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5 Useful Apps for Pet Lovers

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How much do we love our pets? According to the American Pet Products Association, enough to spend more than $50 billion per year on toys, treats, food, grooming and other pet products. In comparison, we only spend $10 billion on movies. But loving our pets isn’t always enough. Our pets are similar to our kids, they require quarterly vaccinations, certain foods and exercise to stay healthy. Here are some of the most useful apps for pets and the people who love them.


Apps to Keep Your Pet Healthy


Purina Pet Health

Is it hard for you to keep track of all your pets vet appointments or what is okay for your best friend to eat? Purina Pet Health is an app to help you find a vet, keep track of vaccinations, get articles on pet health and even help find your pet if he gets lost.

You can create a profile for your pet within the app and track everything. In addition to the basics, this app also offers tips for training and includes a database of health problems that are common in domesticated pets. This is the ideal app for veteran pet owners and owners of young puppies and kittens who need a lot of advice.


Some pets are mischievous and get into trouble at every turn. PetFirstAid is filled with videos and illustrations on how to treat common injuries such as bruises, cuts and choking. This app also lets you keep track of vet appointments and vaccinations. It even explains how to do CPR on pets.

The visual nature of this app makes it easy to understand how to treat each emergency, so you’re prepared for anything. PetFirstAid app has your back if your pet chokes, stops breathing or even gets into poison. All dog walkers and pet babysitters should have this app to be prepared for anything that comes up while the pet’s family is away.

PetFirstAid can also help you decide what plants are safe to keep around the house or yard and what to do if your pet strays away and gets into something he shouldn’t. Since most emergencies occur at night, the weekends and holidays when the vet’s office is closed. This app might mean the life or death of your best friend from another species.

Locating Dog Parks


Dog Park Locator

You probably know about the dog parks near your home, but if you’re traveling with your pet, you can get caught without a good play area. Instead of skipping playtime and keeping your four-legged friend cooped up for the entire trip, use Dog Park Locator to find one of thousands of dog parks all over the country. You can also check reviews so you’ll know what to expect before you get there, such as whether there are separate areas for big dogs and small dogs.

This app includes off-leash play parks in the area, as well as on-leash walks to take with your dog. It gives you information on every dog park listed within a 20-mile radius of wherever you are. The information in this app comes from, which keeps an extensive database of pet friendly places as well as places unfriendly to pets. The app tells you the cost of each dog park and their hours of operation, too. You can find restaurants, coffee shops and more that will welcome you and your pet for refreshments along your chosen route.

Get Fit With Your Pet



Physical fitness isn’t just for humans. Pets are perfect workout partners, always up for anything and never judgmental on how we look in sweatpants. MapMyDogWalk is the ideal app for people and pets to get fit together. It keeps up with how far you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned.

When you find a route that you and your best friend particularly enjoy, it keeps track of all the routes you’ve taken so you can easily find it again. If you like, this app makes it easy to share your experiences and progress on Facebook and Twitter.

This app operates using Google Maps, the most comprehensive database of roads available. It can also help you find your way back if you and your pet stray too far into an unfamiliar area. MapMyDogWalk is ideal for traveling pet owners, because you can navigate new places easily without worry.

Finding Fido


SpotLite and SpotLight

Perhaps the worst nightmare for pet owners is having no idea where a pet is. SpotLite is a small, waterproof GPS that attaches to any pet collar and tracks the pet when he strays out of a preprogrammed safe zone. It even gives you directions to where the pet is. The device works on a rechargeable lithium ion battery and rechargeable. The device alerts you when the battery is low and it’s time to recharge.

SpotLight does everything that SpotLite does, but it also adds a helpful night feature – a light attached to the collar, which you can turn on remotely from your smartphone to help find him in the dark. With this app, you’ll never have to worry about your pet wandering off again.

Keeping Costs in Check


Pet lovers on a budget don’t have to worry, because these apps cost less than $2 and some are free (except for the devices to operate like SpotLight and SpotLite). Affordable prepaid phones will store dozens of apps, so you can have them all close by in your back pocket. With these apps, you’ll have everything covered – play time, good health and peace of mind. These are highly rated apps by users. Many pet owners find that having a combination of these apps covers all of their basic pet’s needs and any unexpected emergency that may pop up at the most inconvenient moment.

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