quickly create a visual representation of your project timeline, helping you stay organized and on track.

3. Project Budget Template

This Project Budget template from is designed to help you manage your project finances effectively. It provides a detailed breakdown of project costs, including labor, materials, and other expenses. The template is fully customizable, allowing you to add or remove budget categories, adjust costs, and track actual expenses against your budget. It is compatible with Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet software, making it easy to use and share with stakeholders. With this template, you can ensure that your project stays within budget and avoid any financial surprises along the way.

4. Top Excel Budget Templates

This collection of Excel Budget Templates from Smartsheet includes a variety of templates to suit different budgeting needs. Whether you’re managing a personal budget, planning a wedding, or tracking business expenses, you’ll find a template that fits your needs. The templates are easy to use and can be customized to fit your specific budgeting requirements. They are compatible with Excel and other spreadsheet software, making them accessible to a wide range of users. With these templates, you can easily track income and expenses, create financial forecasts, and stay on top of your finances.

5. Action Item Templates

This Action Items template from Vertex42 is a useful tool for tracking and managing tasks within a project or team. It provides a simple list format for recording action items, including details such as task description, priority, status, and assigned person. The template is easy to use and can be customized to fit your specific needs. It is compatible with Excel and other spreadsheet software, making it accessible to a wide range of users. With this template, you can ensure that action items are clearly defined, assigned to the right person, and completed in a timely manner, helping you keep your projects on track.

6. Action Plan Template

The Action Plan Template from is a comprehensive tool designed to help project managers and teams outline the specific steps needed to achieve project goals. It provides a clear framework for organizing tasks, assigning responsibilities, and setting deadlines. The template includes sections for detailing the project’s objectives, defining key actions, assigning tasks to team members, and tracking progress. It also allows for the inclusion of timelines and milestones to ensure that the project stays on track. Overall, this template is ideal for creating a detailed action plan that can be easily communicated and executed by all team members.

7. Project Dashboard Template

The Project Dashboard Template from is a visual tool that provides a real-time overview of key project metrics and performance indicators. It offers a comprehensive view of project progress, including task completion status, budget tracking, and resource allocation. The dashboard is customizable, allowing users to choose which metrics to display based on their project’s specific needs. With its easy-to-read format and dynamic updates, this template is ideal for keeping stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

8. Multiple Project Tracking Template

The Multiple Project Tracking Template from is an Excel-based tool designed to help project managers track and manage multiple projects simultaneously. It provides a centralized dashboard where users can input data for each project, including tasks, timelines, resources, and progress. The template automatically calculates key metrics such as project completion percentage and overall project health, allowing managers to quickly identify any issues or bottlenecks. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tracking capabilities, this template is ideal for organizations managing multiple projects and seeking to improve overall project management efficiency.

9. Project Status Report Template

The Project Status Report Template from is a detailed document that provides an overview of a project’s progress, performance, and issues. It includes sections for summarizing key project information, such as objectives, milestones, and risks, as well as a visual representation of the project’s timeline and progress. The template also allows for the inclusion of detailed status updates for each task, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of the project’s current status. Overall, this template is ideal for keeping stakeholders informed and ensuring that the project stays on track to meet its goals.

10. Project Timeline Template

The Project Timeline Template from is a visual tool that allows project managers to create a timeline of key project milestones and deadlines. It provides a simple, easy-to-use format for organizing and tracking project timelines, with customizable options for adding tasks, dates, and dependencies. The template also includes features such as color-coding and milestone markers, making it easy to visualize the project’s progress at a glance. With its intuitive design and flexible functionality, this template is ideal for creating and managing project timelines for projects of any size or complexity.

11. Task List Templates

The Task List Template from Vertex42 is a versatile tool for organizing and managing tasks effectively. It provides a simple yet comprehensive layout for listing tasks, including columns for task descriptions, priority levels, status updates, due dates, and assigned personnel. This template is ideal for individuals or teams looking to streamline their task management process. Its customizable nature allows users to adapt it to their specific needs, whether for personal task tracking or professional project management.

12. Project Task Tracker Excel Template

The Project Task Tracker Excel Template from is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing project tasks. It offers a comprehensive layout that includes task descriptions, assigned team members, start and end dates, priority levels, and status updates. The template also provides a visual timeline view, making it easy to track task progress and deadlines. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, this template is suitable for project managers and teams seeking to improve task tracking and project management efficiency.

13. RACI Matrix Template

The RACI Matrix Template from Vertex42 is a valuable tool for clarifying roles and responsibilities within a project or organization. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed, representing the four key roles involved in a project. This template provides a matrix format that clearly defines who is responsible for each task, who is accountable for its completion, who needs to be consulted, and who needs to be informed. By using this template, project managers and team members can ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, leading to improved communication, collaboration, and project outcomes.

