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30 Web Typography Tools, Frameworks and Libraries

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How does it feel to get your job done quicker as a web designer?

As the world is going online, the importance of web design and its impact has grown tremendously. For a web designer, presentation of a website is paramount towards a successful online business. In order to achieve goals and targets in web development, it is prolific to create an easy and interactive website in a relatively lesser time and with fewer resources. The right tools used for the right purpose at the right time is what prepares a resourceful web designer.


Have you ever realized that web designing involves much of typography? Dealing with typography on the web has become quite common and various tools are provided in CSS that help you save your time with easy and direct techniques.

Here is a roundup of 30 smart web typography tools, frameworks and libraries to create a better and effective website in the shortest time.

1. Type Rendering Mix
It is a tool that fundamentally intensifies a browser engine that uses Core text to render text and add customized classes to apply specific styling rules for rendering. TeypeRendering is beneficial in different situations as it a more reliable and steady rendering without altering the accuracy of sub-pixel antialiasing.

2. DropCap JS
Though it is possible to create DropCap with the existing CSS standards, you do not get perfect results. Adobe Web Platform has initiated a concept of ‘drop capitals’ also known as Dropcap that allows you to apply suitable JS logics.

3. Kerning JS
Javascript library is soon going to release a standard wherein a web designer can better control the functionality of kerning ensuring better performance for typography. It will be as simple as adding a single script function in the page.

<script src="kerning.js"></script>

4. Lining JS


It is another useful Javascript library allows you to separately style each line in a paragraph. The task is to add a line break in after each line. Further, it triggers the idea of pseudo-classes, which are not a part of CSS currently.

5. Underline JS
With the presence of organized and consolidated Javascript framework, tasks are becoming hassle-free to perform. Underlining the text is a crucial aspect of designing and this Underline Js feature makes the text appear distinctively underlined, better to identify and read.

6. Grid Lover
Exclusive and unique, this is an amazing tool used for styling your text on the website. GridLover gives flexible CSS for advanced font size, height, margins and width. It enables every part of the content to exhibit a specialized style, creating a much more user-interactive browser. This framework builds a vertical rhythm for web typography by including technically advanced style sheets in SCSS, LESS and Stylus.

7. FlowType
The spacing between content and its flow enhances the overall look-and-feel of the website. Considered an amazing plugin, FlowType dynamically adjusts the font size in conjunction with a specific wrapper width. It also enables web developers to maintain a proper number of characters within one line of any screen width.

8. HatchShow


This plugin functions efficiently to display a clear and comprehensible message on your webpage. It increases the font size of the content, using the whole width of the container box. Furthermore, it also performs consistently out of the box using proper algorithms and nutshells, thereby appending the appropriate font size.

9. TypeScale
TypeScale is a web-based tool available online that allows you to determine and verify accurate font size for the whole website. Offering an astute GUI, this framework extends adding base scale, font size and font family that you always need. The results can be realized and permit you to work around with the scale and receive appropriate value.

10. Modular Scale
It is yet another useful tool to produce quintessential font for the content body and heading. In most cases, the output is generated in Sass and must be utilized in alliance with Sass Library.

11. Font Pair
While Google Font is a popular online font library hosting over 500 font families, Font Pair is a well accepted treasury of matching Google fonts. Users can conveniently discover countless varying combinations between font families and typefaces from this vast Font collection.

12. Font-To-Width
For efficient typography in web designing, Javascript features an important tool to accommodate your font to the actual width of the container. Font-to-width can also find out size of the font including the required spacing in between the words.

13. Fontdeck


Similar to Google Font, Fontdeck is an excellent service allowing you to straightforwardly insert beautiful and engaging fonts into your website. It uses @font-face CSS selector.

14. FFFFallback
A pragmatic, constructive tool for bulletproof web typography, which enables determining finest stack of fonts that would deflate lithely. FFF Fallback is available in the form of a bookmarklet, in order to analyze and dissect font relations on web page and recommends different fallback font choices.

15. Typeplate
It is an ideal open-source typographic starter tool kit for all web designers and developers. Rather than making artistic design choices, it comes with basic styling patterns of typography without making any assumptions about how you are going to work.

16. TypeSettings
TypeSettings is a Sass toolkit that defining font scaling, vertical harmonization and responsive ratios of typography to create a minimal website or blog project.

17. Typecast
It is a free designing tool that enables you to create visual and semantic designs easily. Typecast also allows you to test rendering and responsive behaviors, reaching out to a beautiful web space creation.

18. TypeWonder


It is the simplest and readily available, free web-based tool to apply Google Font on your working website. The best part about using TypeWonder is you do not need embedding any code from outside to test the website design with new font any further.

19. Typewolf
Typewolf is an independent, one-stop typography resource that helps you choose the perfect font for their website design

20. Tiff
Popularly known as a ‘typeface diff tool’ that visually presents differences between two fonts. It currently works for fonts from Google Web Font Library.

21. Typebase.css
It is an easy-to-customize stylesheet library with less and sass versions that are easy to modify and merge into modern web projects, without any added aesthetics.

22. HTML KickStart


If you are looking forward to a quick website generation, HTML KickStart framework provides high-end tools like ultra-lean HTML5, CSS and JS Building Blocks for developing a website.

23. Font Combinator
Do you know a faster and easier way to choose and mix fonts? This Web Font Combinator is a curated tool to help you preview perfect font combinations. This certainly has replaced the used of numerous printed books that allows designers to recreate a headline font to a body font.

24. TypeKit
This is a subscription-based font service that brings to you thousands of fonts from different quality foundry partners compiled in a single library. You can easily browse and choose the best for your website from this huge list.

25. WhatFont
It is just a click away. WhatFont gives you basic information about the text font in use and can further detect and provide services for serving the font. It currently supports Google Font API and Typekit.

26. FontFriend


It is yet another bookmarklet exclusively created for web designers who want to quickly check fonts and font styles directly in the running browser without performing any edition or refreshing the webpage, making it an ideal friend for preparing CSS font stacks.

27. Type-Finder
For typical font lovers, this tool serves as an advanced library for selecting a proper typeface. The designers can ask a set of questions regarding achieving a perfect typeface as per their requirements.

28. Type Genius
As the name suggests, it is a genius in finding you the perfect font combo for your nxt or upcoming project.

29. Flipping Typical
It is an interesting and fun web typography application that displays all the fonts installed on your system at once in any text you want. It is handy and simple t use-just type the text and see the results in your browser instantly.

30. Fontspiration
This is a completely new app towards building an amusing way to crate animated masterpieces and stay typographically inspired. It is a free iOS application available on Apple App Store.

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