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10 Awesome Facebook Automatic Features You Must Try

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Facebook is a major public square of today. It is a standout amongst the most exceptional open confronting sites out there. Facebook is a magnet for a portion of the top engineering talents on the planet.


There are numerous automatic features in the Facebook that are planned by these top engineers. The vast majority of the people do not know about. Give me a chance to check if you know them or not.

Have you ever utilized the Facebook features like automatic photo collage feature, managing contact records, live video streaming, highlighting posts and scheduling Facebook posts?

You might not have used all of them. Give me a chance to make these Facebook features somewhat reasonable to you.

Feature 1: Automatic Collage Feature
Facebook is adding an intriguing new automatic photo collage feature, which shows up when you share photographs from the camera of your phone.

When you tap the photographs button, you will see automatically created photo collages based on your time and location you took them.


Photo collages can be re-orchestrated before they are shared, or you can make your own particular. It is a decent approach to sharing a considerable measure of photographs to flaunt your outing, instead of uploading a ton haphazardly.

How to Guide:

  • Go to your news feed and tap on the photo.
  • At the top of the screen, you will see a preview option, tap on it.
  • To change the request of your photographs, move and customize a photograph to another position. If you want to remove any photo or image, simply tap toward the edge of the photograph you’d like to remove.
  • You can also add a title. Facebook will give you a title suggestion. You can edit that suggested title. You just have to tap that title and have to enter another title.

After editing the title, you can tap “Next” and afterward tap Post. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Feature 2: Scheduling Feature
Facebook has a nice automatic feature known as “Scheduling,” permitting Page administrators to schedule posts without the utilization of any third-party sites. One admonition is if you have not added the Founding date for the organization or for the company, Facebook Timeline Scheduler won’t be accessible. To include the establishing date click Milestone and add the establishing date of your organization.


Do you what are the advantages of Facebook Scheduling?

You can schedule your posts in the future. You can also backdate your posts in the past. You can also schedule your photographs, events, videos, milestones or even status updates. This automatic feature is absolutely free and native to Facebook.

How to Guide:

  • Pick the kind of post you need to add to your Facebook page.
  • Go to the lower-left of the post sharing tool and click the “Clock” symbol.
  • Pick the future (or even past) day, month, year, hour or even minutes moment when you might want your post to show up.
    After that click “Schedule”.

Feature 3: Profile Expression
The Facebook Profile Expression Kit gives individuals a chance to share videos in third-party applications into the Facebook profile video stream. The SDK is accessible now to a select gathering of beta accomplices for the iOS variants of their applications: MSQRD, lollicam, Boomerang from Instagram, BeautyPlus, Flixel Cinemagraph Pro, and Vine. Customers can now utilize these applications to make fun and identity mixed profile videos with only a couple taps. Developers appreciate attribution inside News Feed each time somebody transfers a profile video made by their application.

How to Guide:

  • Create a video using any of the above application.
  • Upload your profile video using that application.

Feature 4: Streaming Live Video
It is a new automatic feature of Facebook. Facebook is trying another menu when you tap ‘What’s on your mind’ that demonstrates the new sharing alternatives as opposed to only a box to type in.


How to Guide:

  • Click status update and you will see a new option. It is for streaming live video.
  • As you go live, you will see your stream overlaid with comments and the names of companions tuning in.

This feature is not only for the verified users, it comes with the capacity for anybody to utilize it.

Feature 5: Highlight Posts
On the off chance that you need to make certain posts more observable, highlight them. The post, pictures, or even video will extend over the whole course of events making it easier to be seen.

How to Guide:

  • Go to the top right corner of your post.
  • Click the star button and your post will be highlighted.

Feature 6: Video Browsing Hub
It is a new feature. Facebook has launched a video browsing hub on cell phones making it simpler for clients to search top videos and also the videos from their family members or friends. They likewise incorporated live videos specifically into the Facebook Search tab with the goal that clients can see live clasps in connection to inclining news and subjects.

Video gives you the chance to get to real as well as authentic content from anyplace you are with user-friendly search and share features.

How to Guide:

  • Go to the search button on your news feed.
  • Type the title of that video and type the name of that video maker. Press “Enter” to see the result.

Feature 7: Facebook Poll
A straightforward approach to engaging your fans is to ask them some questions on an extensive variety of subjects. Whatever you need to ask, the Facebook Questions App will make it simple to do. It is a Facebook application that gives you a chance to get suggestions, gather information and gain from your fans and other individuals on Facebook. This feature is for the admins of Facebook pages.


How to Guide:

  • Go to your home page and on the top, you will see “Ask Question” button. Click on that button.
  • Type your question and simply click “Add Poll Options” in the event that you’d like to make your own particular answer choices.
  • Pick who can see your survey by utilizing the audience selector.

On the off chance that you’d like to make a survey where individuals can include their own answer choices, ensure the option box for anyone is checked.

Feature 8: Quote Sharing
Facebook’s new Quote Sharing component expects to make it greatly simple to share cites and even include your own particular musings or comments before you share to Facebook.

Quote Sharing will help you offer quotes or lines or content straightforwardly from an article, book, or even application to Facebook. Facebook is again demonstrating an intense spotlight on client experience within the mobile platforms.

How to Guide:

  • Copy any text from an article, book, or even application.
  • You will get Facebook sharing option. Just click it.

Feature 9: Change Photos on Your Timeline
Photographs are a crucial part of the Facebook experience. You need to ensure photographs show up taking care of business on you Facebook Timeline. For instance, if the photograph is not suitable, you can without much of a stretch alter how a picture shows up on your Timeline. Reposition photographs you have presented on guarantee they look as awesome as could reasonably be expected when individuals are perusing your posts.

How to Guide:

  • Go to the image and click the “Edit or Remove” button.
  • Select “Reposition Photo.”
  • Drag the photo until it is in a superior position.

Feature 10: Facebook Save Option
The new “Save” button of Facebook is presently open for use and permits clients to save things they find over the Web.
Facebook affirms that you will have the capacity to see saved contents later from any gadget.

Bottom Line
Thanks for looking at this post. I would appreciate hearing from you on all the new components and overhauls Facebook declared at F8. Which would you say you are most excited about?

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