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Devil’s Dozen of Online Courses to Help You Become a Great Entrepreneur

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Becoming a businessman is not a result of college graduation with special business classes. You can’t realize how to become a businessman just listening to classes ruled by teachers with only theoretical knowledge and no practice.


Fortunately, today you can find many different options. You can easily find necessary courses online, choosing from free and surcharge propositions. Any business is built on management and fundamental knowledge about business features. You need to use your leadership and communicative skills to make a good team.

To make your education easier here are collected 13 of the most effective courses. It is up to you to choose important spheres, where you need professional help.

At first, there are surcharged courses presented. After that, you will see a list of courses available for free. Use either of them and understand how to launch your business and manage it right.

Becoming a Project Manager
The essential part of becoming a businessman is knowledge how to manage different aspects of personal business. You should understand that it is not only money flow that demands control and wise management. All the other spheres of ruling your own business require you to become a good manager.

Taking this course you will get 26 lectures with 5 hours of video. The development of this course belongs to IDEA Consultancy. This service provides help to students passing their IELTS tests throughout the world. During the course you will be taught the most effective strategy for clever development and realization of projects.
Course fees: $197

Hiring & Managing Techniques to Create a Great Team
The success of your company fully depends on your team. That is why it is better to understand how to hire team and keep a good atmosphere among your workers. You will be taught how to attract the most appropriate employees to create a good and responsible team. You will learn how to deal with employees from their hiring to productive work.

The course is presented in 11 lectures with 1 hour of video. It is taught by professional and experienced businessman with 32 years of practice. As the result you will know different recruiting strategies, and the basic ideas of building a good team.
Course fees: $97

Time Management
Organization is a clue to business success. You can have a lot of regular issues that decrease your productivity resulting in worse returns of all your business. Thus it is useful to learn to make time management smart.

The course of 19 lectures plus 2 hours of video will teach you to organize your time and determine obligations to increase productivity. The course is led by actual time management consultant, so you will get not just a common strategy, but also useful tips.
Course fees: $9

Basics of Business Finance
When you understand basic management aspects, you need to learn financial aspect of your business. The course is the most beneficial investment, as you will be taught by Wall Street professionals.

You will get 24 lectures with 4 hours of video, learning financial statement analysis and basic accounting. You will also get clear understanding of surrounding topics about corporate finance. This course can be useful as an essential part of financial education.
Course fees: $29

Marketing Business Online
Today you even don’t have to possess or rent an expensive office to start your business. Take this course to understand why most people today tend to make their business through the Internet. With these lessons you will learn available options and working strategies of making your online business.
The length of this course is 83 lectures plus 6 hours of video. After finishing you will have necessary knowledge about building business with online marketing and make it profitable.
Course fees: $99

Next there is presented a list of free online courses.

Becoming a Businessman – From Idea to Launch
To become a businessman you are required to invest not just money, but also have a definite mindset. Listening to this course you will understand how to become a part of business world and know about basic business models.

Understand Who Your Customer is
Business is determined to have clients. That is why it is essential to understand your customer and determine the sphere of your market. Learn how to choose the most beneficial sphere for you and always support demand among your clients.

Digital Marketing
Taking this course you will learn to deal with a digital world of business. The online sphere of your business is important today. Thus you need to appreciate new technologies and the level of your clients’ development.

Social Communication Management
Making communicative contacts is an important sphere of any project. You will see how to behave in conflict situations with your employees, business partners and clients. The course introduces different approaches in social communication.

Business Management
This is a good course presenting management strategies to help you create a good team. Also you will learn how to write a business plan and bring it to life.

Business Communication
Happiness of your customers is the main goal of your business, except for money, of course. This class will show you strategies and useful tips about communication with your clients.

Law and Your Business
Having business always makes you deal with law. You need to understand how to make contracts, fulfill laws and instructions. These lessons will also show other important aspects of legal business management.

Development of Your Businesses
Development is the second step of your business creation after good management. Learn with this course all necessary aspects of making changes and development of your project in a smart, but not fast, way.

Now you see a lot of online opportunities to learn necessary information for creation of your own business. But yet, here, just a small part of all available course and lectures is presented. Make sure you write a list of important topics and look for necessary courses. This will help you to improve your literacy and make your business effective and productive.

Author: Victoria Vein

Victoria Vein is a project manager at Resume Writing Lab, company that helps people all over the world to start new career preparing job application documents.

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