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How to Deal with the Depleting Life of Smartphone Battery the Right Way

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Of all the argh-worthy things in the world, the ‘Low battery power” notification on our phone’s screen certainly ranks among the very top. As more and more sophisticated smartphones are making their way into the market, their advanced features are sucking the life out the phone batteries faster than you can imagine. And this draining out of the battery life has led to the batteries not lasting beyond a few months.


However, if you are led to believe that your smartphone’s battery life is something you have no leverage over, you are misguided. While we, as users’ may not double or triple the battery lives up, but we can certainly make sure that we don’t let it drain out on tasks that don’t command many resources.

Now, before we talk of certain measures you can employ to save the battery of your phone, let’s take a look at certain amazing apps using which you can go a long way in prolonging the battery life:

Juice Defender


Juice Defender works remarkably well to extend your battery’s life and give you a much larger time window before you start hunting for a new battery. This Android app gives you a great customization control over how many resources are being used by your phone during operations like web access, device synchronization, etc. you can also make sure that your phone’s screen remains switched off during certain operations where a lit up screen does not serve any purpose whatsoever. You also have the freedom to choose between the modes like “aggressive” and “balanced”. You can also find Juice Defender handy when you are trying to schedule certain tasks.

Better Battery Stats Android App


As the name suggests, the BetterBatteryStats app keeps you updated with the status of your battery in a manner most detailed and accurate. There are no oversights here. This app won’t let you be caught off-guard since it gives you a complete insight into the performance of your processes in regards to how many resources from the phone’s OS they are consuming. Thereby, it makes it possible for you to keep a track of all the activities. What makes this app stand apart from the other similar apps is that it collects data over a few days and records it. And then, it returns that data to you in the form of history that includes kernel wakelocks, partial wakelocks, CPU states, and much more.



Tasker is another incredibly useful Android app that prevents your app from draining by helping you easily manage all the tasks being executed on your phone. If an app is running unnecessarily, Tasker will close it down or notify you about the same. The apps which are not accomplishing any task are only occupying the processes and draining out the battery. Tasker locates such activities for you. Using this app, you can also enable or disable the network connections.

Gravity Screen Android App


The most obvious statement we can chart down here is that the screen of your phone drains out your phone’s battery like nothing else does. Especially when there are strong animations and graphics, you can be sure as hell that the battery shall not last longer. Gravity Screen does the job of automatically turning the phone’s screen on whenever you hold it in your hands, and when you put back it into your pocket, the screen is turned off too. The app basically uses sensors and detects the phone’s orientation. If the phone is facing the ground at a certain angle or above it, it will turn off the screen.

Apart from the afore-mentioned apps, there are a bunch of measures you can take on your part to conserve the battery:

  • Close the apps that are running without any purpose manually. If you are not too keen on using any of the above-mentioned apps for the purpose doing so manually is highly recommended, and it hardly takes beyond 10 seconds. When you find an app running in the background – like the game you were playing half an hour ago – close it and save tons of batter power.
  • In your phone, you also have the option to check which processes are consuming maximum energy – like a computer’s Task Manager – and therein, you might find an app that you hardly find any use for, but it still runs in the background, all the while consuming a lot of resources.
  • Keep the connections closed when they are not needed. You don’t need phone’s Bluetooth to be switched on at all times, and same goes for Wi-fi. If you are in no network’s range, why keep the Wi-Fi on and make your phone constantly look for the networks that it doesn’t have an authorization log-in details for. This unrelentless searching for a network makes a very noticeable impact on the battery life.
  • The power saving mode is there to make use of. The android and iOS phones have this mode that contains automatic settings for saving your phone’s energy and resorting to it will only serve you well.
  • Simply keep the phone switched off when not in use. You probably don’t plan to answer calls while sleeping at night, so, what’s the point of keeping it on? Unless you have certain connections overseas who have your personal number and live in a place with different time zones, and you want to keep an account of their missed calls, it’s better to just hit the “Turn Off” button.
  • The flood of widgets on your phone’s home screen is actually consuming more energy than you can comprehend. And so is the lively, glossy and very colorful wallpaper. While this very vibrant wallpaper is consuming more than usual battery power, if you go on to keep an animation as the wallpaper, get ready to bid your battery life goodbye anytime soon.

While you may or may not find them costly, the smartphone batteries do come at a price. So, why not take greater care of the one you got with your phone.

Author: Addison Cohen

Addison Cohen is an experienced tech blogger cum programmer. He is currently serviceable with one of the Custom iPhone App Develoment Agency. If you seeking any tune up for this service, you can hire best iOS App Developer to avail this services.

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