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10 Interesting Facts about Google’s Algorithms

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Believe it or not, algorithms are really cool and interesting. I mean, they give us our search results, after all.But how does Google’s algorithm work any guess? And how has it moving forward over the course of so many years?


Algorithms don’t just read the content on the page before determining if it answers your query, they check how recent the information was, whether it is likely to be spam and if the location is relevant to the user. All these things matter if you are trying to rank your website. Understanding how Google algorithms works.

First of all let us understand what is the meaning of algorithm- it is the set of rules to be followed to solve a problem especially by a computer. Google algorithms are the special set of instructions provided to search engine to make your search accurate and proper. Lets see some interesting facts about google algorithms. Algorithms are made to search your queries through estimated value of trillions of web pages.

1. Google algorithms are changed almost 500 times per year

Moz is the search optimization group of google which makes this changes or improvements for google for every time whenever required. It takes out 500-600 improvements each year, from which some of them are so minor that are not even noticed unless you keep a good eye on changes. The changes in algorithms in this recent years has increased rapidly because the number of users have increased and with keeping an proper data of needs of people, improvements are added. To update the algorithms as they can work better with the users who used mobile networks for search most of the updates were made like updates for voice commands and its enhancements.

2. The main aim of the algorithm is to provide a great user experience

Google makes sure that you get a best quality search results. To do that the first and foremost thing was to delete or pass through the spammy contents. That is why on every page there are more search results than the advertisements. With great results they provide, they aim to increase user experience towards a good and better perspectives.

3. Google pagerank plays an important role
Google pagerank was named after one of the co-founders of google, pagerank provides priority to the pages by deciding how relevant they are to the query or the search done by using algorithms, that’s how the order of the search result is decided and displayed.

4. Google has not provided any formal naming method for its algorithms


The naming history of google algorithms has been quite long and does not provide any related data based on what naming is done. Few of the catchy names provided or assigned to these algorithms are penguin, panda, pigeon and many more. Not all are relevant but the recent name ‘humming bird’ hasn’t been changed since 2013. Like a name the algorithms tend to be fast and precise at the same time.

5. Algorithms take into account image search too

As image searches has been increased nowadays thus the need for image recognition was enhanced. Algorithms makes the image search better too by adapting the facial recognition and recognising the small details about the facial muscles and geometry of the face. These algorithms are smart enough to recognise the objects present in an image and make the search related.

6. The main objective of the algorithm is to remove the spammy content from the sponsors

Although the company google is based on the advertisement related market still they prefer to remove the advertisement from sponsors as they believe it can affect the user experience. That all says how client centered google is and they focus on providing better data only.

7. Pagerank was the name given after the fellow founder carry page


Carry page has  received B.S.E in computer in 1995. The concept of pagerank was instinctive and the idea about was distributed which was at time not comprehended.  Though these days it is way helpful to delete or remove many irrelevant data which would have appeared in the search results without that. Page rank links the page as in order of the related data of the search.

8. The Search Evaluators were provided too considering the human needs or human side

There is a 146 page guideline which provides how to evaluate a search.But upon exploring the guidelines, the information might also help developers and marketers determine what constitutes search quality. It also makes sure how to keep your content accountable while giving an advice, some of it might give a good insight though it seems like common sense.

9. The Google dance

It is not as it sounds, that was all about ups and downs in the ratings of google while it was at its improving stages. It at times was seen that the higher and stormy the weather there was more networthy move to the rankings of google. Not long ago, Google facilitated an occasion at the SMX West meeting called “Google Dance” to commend “a yearly assembling for pursuit advertisers.
10. Irrelevant data and noise dismissal by algorithms

Google algorithms were also designed and updated to dismiss irrelevant data that comes under search or the mistyping errors by users, that is it also identifies the  mis-spelled words by the words nearly similar to them. In voice searches to the irrelevant sound or voice other than users sometimes makes the search difficult though algorithms works on dismissal of those irrelevant voices too by focusing on the single voice or the most clear  and louder voice recorded by the device.

Here you go all the information you need to know about the algorithms thus we understood surely that the algorithms can be the fun factors if we understand them properly and utilize them though it works by itself.

As google algorithms are way improved but we can’t wait to see what’s next so keep updated as you can be keep posted and informed.

Author: Harshal Shah

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, Provide Professional SEO Services, WordPress development services and Web design services.

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