14. Critical Path Method – CPM & PERT Excel Template

CPM is a great template the helps the managers determine the key tasks which have to be done with immediate effects and those that can delay. It has an excellent feature that shows for how long the work can be delayed. It is an easy to use the template as it does not require you to insert any formulas.

15. Project Invoice Excel Template

The invoice template is a basic excel template that shows the start of all the cash flows in any transactions in your project. It is a valuable tool for keeping track of all your operations and helps in preparation of an accurate report at the end of the transaction period.

16. Project Calendar Excel Template

Fee Calendar templates provide the user with different calendar layouts to choose from on the basis of specific needs. You only need to decide on the best calendar formats that suit the needs of your project, download and install it from the office templates.

17. Project Meeting Action Template

Meeting Action Items Tracker is important in structuring regular staff meetings. The sheet should be displayed on the reception venue screen and updated in real time from the laptop. If you are a good time manager, consider using this template in your meetings to save time.

18. Vacation Planner Template

Vacation Planner template is an essential template when planning a group trip or an outing. It is designed in a way that it can access team members’ coverage available during a particular given time. It helps the manager to plan and keep track of the disposed of resources.

19. Financial Statements Template

Financial statements include the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statements. Commercial models can help you analyze the yearly activities of your business and is essential in record keeping. These templates will help you to prepare a report of your assets and liabilities, revenue and total expenses and all the cash flow from your daily transactions.

20. Organizers Worksheets & Templates

Organizers templates and worksheets contain forms useful in normal schedules planning and personal information organization. For instance, the address book is used to organize the owner’s addresses to different places and persons in a sequential manner for ease of access.

21. Vertex42`s Excel Templates


Excel Templates are pre-designed spreadsheets that offer a quick and convenient way to organize and analyze data in Microsoft Excel. These templates cover a wide range of uses, from budgeting and financial planning to project management, calendars, and more. They are designed to save time and effort by providing ready-made structures and formulas that users can easily customize to suit their specific needs. Excel templates can be particularly usefnul for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. With a variety of templates available online, users can find the right one to help them achieve their goals effectively.

22. Multiple Projects Tracking Excel Template

Keeping track of ongoing projects is the most challenging task for managers in spite of it being a norm in most industries. This multiple projects tracking template will provide you an incredible mechanism on how to track the tasks of the two projects efficiently until the end. This is a tool that all project managers should consider a priority.

23. Travel Budget Worksheet

In any given project, some costs directed to movement of people and project goods from one point/place to another. These costs have to be accounted for when preparing the project budget. Travel expense tracker will help you keep track of all the travel expenses during the whole project process.

24. Personal Budget Excel Spreadsheet

Every individual in a project has different tasks which require a different amount of resources from the others. It implies that every person involved in the project has to be budgeted for. A personal budget tracker is an excellent tool for this task.

25. Contact List Template

As the project manager, a record of all the customers’ communications has to be kept intact. It is necessary for any confirmations of deliveries and requesting for orders. This customer contact list excel template will help you access your customers with ease.

26. To-Do List Templates

To-do list templates are pre-designed formats that help users organize tasks efficiently. These templates often include sections for task description, due dates, priority levels, and status updates. They serve as a structured framework to manage tasks, ensuring nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Users can personalize these templates to suit their needs, adding or removing sections as required. To-do list templates are popular among professionals, students, and individuals seeking to streamline their daily activities. They are available in various formats, including digital formats for use on computers and mobile devices, as well as printable versions for traditional note-taking.

27. Content Calendar Template

A content calendar template from Vertex42 is a versatile tool designed to streamline content planning and scheduling. It allows users to organize content by title, publication date, platform, keywords, and notes. This template fosters a strategic approach to content creation, ensuring that each piece aligns with overarching marketing objectives. By visually mapping out content schedules, creators can maintain consistency, avoid duplication, and effectively engage their target audience. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, this template is ideal for content marketers, bloggers, and businesses seeking to enhance their content planning and execution processes.

28. TidyForm Templates


TidyForm is yet another online tool that carries a variety of templates for business, projects, and personal usage. Most projects require tidy form templates to keep track of releases from the press, budgeting for marketing and keeping track of the social media strategies affecting your project such as advertisements.

29. Project Tracking Template

This excel template analyzes your entire project information and concentrates it in a central place. This ensures that stakeholders involved in project management know the point at which they can get the vital details related to the project at hand. With this template, you can add priorities, status, task, costs, hours, deadlines, and deliverables in order to track and monitor every detail. In the case you are monitoring a large project, Project Tracking Template is the best fit.

