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10 Common Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid

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A professionally designed website can help you to attract the attention of your targeted customers. Along with being attractive, design of the website should also reflect on the unique qualities of your business. In this modernized world, people are designing websites for their online business to stay over the edge and to remain ahead of their competitors. While surfing the internet, you may have come across a large number of web designing mistakes that must be avoided to achieve a perfect website design for your business.


Here is a list of top 10 mistakes that are usually committed by business owners designing their own website. Being humans, we all are prone to make mistakes however below written web designing mistakes must be avoided to create impressive and professional looking website.

1. Unreadable Font and Bad Use of Colour


While looking at different business websites, you may have come across a web page that is difficult to read because of presence of decorative fonts or misuse of contrasting colours. This is the most commonly committed mistake as people tend to choose fonts that are too small to read or the colour combination is not right. Do not stuff your website with fancy fonts or else it would end up looking less professional. Dark colours must be used against light background or vice versa to increase the visibility of the content.

2. Poor Navigation


One of the leading causes of decreased conversion rates on your business website is the presence of poor navigation. A business website that is too complicated to navigate or is not user friendly might frighten away the visitors who would look at other websites to avail the services. If a user cannot navigate through the website easily or he is not able to move from one page to another, he would definitely leave your website and move on to some other service provider, who in this case would be your competitor. Therefore while designing a website it is important to make sure that all the pages are navigable.

3. Unorganized Content


The content of a website plays a major role in attracting the traffic. Internet users do not have the time and patience to read the entire content written on a website however they scan the content. The importance of bullet points, keywords, headings and sub heading is often neglected during the designing of a website but they play an important role as bullets points and sub-heading makes it easier for the users to know more about your services in detail. Appropriate and useful headings must be used to define the services in a better manner. Inaccurate and insignificant content can also drive away the traffic therefore remember to update new content on the website at regular intervals.

4. Screen Resolution

You may have come across different websites that scroll horizontally instead of offering vertical scroll option. This is a mistake that is often overlooked while designing the website. A website must be optimized to fit different screen sizes along with offering best user experience. Proper planning must be done before the designing process to ensure that your website fit various screens perfectly.

5. Missing Contact Information


When a user visits your website, he must come across your contact information easily. While designing a website people often forget to mention their contact information clearly which makes it difficult for their prospective clients to contact them. A business website is often created with a purpose and if the call-to-action line is not mentioned clearly, the business would lose on its potential chances to get hired. Therefore the call-to-action line must be mentioned clearly 3-4 times on the home page as in this manner your visitors can find out how to reach your business.

6. Heavy Images

A common trend that is seen these days is the usage of heavy images to attract internet traffic. While this may make the website look more impressive and attention grabbing, it also increases the time a web page take to load. Heavy images are not able to adjust to small screens further increasing the complications. Therefore the image size must be kept in mind while designing the website.

7. Invisible Links

The links on your website must be clearly visible to your visitors as it would be frustrating for them to locate the links if they are not easily visible. The links must be separated from the rest of the text and they should change their colour after a person clicks on them. Having invisible links on your website is regarded as one of the biggest website designing mistake.

8. Unnecessary Registration

Visitors are not interested in furnishing their personal details to access your website. Therefore if it is not important do not make it mandatory for your visitors to fill up their details before accessing your business site. People rather chose to move on to another website instead of wasting their time in filling up long registration forms. Moreover do not ask your visitors to answer unnecessary questions.

9. Forgetting the Testing Part


The testing part is often neglected in a rush to make the website live at the earliest. However testing the website can help you to know whether it can be viewed properly on devices with different screen size. Is the design layout consistent with different browsers or not? Designing a responsive website can help you to optimize your business in turn increase your customer base as well.

10. User’s Queries

Visitors to your website are goal driven and they are there because they are looking for a service offered by your company. If your business website is not able to answer visitor’s queries it fails to serve its purpose. In certain cases the answers are simple but you might be losing on your potential customers because they think that you are not able to meet their needs. Therefore while designing a website, think from your customer’s prospect.


A website with simple and usable design can make up for a great website. It is the face of your online business, thus avoid committing the above written mistakes. Give your visitors a positive user experience and keep them engaged by offering informative and quality content that is updated regularly.

Author: John Pereless

John Pereless writes for BestWebExperts covering the latest trends from all things relating to web design services and apps.

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