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How to Recover Your Data if the Hard Drive is Not Accessible

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The hard drives are capable of storing massive amounts of data. Based on your requirements, you can have an external hard drive, aimed at storing your files in a secure and portable way.


While all your files stored on the external drive, you can carry it along with you and access it whenever required. All you have to do is, hook up the hard drive to a Windows-based computer, and then open it. However, you need to be very careful as far as the maintenance of the hard drive is concerned. Otherwise, you may get your drive corrupt or your computer most likely fails to detect it. Read more…

How to Create IFTTT Recipe to Simplify Your Online Activities

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IFTTT (If This Then That) is an awesome web app that helps you automate and manage your daily Internet activities. It connects all your favorite social media sites and online tools to create a seamless integration between services like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Instagram, Instapaper, Foursquare, and many more.


So what kind of tasks can be automated by IFTTT? Well, by setting up connection between 2 web services, IFTTT can help you perform tasks like auto-save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox, send you email alerting there will be rain tomorrow, share your favorite YouTube videos to Facebook, tweet your latest uploaded Flickr photos and even save your starred Gmail messages to Evernote. Literally, there are endless possibilities of what you can create with IFTTT. Read more…

How to Create a Customized QR Code with Your Logo Design

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Nowadays QR codes are being widely used every where. You can easily find them printed on newspapers, websites, billboard ads, packages and many more. The matrix barcode can be scanned through your smart phone app to gain access to website or display virtually any type of information such as URLs, address, contact details, and product description.


When it comes to design, QR codes normally presented in such a way that black square dots arranged in a square pattern with white color as a background. I know, it sounds pretty boring. Fortunately, there are many talented designers out there, with their creativity turning the black and white box into a colourful and amazing artwork. Just like the ones you may have seen on our previous post: 35 Really Cool QR Code Artworks.

If you feel like having one customized and impressive QR code for your website, blog, company or product, simply follow our easy tutorials below to get it done within minutes! Read more…

How to Display Author Information in Google Search Results

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Wondering how to show your name and photo under the title of your blog post in Google search results? Look no further, this is the right post where we provide a quick tutorial guiding you to link your online content to your Google+ Profile.


Once you’ve gone through the tutorial, your authorship information will be displayed in Google search results as shown in the image below. Read more…

How to Turn Your Blog Post into a Video Online (Quick Tutorial)

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If you have a great blog post that you want to share with the world, why just publish it as an article when you have a chance to showcase it through video? Well if you believe that a picture speaks thousand of words, then a great video can definitely reach hundred of millions of people like the viral music video: Psy’s Gangnam style.


Today we would like to recommend you a cool online tool called Read more…

How to Remove Copyright Infringing Web Pages from Google Search Results

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Despite the facts that online plagiarism is pretty common in the world of Internet, but as a blogger we will never want to see our hard work being copied and republished on other sites without our consent. If your site is unfortunate, becomes the target of online content thieves, what can you do to deal with them? In the previous posts, we’ve taught you some effective methods for fighting with notorious copycats such as send a warning message, submit a Cease & Desist letter or file a DMCA complaint. Today we’ll show you a quick tutorial guiding you to send a notice of copyright infringement to Google, requesting the search engine to remove copyright infringing webpages from its search results. We hope you’ll find it useful!


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Google AdSense for Search: A New Approach towards Searching

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Google AdSense is playing a key role as a search box and if you go for searching anything then you will come to know that the result would be shown in the blog instead of the search engine. Let us see how it happens.


Read more…

Completely Erasing A Particular Data On Your Computer

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Erasing data permanently involves so many reasons for an individual. Before one would consider formatting the hard disk and erasing data from the computer, there can be several reasons ranging from personal to clearing the old records, which are no more in use. One can delete the data permanently by using Shift+Del button on the keyboard, but still so many other things have to be taken care.


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Easy Ways to Add Watermark to Photos and Images Online

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Have you ever experienced that your online photos ripped by somebody else without asking your permission? To prevent this happen, you can watermark all your images before uploading them to your website, blog or social media sites. This method can effectively discourage unauthorised copies and, on the other hand, promote your website. Following are some of the best ways you can use to watermark your images online, free and easy!


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How to File a DMCA Complaint to Stop Online Plagiarism, Spam Blogs and Content Thieves

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What do you do if you found out your original article or part of web content from your blog is stolen and republished on another website without your consent? Would you keep silent or fight back? It’s quite common that whenever a blogger publish a great article online and a day later it is stolen by spam blogs (also known as splog) to reproduce or republish on their own sites without getting permission from the author of that article. The reason why they are doing this is pretty obvious: make easy money from ads and promote their affiliated websites.


As blogger, you should not underestimate the harmfulness brought by these spam blogs, not only they will significantly lower your blog ranking in search engines but also reduce your both web traffic and ad revenue. Now, if you’ve decided to fight with these notorious spam blogs, here’s our complete guide with many effective actions to be taken including file a DMCA complaint! Read more…

How to Access Blocked Websites Using Google Public DNS

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How to access blocked websites? How to increase Internet speed and security? If you are having one of these questions on your mind, this article will bring you an easy solution! As you may know, many websites are getting suspended in countries like China and India everyday. The good news is there are some ways to break all these restrictions helping you to regain your Internet freedom. Proxy websites is probably one of the solutions you can think of to unblock any banned websites. However they might force you to fill surveys or your browser to open adwares. So if you are looking for something safe and permanent, you should change your DNS address using Google Public DNS IP addresses.


Following are step-by-step tutorials for you to change your DNS server settings to Google Public DNS on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The changing procedure is very easy and you can probably get it done within minutes! Now you can access any websites you want to enjoy the freedom of Internet! Read more…

How to Easily Upload a Video File to YouTube

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Do you want to upload a video file to YouTube so that you can share it with your friends, family or anybody on the web? It is so easy and here’s how to do it.


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How to Create a XML Sitemap for Google Search Engine

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Sitemap is a XML file that lists URLs for a site. It helps Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask search engines to more intelligently crawl a website and keep their results up to date. If you are looking for a website which provides free, easy-to-use and powerful XML sitemap generator, you should try This sitemap generator is fast, efficient and loaded with tons of features allowing you to create a XML sitemap that can instantly be submitted to Google to get your website properly indexed.


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How to Convert Pdf Document to Word or Doc File through Website

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How to convert online the Pdf document to Word file for free? Try This site allows users to convert Pdf document to good quality and editable Doc or Rtf file without installing any software. Unlike other converters, uses the full range of formatting and layout tools making pages easy to edit. Simply follow the steps below to try it. You will be surprised how easy it is.


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