30. Agile Project Management Excel Templates

The Agile Project Management Template depends highly on the features and, to some extent, on the characteristics of the project. It estimates the amount of time each project feature will be completed. After adding the details of features to the Agile Schedules, it automatically calculates the duration. This helps you to group similar features into what we refer to as sprints for easy and fast delivery. All you have to do is to keep on updating the schedule since this plan is prone to regular changes.

31. Project Budget Template

For the purpose of tracking and monitoring resources, Project Budget template ensures that your project remains on the budgeted resources. The template tracks the fixed costs, labor, materials, and other expenses. Regardless the size of the project, the budget template is essential for the entire project management.

32. Gantt Chart Project Excel Template

The Gantt chart is an incredible excel template that has been in use for many years in project management. This chart takes the project name as well as the start and end date (project duration). It goes ahead and transforms these project particulars into a bar chart. With the chart, you are in a position of visualizing the order in which various tasks need to happen. The Gantt chart is more effective while working on more complex tasks and projects.

33. Top Project Plan Templates

The Top Project Plan templates offer a range of features and functionalities to suit different project needs. They provide a structured framework for outlining project goals, timelines, tasks, resources, and dependencies. These templates are often customizable, allowing users to tailor them to their specific project requirements. They can be used for various types of projects, from small-scale initiatives to large, complex endeavors. The top project plan templates are user-friendly, visually appealing, and can help teams stay organized and on track to meet their project objectives.

34. Timeline Template


As its name suggests, Timeline Template helps you in visualizing complex information concerning the project. It simplifies the complex information into easy to understand concepts. With simplified details, you are in a position of tracking the progress through monitoring how long the tasks take to be completed. You are also able to detect delays. This template is crucial for a project of any size.

35. Project Management Excel Templates

Project management Excel templates offer a structured approach to planning, tracking, and managing projects effectively. These templates are pre-designed spreadsheets that include various tools and features tailored to project management needs. They typically include sections for project planning, task tracking, milestone tracking, resource management, budgeting, and reporting. The templates can be customized to suit different project sizes and complexities. They provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for project managers to organize their projects, monitor progress, allocate resources efficiently, and communicate with stakeholders.

36. Project Timesheet Excel Template

The Project Timesheet Template enables you to get a quick analysis of the resources allocated to a certain project. This is important in allowing all the stakeholders and project team to view and gauge the level of commitment of each and every person. It is also important in tracking the availability of resources on certain intervals. The Project Timesheet Template is efficient when it comes to managing a variety of resources to be utilized in a large project.

37. Free Project Risk Templates

Free Project Risk Templates offer a comprehensive collection of tools designed to help project managers identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively. These templates provide a structured approach to risk management, helping teams anticipate potential issues and develop strategies to address them. From risk assessment matrices to risk registers and impact analysis sheets, these templates cover a range of risk management needs. They are customizable to fit specific project requirements and are suitable for use in various industries and project types. By using these templates, project managers can streamline their risk management process, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

38. Free Excel Dashboard Templates


In reporting the worth tasks in a project, it requires the project manager to analyze multiple documents. This is obviously frustrating and time-consuming. With the Project Management Dashboard, you communicate very fast on the status of the project. In the case you want to communicate the status or net worth of your project, then you have to use Project Management Dashboard.

39. To Do List Templates

This template is created in Word format. It generates a to-do checklist. The checklist comprises of highest priority tasks and items listed from the highest to the lowest. So that you can give an explanation or elaborate on the tasks, there is a note section in this project management template. With this template, you stay organized in a way that all tasks are accomplished within the deadline.

40. Issue Tracker Excel Template

When managing a project, it is easy for potential shortcomings to occur at the cracks. If these matters or defects are not resolved, they can result in delays. To track and solve these issues, you have to use the Issue Tracker Template. This template helps you to identify problems quickly so that you can assign them. In simple terms, problems are solved as soon as they arise. To manage medium sized or large project, Issue Tracker Template is essential.

41. Free To Do List Template

Each project has many processes, which need to be tracked and monitored. These processes can also be referred to as the moving parts of a project. Some of the tasks or processes are not vital, and this is the reason you require the To-Do List Template. This template helps you in focusing on those tasks that are most important. In other words, you can use the template to organize the individual tasks.

42. Project Data Analysis Excel Template

Just like a database, each project involves keeping of records and transaction details for evaluation and future reference. Organized data is essential in actual monitoring and tracking of tasks and resources and time spent on those tasks. The organized storage of data is possible with the use of Project Data Analysis Template. This excel template is suitable for large projects.

43. Project Task Analysis Excel Template

Regarding time and resources allocated to an individual project, Task Analysis Template helps you to determine the amount of time and resources required in completing the tasks successfully. This template comprises of steps involved in completing a given task. Each step has the time and resources to be spent. All kinds of projects require this template.

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