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10 Most Promising Cryptocurrencies You Should Invest In

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Though the concept of Cryptocurrency is not known by every single human being in the world but it has become a buzz among the entrepreneurs, modern generation, stock-marketers and also the Google-lovers who prefer to stay updated about what is happening around them. The sphere of Cryptocurrency is raising it’s flag with leaps and bounds! It has become an absolute buzz with each passing day.


Now, there are many types of such currencies in the market which are just stand-out when it comes to any kind of investment starting from real estate to stock market. A cryptocurrency is actually nothing but just a digital currency that use the encryption technologies to generate the units of currency and do a proper verification of the transfer of funds while operating while being independent of a central bank.

Moreover, such cryptos can lead any investment to grow in a huge way! And in that context, today I am here with a list of ten such amazing ones on which you should invest and also it has been estimated that the value of these cryptocurrencies will surely go up by 10x-100x within just next couple of years!

Just have a look!

1. Bitcoin


It is one of the most renowned cryptocurrencies available in the market nowadays which holds a great value in trading. The price of this currency has varied a lot for a long time but it has been just the best for all kind of other investment modes. During the last few years, Bitcoin attained a huge amount of venture capital money and that’s why many projects and outstanding apps came in the market regarding that.
At this point of time (14th July, 2017), one bitcoin equals to $2331.48!!

2. Ethereum


This is an yet another stupendous cryptocurrency in the financial market of this era! The value of this currency has risen by almost 40x within last two years. Ethereum can help you to construct totally functional applications on a blockchain without the help of middlemen. Although being a prominent one, it has 1/10th value of Bitcoin. But, it is expected that the value will rise a lot with coming time. So, to invest such a cryptocurrency will not be a foolish act!

3. Factom

Factom is another astounding cryptocurrency in today’s time that you can invest to earn a lot of profit. It was known as ‘Notary Chain’ which was expected that it will grow a lot. If you’re a mediocre or top-level entrepreneur, factom can lead you company to create an immutable database.
This cryptocurrency actually store all kind of information in their concerned blockchain and then in-turn give rise to a hash of the stored data which is stored into the Bitcoin blockchain. It is expected that factom is going to hold the whole market within some years. Various multinational companies can invest such a cryptocurrency for attaining a huge growth.

4. MaidSafe


This cryptocurrency is in market for quite a long time now and also a decentralized database now! This crypto doesn’t only help you to store data in your computer but can also help you to upload the same in a decentralized server. Thus, it will not allow anyone to access the data without your permission.
So, it will remain totally safe and secure. Well, we know that this cryptocurrency has the ability to create a revolution in the world of internet. Now, you can only purchase the exciting temporary currencies from Midsafe but it is ensured that when these coins will go live, the overall rate of investment is going to increase at a great extent.

5. Ripple

After Bitcoin, one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies that has become very popular is nothing but Ripple. This crypto has recently made an entrance into the banking world. The facts regarding Ripple such as incorporation of the same with w3c consortium and make a move to close a deal with RBC bank suggest that this cryptocurrency is working a lot to do something remarkable in near future.

It is expected that if ripple is able to prove that they can be the utmost solution of the banking industry then the value of this cryptocurrency will certainly skyrocket among the investors.

6. Litecoin


This cryptocurrency has been launched in October, 2011 and from that time it never looked back. It was launched as an alternative of Bitcoin and thus it is very similar to that. This thrilling cryptocurrency can be used as a currency, mined and also transacted for various goods and services.

7. Monero

This currency is outstanding as far as technology is concerned!! It has a ring technology incorporated within it which makes it just perfect for maintaining the privacy. This crypto is also untraceable along with being very safe and secured. Moreover, being a privacy centered cryptocurrency, this is just absolutely fine for the investors who wish to remain incognito while browsing.

8. Dash

It is one of the prominent types of cryptocurrency which is just perfect for investing with a specific focus on both privacy and high-speed. This is very user-friendly and is used very commonly worldwide. It is basically known for being highly anonymous and fast. If you’re planning to invest then this can be a good option because it is accepted by a wide array of merchants.

9. Lisk

It is one of the unique cryptocurrencies available in the market nowadays. It is actually a crowfunded cryptocurrency which is known as the first and foremost modular crypto that is using sidechains. In fact, lisk can be used by anyone to decentralize various apps on his or her own in the programming language of Javascript.


So, for the apps and e-commerce developers this cryptocurrency is something very astounding! So, you can earn a lot of profit in the IT sector if you make an investment on such a cryptocurrency.

10. Golem

Golem is still persisting in its alpha phase but this is one of the most important cryptocurrency you can invest because it creates a decentralized computational power while incorporating the power of user’s systems, laptops, mobiles etc. This crypto can be used to run a personalized project by anyone starting from rendering an image to running a website.

Although, there are many other cryptos available in the market which are good for investment but the aforementioned list is totally based on which I think as most potent ones.

So, if you’re an investor then forget about the other typical investment sectors like gold and silver or the stock market and just opt for the bodacious cryptos! Cryptocurrency is an absolute revolution in the contemporary era through which you can just give a great boom to your bank balance!

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