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5 Best and Most Profitable Affiliate Markets

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Making money from home as an affiliate might seem like a pipe dream, however there are many online affiliate programmes to get involved in. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best and most profitable affiliate markets.


Amazon Affiliate


Anyone can become an Amazon affiliate, as you can sign up for your very own account. Then, you can work to distribute these links to your captive audience, whether that’s on social media or through a blog. You can earn affiliate commission on just about any product, as they will each have their own link.

This gives you a massive catalogue of products to recommend to your audience, when they buy you will also get a cut of this. In the early days of this affiliate programme, it was pretty simple to make your commission on this but now it’s a bit harder. The market has become a lot more saturated, but this simply means that you have to be more inventive.

There are also some ethical elements to think about when you partner up with Amazon affiliates, as you may need to add a disclaimer to your site. This should be along the lines of indicating you may make money from the sale of these products but all of the opinions are your own. You can also mark posts as sponsored across social media, so you’re covered in future.

Rakuten Marketing


This is one of the older platforms for affiliates out there and it’s always picking up steam. With millions of members, you again have to carve out a niche to be able to stand out. It’s fairly simple to use and the registration process is easy, which is something that more of these affiliate networks could really learn from.

There are a lot of different products that you can affiliate with, so you can select your niche and use if for your audience. With so many of these available, there’s a massive advantage for affiliates that want a really broad reach. The cut that you get from these products will vary, depending on the profit margin.

This is good if your target audience is interested in physical products, which will have you creating beneficial relationships in the long term.

Casino Affiliation


Affiliating with a casino site can bring you in massive returns, if you negotiate your position well. This kind of affiliation can be easier to sell than a physical product, as users aren’t making quite as much of a commitment to the product. They can put in a relatively small outlay and then they’re free to move elsewhere if they’re not keen on the offering.

There are a lot of options available within this market, so choosing wisely is your first step. You want to select a partner that you can funnel traffic to, who will reward your efforts and make it easier for your players to convert. With so many of these to choose from, you can really afford to be quite picky within this.

You can negotiate deals within this space too, as you get to know the operators and affiliate managers. From there, you can use a good track record to bring in a larger cut of the profit that is being made. A good affiliate programme will tend to encompass more than just one brand, for example you can partner with and also promote their Mfortune sister sites too. This gives you more diverse ways to funnel your traffic and you can prioritise the brands that are really working for you.

You don’t have to have a site all about casino to be able to profit from this affiliate traffic, if you look for related games and niches, you can expose your audience to this too. This creates a higher relevancy, which will mean that your users are more likely to convert, bringing you in a profit.

Insurance Affiliation

If you have what it takes to impress upon people the value of insurance, then you could also be using this as a niche. It’s very important to understand that this shouldn’t cover financial advice, only the options that are on the market. You can create a comparison site that will allow users to figure out which option is best for them, but you can’t push them towards a certain decision.

There are many partners and products within this space, which you can use to fuel your comparison site. Where possible, you want to get exclusive deals and offers that give your users a reason to go through you. This will mean you’re less likely to lose traffic to other sites and you can establish your site as the place to get the best deal.



This is a massive platform and there’s really no end to the number of people using it on a daily basis, meaning that there’s already a degree of brand awareness. This gives you a piggy back to success, as you can effectively build on the brand that they have already created. You’re not promoting a product that no one knows, which is a much harder sell to your users.

If you refer people into this programme and have them using it for their own drop shipping needs, you will then be able to take 20% of the revenue. From there, it’s all about building up a much wider network to grant you the residual income long term. The first steps in this process are the hardest, but once you have regular income from it, you will be happy with your choice.

There are many options out there for budding affiliates, so make sure you experiment with the right ones for your digital presence. We’d recommend going down the route of casino affiliation to get started with, as this is a really simple process and one of the most established affiliate industries around. Then, it’s your time to sit back and watch your affiliate money roll in from your partners.


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