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10 Biggest Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Watch Out for

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Starting a business is one thing, but establishing it is an entirely different thing, especially when you are surrounded with immense competition. But, an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is always passionate about his work knows the secrets to transform his dreams to a big reality.


Practically, thousands of entrepreneurs from all across the world start their businesses, but a very few of them get succeed. It is because dealing with crunch situations and taking right decisions for the betterment of future is definitely not an easy thing.

Being a serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker, I use to conduct a lot of seminars about self-improvement and the mistakes entrepreneurs usually make when taking business decisions. Similarly, with the help of this blog, I have decided to highlight a couple of mistakes that can turn out to be the biggest barriers in your entrepreneurial journey if not stopped on time.

So, let’s get started…


1. Selecting a Wrong Niche

Starting a business by selecting a wrong a niche is a mistake that majority of entrepreneurs make. Therefore, before stepping into business world, it is important for you to understand the market and its demands.

But above everything, it is essential for you to do what you really want. It clearly means that you should always spend your time and money on something you are truly passionate about. It is due to the reason you have to pick the right niche for making your dreams come true.

2. Working with a Vague Plan

Today, in this tough competition, if you are not coming up with a calculated plan, there will be fewer chances for you to strengthen your business. It is a mistake that usually happens with inexperienced people. And, if you fall into this category, then it is crucial for you to start your business with a robust plan. Make sure to do enough research about your target audience and your competitors to formulate a better and mature plan for great outcomes.

3. Making Immature Business Partnerships

When selecting a business partner, make sure to know each and everything about him. When it comes to business, you need to make every single decision in a sensible way. Therefore, before going into a partnership contract with someone, do a proper investigation about him.

I would strongly suggest you to check that persons’ past track record and achievements. As this way, you will get a clear picture that will help you take further steps.

4. Unwilling to Accept Mistakes

Remember, no one is born perfect. Despite of having years of experience, you can commit mistakes. But, showing unwillingness to accept such mistakes is surely not a professional attitude. In my opinion, a real entrepreneur is the one who doesn’t act like a boss with his team. Instead, he represents himself as a mentor who is always willing to guide his people.

And, somehow if you commit a mistake that makes a prominent difference to the company’s overall target, then never hesitate to apologize to your team. This way, your team will feel a lot more motivated and will work with immense dedication to redefine everything in a great way.

5. Completely Unfocused

When running a business, you need to keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Now, at this point I would say that a futuristic entrepreneur is the one who plans his next 5 years quite smartly. And, it is just a right way to survive in this incredible competition.

You have to analyze every situation critically to bring a drastic improvement to your company’s performance. Moreover, if any of your team members is going on a wrong direction, then it is your responsibility to guide him.

6. Scared of Taking Risks

In business, if you are not taking risks, you are not exploring ways to find success. If you want to see what other can’t, then make sure to take risks for establishing your company’s reputation. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I used to follow a preplanned path to accomplish goals. But, with the passage of time I realized that doing something out-of-the-box ensure more pleasure and fruitful results.

Similarly, I would advise you to do the same because it is merely impossible to achieve extraordinary results without taking valuable risks.

7. Inadequate Hiring Process

If you want to make a team of highly talented and skilled professionals, then you should upgrade your hiring process to meet the modern standards.

For this, you will have to hire an educated and experienced HR Generalist who can manage the entire recruitment process effectively. But, you will also have to get in touch with the HR person to convey your thoughts and ideas about the recruitment policy. This way, your company will be able to hire appropriate employees for splendid outcomes.

8. Not Giving Equal Importance to Employees

Being an owner and governing authority, it is your responsibility to maintain equality among employees. It is a remarkable approach that will help you keep the entire atmosphere of your office pleasant and creative.

Furthermore, by implementing this approach, your team will get a clear idea that their future is absolutely secured in your company.

9. Not Even Trying to Understand Customer’s Psyche

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to understand the psyche of your customers first. In short, you should know the preference, attitude and behavior of your audience to come up with a captivating plan.

For this, I would suggest you to get in touch with your partner and team members and get their opinions to make a solid decision.

10. Giving Up Quit Early

An entrepreneur’s life doesn’t remain same because he has to go through a lot of challenges and critical situations quite often.
However, quitting is not an ultimate solution to overcome a bad situation. If you are eager to accomplish your dreams, then you should fight for it until you get satisfied with the results.

Only this way, you can be a great inspiration and example for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Author: Jasmine Demeester

Jasmine Demeester is working as a Serial Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker at in UK. Apart from this, she runs an academic assistance blog online.

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