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Google Self-Driving Car Vs Tesla Autopilot System: 10 Facts

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It is strange that how we can easily discuss the technologies like self-driving cars today. It was just the last decade when the world get introduced to the carts that run on the fuel instead of horses and other animals. Today, we are working on the cars which don’t need any human involvement to drive around the cities.


Talking about the self-driven or autopilot cars, two companies are investing heavily in it. One is the world renowned automobile manufacturing company Tesla, and the other is famous because of its search engine services and other tech devices Google.

The Tesla is already famous because of its luxurious cars, and now it has surpassed Audi and BMW in Europe and has become the apple of the automobile industry. The reason for the Tesla success is its big tech upgradations over the years. Because of the futuristic vision of Tesla’s dynamic CEO Elon Musk, he is enabling his vehicles models Tesla S and Tesla X with the autopilot systems to make our drives better and secure. All the Tesla vehicles built since October 2014 are equipped with autopilot technology which offers the features like automatic braking, lane switching and blind spot warnings.

However, Tesla is facing competition in this field by a company who never build any commercial car yet. In 2014, the Google announced to build 100 self-driving cars prototypes. These cars were not as fancy as the Tesla is producing, but it has some advanced features that even Tesla is missing out to include in its cars. The Google manufactured electric cars that were equipped with Google map and navigation systems.

To know more about both the systems of Google and Tesla, let’s discuss ten fascinating facts about the Google Self-Driving Cars and Tesla Autopilot System to know what both of these technologies have to offer us.

1. Google Self-Driving Cars are only electric yet


Even after working from years, the Google is still using its technology on the electric cars. They are aiming to go with the green policy instead of the typical cars. They only build the prototype of small cars with the capacity of only two persons with a very poor design which is against the aerodynamics. The best part is that Google knows about it and they claimed their design and the size of the car as the ideal for the self-driving technology that they are using in their cars. According to the Google, the structure of the car is centered around the laser and radar sensors that also maximize the view of the system.

2. The Tesla started its journey with autosteer feature only


The Tesla is more focused on producing the commercial versions of its autopilot system. The first vehicle that Tesla launched in October 2014, it only has the autosteer ability. It still requires to pump however any steering is not required for driving your car. This is one of the best features to have while you are driving on the highway.

3. Google Self-Driving Cars have only one button

One of the strangest things about the Google self-driving cars is that it has no steering wheel and no pedals. Their car only contains two seats for the passengers, space for the passenger’s belongings and a button to start and stop. This is one of its own kind cars where the passenger doesn’t have to do anything. He just has to press the button, set the destination point and leave the self-driving system to do its thing.

4. Tesla Auto Lane Changing


One of the must have feature for self-driving cars is auto lane changing ability. When you are relying on the autopilot system, it is hard to do anything manually. Either it is controlling the speed or changing the lane; you need to equip your system enough to make its own decisions. However, the Tesla haven’t made its autopilot system to change the lane on its own that is why they passenger has to tap a turn signal to change the lane.

5. Google self-driving car has a rage of 100 miles

Because Google is only producing the electric cars prototype, the cars have the range of 100 miles on full charge. Which is a lot by considering the fact that Google is not a full-time automobile manufacturing company. That is a great advantage to have such feature because it tells you that either your car can reach to the destination or not. Moreover, this is the product of Google, so it must be smarter than others in fuel consumption.

6. Park better with the Tesla Autopilot

Because the AI is involved in the technology of Tesla autopilot system, parking with the Tesla cars is much easier. Parallel parking or parking in the perpendicular spots are always one of the difficult things to do with the cars. This is where you hit your car with the surrounding things most of the time and scratched the body. But with the Tesla autopilot, your vehicle can park itself like a pro anywhere in which it can accommodate easily. Moreover, it also has this ability to scan for the parking spaces and alert the driver when it available.

7. Google using more than the GPS


The Google self-driving car not only use the GPS and satellite navigation system but it also uses the technologies like radar, lasers, sensors and cameras for the close-up work. These radars and lasers help the vehicles to avoid any potential humans, animals or any other hazardous things on the road. These sensors have this ability to identify the difference between the pedestrian and the car on the road and adjust itself according to it.

8. Better traffic awareness with Tesla

Initially, Tesla autopilot system wasn’t effective in the high traffic zones. But with its 7.1 updates, the Tesla autopilot system has now the best traffic awareness. Its autopilot is capable of managing the speed of the car by traffic aware cruise control. It is now upgraded to find the curves on the road and adjust its speed according to it.

9. It is the smart car by Google

Google always like to give their customers something extra and add value in it. To continue this tradition of Google, the Google self-driving car makes sure that you get all your stuff by giving you the reminders of leaving something behind. Moreover, you can call this car just like an uber to anywhere in the city, and it will reach you on its own.

10. Elon is committed to taking its technology to different countries


The Elon Musk CEO of Tesla is aiming to take his technology to the multinational dimensions. He says that in next few years, the drivers will eventually be able to summon their cars from across the countries and the vehicles will know when to refuel along the way.

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