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Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Networks and Platforms to Make Money

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So, are you on the lookout for new ways to market yourself or your product, and ultimately make money? Of course you are, we all are! Well thanks to us, we have helpfully compiled a list of the top affiliate marketing networks and platforms that you can utilise to make money! So what are you waiting for?


In recent years, online affiliate marketing has become the go-to business model for people looking to market themselves or their products. Simply put, affiliate marketers earn a commission for promoting and selling a company’s (or a person’s) product on their site. It’s a performance-based structure that can generate massive amounts of income with low start-up costs.

Whether you’re selling e-books, recommending travel services or promoting online casino affiliates with online roulette sites, our list of the top 30 affiliate networks and platforms will help navigate the ever-growing world of affiliate marketing.

1. Clickbank


Well we have all heard of Clickbank- one of the oldest names in the game with over 17 years of experience, they focus on digital info products and have a reach of over 200 million customers worldwide. With over 6 million unique products available, they are one of the most diverse big players in the scene.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten used to go by the name of and they are one of the top three sites for e-commerce worldwide. They have an impressive 90,000 products online and a global reach of over 19 million customers.

3. Amazon Associates

We couldn’t bring you an article about affiliates and marketing without mentioning Amazon could we? Amazon is a multinational commerce and cloud computing giant, as well as being the biggest e-commerce site in the US- if not the world! With an excess of 1 million products in its Amazon Associates repertoire, you can get the attention of an enormous range of possible clients with just a few clicks.

4. Shareasale


Another vintage contender, Shareasale has been doing its thing for over 15 years and works solely with affiliate marketing and networking. They have a fab reputation in the industry for being fast, fair, and friendly.

5. eBay

If you haven’t heard of eBay, you have probably been hiding in a cave for a couple of decades. Some people aren’t aware that eBay does affiliate marketing- but it does! With a great, well rounded service, it really earns its place in the Top 10!

6. Avangate

Whilst it is not the most recognisable of names, they have a huge reach when it comes to clients. With a focus on cloud computing, commerce, billing and global payments it has over 4000 digital companies under its umbrella. Worth a look!

7. Flexoffers

This network is one of the high rollers of the affiliate industry that assists in the formation of mutually beneficial bonds between publishers and a pretty darn impressive repertoire of over 6,000 advertises. They have ten years of experience under their belts and offer great reporting features as well.

8. Avantlink


These guys pride themselves at staying at the forefront of the technological aspects of the industry. They are constantly upgrading and improving their service as well as offering new tools and functions on their platform.

9. RevenueWire

If you are a company selling digital products then this is the one for you. With a presence in over 120 countries they have a reputation as good as their reach and are the affiliate of choice for techy types!

10. ReviMedia

If you are looking for leads in insurance, home services, financial services and more then this is the site for you. With a reach over the whole US and beyond, they can provide you quality, scored leads as well as providing valuable insight into your key demographics. They are well known for their great customer service and payment plans and have access to over 2000 publishers!

11. AdCombo


These guys are a CPA Marketing Network and they do their thing with their own technology meaning you can design your own campaigns to make sure you reach the people that you need to reach! With locations in five big cities worldwide, they have an amazing international reach.

12. AffiBank

If you are after 75% commission on sales then you have come to the right place with AffiBank. They offer an in-house tracking system as well as a huge range of affiliate programmes to choose from.

13. LinkConnector

If you are after a super range of well-known and reputable brands then LinkConnector are the ones for you. They have a big onus on ‘proprietary technology’ and they are extremely respected in the area.

14. RevenueWire

This company hails from Canada but can offer clients a truly international reach. With a great reputation, they mainly focus on digital commerce and are definitely worth investigating.

15. Impact Radius

This network was set up by some of the biggest and most legendary names in the industry. Combine this with top of the range technology and you end up with a winning combination of intelligence and experience which results in happy customers and lots of profit.

16. TradeDoubler

Bursting onto the scene back in 1999, this site has a pretty strong focus on the lucrative European sector. It also offers global reach and prides itself on a super network of publishers.

17. Performance Horizon


If you are looking for a top-end SaaS platform then you are in the right place. With global reach and the ability to keep brands up to date with real-time information you will find their service incredibly efficient and effective.

18. Webgains

One of the UK based marketing platforms on our list, their client satisfaction really sets them apart from other players in the game and when you add this to their great technology- you will find you are on to a winner.

19. oneNetworkDirect

This network is an old favourite and so far has managed to beat off competition from its younger and more competitive competitors. But we reckon it is still worth a look.

20. Affiliate Future

This London-based operation is nearly twenty years old and they are highly respected across the industry. With a solid network, good client feedback, and many other perks- safe to say that they are here to stay.

21. TradeTracker

With over 16 global offices, this London-based company offer a great mixture of experience, international reach, and tech-savvy know how that provides clients with a well-rounded and efficient service.

22. Share Results

With a decade of experience, Share Results have the confidence and industry impact to see the benefit in developing their own platform and tech, and really draw in the attention of retailers. Definitely worth checking out and they even offer a blog full of advice, tips and news as well!

23. CJ by Conversant

Some might say that CJ have the edge when it comes to cutting edge technology and it is definitely true to say that they enjoy a great success with publishers across the world.

24. Affiliatefuture

Newcomers in the industry- affiliatefuture are based in New York and whilst they might be new, they definitely offer a great product to clients internationally.

25. Valuleads

The key to Valulead success is their customizable platform- something that has seen them retain their popularity since their inception. An interesting addition to our Top 30!

26. PepperJam

Once a part of eBay in the form of their Enterprise Marketing, they have now branched out on their own. Whilst new-ish in some respects, they are eager, keen and ready to interact with clients to help them succeed.

27. Awin

Some say that Awin is the best in the whole of Europe. Whilst we are not completely sold on that title, we will say that they are 100% worth checking out for publishers and advertisers alike.

28. Button

Button are a top-level commerce company that specialise in connecting apps from leading publishers. They work on a winning model of performance optimisation and rewards systems that gather info from a consumer purchasing history. These guys are one to watch!

29. Fluent

With over 500 well-known brands and more than 500,000 users every single day they proudly fuse the intricacies of data science with the impact of human interactions to create quantifiable and easily monitored results.

30. Acceleration Partners

These guys are pioneering the way in affiliate marketing. With masses of experience in designing and executing campaigns as well as en-pointe reporting they offer top-quality account management and help their clients engage money making acquisition of new customers through a variety of platforms and methods.

So there you have it, our humble opinion on the top 30 affiliate and marketing networks that you can benefit from. Of course, the proof is always in the pudding so we would encourage you to find the one that works best for you!

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