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11 Stellar Facebook Features You Have to Try

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Facebook has been a staple of social media for over a decade now and is still going strong. Being around for that long obviously means that there have been some serious perks that come with it to keep the users glued even as of today. When we say this, we mean to imply its features.


With these, user experience boosts to the next level. They are simple to use and will make using Facebook even more fun than it has been. Without further ado, here are some of the hottest and upcoming features that you should be getting at.

1. Sending and receiving money
Imagine if your mother’s car breaks down and she really needs the money to get it fixed. Instead of having to go to the bank by taking a cab, you can use Facebook. You can do this through Facebook Messenger. It doesn’t matter if you have on your computer or your phone, as long as you can transfer funds to and fro.


Of course, you will need to feed in your debit or credit card credentials in order to make it work.

2. Facebook professional services
Just so you’ve missed it, Facebook asks you to review a place that you have been to. It happens even if you like or follow a page. Doing this actually enhances the relationship between the brand and their customers. Their feedback is most crucial for the improvement of their services.

If you like a place, you can share it with the rest of your contacts. Facebook is aiming to be a recommendation engine. This means that it will emulate the experience that Yelp does. So far, it has proven to be a powerful marketing tactic.

3. Forwarding messages
Seriously, who has the time to copy-paste the same message over and over? Well, now you can save yourself the trouble of doing so with the new forward feature. Select the message you want to view and you will see and Actions button at the top right section.

After you click it, a drop-down menu will appear. Look for the option “Forward” and presto. You can add the name(s) of the person(s) you wish to forward that message to.

4. Save for later


The ‘save for later’ feature is the one thing that you can count on to make time for something later. Its purpose is to save articles, pictures, videos, pages and events so you can see them afterwards. There’s just so much to see and share on social media that we wish we could spend the rest of the day on.

Fortunately, this feature is just the saving grace that we’ve been looking for.

5. Live Video
Live-video streaming is quickly catching on and Periscope and Meerkat pretty much has the world buzzing about it. But do not count Facebook out yet. Zuckerberg just opened this app to a small group of people in the US and it will soon be out worldwide later on in 2016.

Since video engagement on Facebook is even greater than that on YouTube and Instagram, that is a big up for FB.

6. Monitor un-wanting visitors
Despite heavy encryption laws and codes, there is still some level of intrusion in social media. But fear not, for there is a way that you can see this coming. The first thing you have to do is to go to the settings page. Just under the Security folder, you will see the link “Where You’re Logged In”.

That is where you will see all the log-ins from mobile and desktop devices. If you feel one of them is not from you, you can choose “end activity” from that or all devices. You can even use this in case you have logged in from your friends computer or any public device but forgot to log out.

7. Transfer files through Messenger


If you have a folder, a video or a document that you wish to upload or transfer, you can do it through Messenger. You will see that as soon as you open Messenger at the top right corner known as “Add Files”. With this, you can upload any file from your computer and send it over to your desired location.

The user on the other end need only click the link of the file and then simply download it.

8. Interest Lists
It is what it is. The “Interest Lists” feature allows users to make a list of all the pages and friends that intrigue you. Some of the best bits about this are that you get to organize it however you choose. This is so that your News Feed doesn’t fill up with stuff that you don’t wish to see.

It does help the soul a little bit when you get to know about your friends from the past and how they’re doing these days.

9. Video Calls
Skype isn’t the only viable video conferencing tool out there anymore. Just so you know Facebook has introduced a video call feature of its own. Just open a window chat with the friend you wish to talk to and click the camera button located at the top right corner to start your video call. Best of all, it is absolutely free.

10. Shopping Tab
Just recently Facebook has been rolling out a feature that could give Amazon a good run for its money. When we say this, we are of course talking about the shopping tab that is slowly making its way to the social media giant.

Previously, Facebook introduced the ‘buy’ function back in July and allowed the users to sell the products on Facebook through Shopify. Despite not doing too hot in sales, Facebook is clearly moving ahead to enhance their e-commerce services in 2016.

11. Spy on your rivals
It’s not rocket science to know that running a business on Facebook is tough, much less knowing how you are faring against your rivals. You can’t know how well or poor your brand is doing unless you get in insight of your competition. That is why Facebook has introduced the “Pages to Watch” feature.

It will allow you to view the pages of Facebook and compare them to yours. This can be done by going to your page and opening up a drop-down menu from the “Insights” tab.

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