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20 Ways to Make Big Money on Twitter

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With Twitter, everyone can share and let their followers know about their thoughts. Followers would then respond to tweets on their Twitter streams. Twitter users can reply or retweet favorite tweets they like. Nevertheless, Twitter is not just about sharing about personal experiences –it can also be used to earn money.


Listed below are 20 helpful ways in order to make big money on Twitter. Most of these examples are affiliate programs; a marketer must be clever enough to gain followers for large commissions. By being an affiliate, a marketer must create an interesting tweet so that people might get interested and click the tweeted links. Nevertheless, it is not an easy work; a marketer needs to be very patient because Twitter marketing can go well if a marketer learns first about affiliate programs.

Here are the 20 ways to earn money with the help of Twitter:

Strategy #1 Use Sponsored Tweets

Through, the price and kind of advertisement can be chosen depending on the publisher. The publisher can check the advertisement on their platform.

These are the criteria to be a publisher:

  • 50 minimum followers
  • 100 minimum tweets
  • Activity for more than 60 days

The publisher will be paid via PayPal after reaching a payout of USD 50.

Strategy #2 Use MyLikes

mylikes-make-money-twitter is an advertising network with the paid-per-click concept. Publishers can choose from thousands of advertisements to be published on their Twitter account. With proper Twitter management, marketers can schedule tweet publishing. MyLikes works through the pay-per-click system. Publishers will be paid every week via PayPal after reaching a minimum payout.

Strategy #3 Use Revtwt also uses the pay-per-click principle. Proper Twitter page management will allow a publisher that has many followers to receive high payment. The minimum payout of Revtwt is around USD 20 and will be paid via PayPal.

Strategy #4 Use TwitPub allows publishers to earn money through the affiliate program. Twitpub is endorsed by some media such asCNET, VentureBeat, and the platforms. Publishers can control the settings and the payout is through Twitpub’s dashboard.

Strategy #5 Use Netflix Affiliate Program
Netflix Affiliate Program enables the publisher to publish affiliation links on their Twitter stream for a month. Publishers will be paid after the promoted link gains interest. Hence, to attract more people, publishers must promote Twitter page to gain followers. Twitter page management abilities are also needed.

Strategy #6 Use Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates enable publishers to share the link that leads followers to an Amazon product page. There are two payment methods – direct deposit and gift certificate. Publishers will be paid 60 days after the end of each month.

Strategy #7 Use Zuvvu
Zuvvu can be used with Twitter and Facebook. It operates on the pay-per-click concept. Zuvvu also works with AdSense. In Zuvvu, the minimum payment is USD 20.

Strategy #8 Use Speakr
Speakr provides numerous advertisements that publishers can post on their Twitter streams. Publishers get paid if their followers click on the tweet that contains the advertisement link.

Strategy #9 Use Sociabuzz
Sociabuzz is a pay-per-Post concept. Publishers are charged various costs per post, depending on their influence and audience size.

Strategy #10 Use YouTube
Video-savvy marketers can consider making Twitter-related tutorial videos that people usually search for on Twitter. With AdSense, YouTube content can be affiliated with Twitter and make plenty of money.

Strategy #11 Use Kwerdo
A shortened URL with an interesting description of the product can be shared through Twitter. Each time the publisher generates a valid page view on Kwerdo, they earn money. Earnings are sent directly through PayPal.

Strategy #12 Promote Twitter Page through Buzzer
Buzzer is a Twitter account with many followers that allows other users to be promoted on their account. Buzzer will get paid after they promote Twitter page of a user.

Strategy #13 Use ShareASale


ShareASale is an affiliate program. Publishers must have proper Twitter management and a Twitter page management system to earn more money from sharing the link.

Strategy #14 Use ClickBank
ClickBank is an affiliate program wherein the publisher has to promote a digital product. Publishers will get 50%–75% commission from the sold product. Of course, it all depends on how a publisher’s Twitter management strategy is running.

Strategy #15 Use SiteSell
As an affiliate, publishers should introduce the services provided by SiteSell. Publishers will get paid if their follower uses SiteSell’s service.

Strategy #16 Use Google Affiliate Network
Google Affiliate Network is a pay-per-action network that pays commissions to its affiliates. The network requires a Google AdSense account.

Strategy #17 Use ClixGalore
ClixGalore is an Australian pay-per-action affiliate network with numerous programs that can be paid in USD.

Strategy #18 Use Commission Junction


Commission Junction is the largest affiliate marketing network in North America and has pay-per-action concept.

Strategy #19 Sell a Product
Selling products in Twitter surely works when a marketer has many followers. Nevertheless, the marketer or business owner must have these abilities first: marketing system, Twitter management, and Twitter page management.

Strategy #20 Sell Real Twitter Followers
Many people want to have numerous Twitter followers either for fun or for business-related purposes. One can earn money by selling real Twitter followers. Be a trusted one and sell real followers!

To be an affiliate, a marketer cannot just submit to create an account. One has to understand the deals first, so there will be no misunderstanding on the affiliating process or payment system. However, as a seller, one must be trustworthy and fulfill goals at the time set, such as the day products are to be sent, or describe the product benefits.

That’s all! These strategies can be applied one by one; marketers can observe which one is helping their purposes the most. It would be better not to use a personal account and create a Twitter page instead because business-related Twitter activities may disturb personal followers on a non-business account, especially when affiliating a product.

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