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Why You Need Hero’s Crypto Wallet

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A crypto wallet acts as a digital vault that stores and manages cryptographic keys, which are essential for facilitating transactions on a blockchain. This digital tool maintains a pair of cryptographic keys: a public key for receiving funds and a private key for sending them. The types of crypto wallets include hardware wallets, which are physical devices that store keys offline; software wallets, which are applications on electronic devices; and paper wallets, where keys are printed and stored physically. Hardware wallets are generally recognized for their high security, being less prone to hacking than their online counterparts.


Wallets can also be categorized into ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ based on their connectivity to the internet. Hot wallets are online and facilitate quick transactions, while cold wallets, being offline, provide enhanced security and are preferred for storing large amounts of cryptocurrencies over extended periods. Read more…

Best Practices for Crypto Wallets to Store Coins & Handle Keys

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Wallets are crucial for anyone who invests in cryptocurrency, whether planning to actively trade, invest and wait for the price of the coin to rise or spend crypto at retailers that accept them. Simply using a wallet is not enough, however, so you must also follow best practices to keep your crypto secure. Otherwise, you risk losing funds.


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Top 25 Free Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tools & Resources

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Crypto-currencies have undoubtedly become a major attraction for every investor. Despite sudden falls, crypto-currencies exhibit an amazing record of recovery. Additionally, they are easy to store in large volumes and can be traded across national borders. Another major attraction of crypto-currencies is the fact that increasing number of merchants nowadays is accepting them for online transactions.


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Top 20 Secure Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Hardware & Online Wallets

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Cryptocurrency being the talk of the town is changing how the currency has been perceived and transferred as well as a new mode of investment for exceptional profits. Over the last year, Bitcoin prices saw a crazy hype reaching the highest point of $19,783.06.


A year ago, not even 2% of the people of the World knew about Cryptocurrency; why they are used; how to purchase them and how to secure them? And today, it’s one of the most popular payment method and investment model people are looking at. Read more…