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10 Great Apps for People on the Go

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In today’s world, it seems like we’re busier than ever (and, of course, we are). Luckily, smartphones are here to the rescue. Where we once had to have our whole life planned out in advance, today we can just make plans on the fly and use our instantaneous connectivity to our advantage. While in some ways this dynamic can complicate life, in other ways, it makes our lives so much easier. Many use apps to stay connected to the social world while others use them to stay connected to family by playing game apps from across the country.


For those who are always on the go, a laptop is not always the best option to carry around making staying connected to the outside world hard. Saving money can become difficult without the time to look up deals in the paper or cut out coupons so some rely on apps to tell them about the deals going on. Here are some great apps for people on the go.

Apparently named for its inherent slickness, this app delivers the best deals on the web directly to your smartphone. It shows you the best deals on the web for TVs, clothing, movies, groceries, gifts and even more. Best of all, you can see what deals other people have voted as the best. You can vote for deals too. This gives you the ability to save money on all facets of life. Now you can plan your day of shopping around the best deals instead of showing up to the store hoping some buy one, get one free article is going to be available when you arrive.

Dropbox started out as file-sharing service, but today has become so much more. This app can be downloaded to you phone, computer and tablet. On each device, it creates a folder. Every time you add, remove or change a file, the folder syncs across all three devices. This enables you have the most current version of your file wherever you are.
Dropbox works great for synching files between all your devices, be they your phone, tablet, or laptop. However, if you’re trying to use Dropbox on your laptop, the app requires connectivity via a cable or DSL provider, or you’ll need to find satellite internet in your area. Once you’ve dealt with that, though, you should be able to seamlessly transfer any file.

This innovative app combines your favorite pictures with your favorite music. Throughout the day, it gives you inspirational “blooms” to motivate you and offer you some helpful insights. This is the best app for feeling happy throughout your stressful day. It can really help you remain positive in seemingly adverse situations. When you are a person on the go, stress levels can sometimes get the best of you and this app keeps your stress down and mood up!

Calorie Counter
It can be easy to grab something to eat at a convenience or grocery store without thinking of the calories. We’ve all done it. However, thanks to calorie counter, you can now discover the calories of a particular piece of food before you eat it. Simply scan the barcode and it will tell you the calories, carbs, proteins and more.

If you live in a city with paid parking, then this app is a must-have. It finds the cheapest parking that’s also the closest to where you want to be. It takes into account the kind of car you have, the size of the parking spaces, and how long you want to park. Best of all, you see the suggestions in real time. As a parking lot is filled, it’s removed from your options. This will leave your wallet full and save you time especially if you live in a city that you have to spend countless time looking for a spot at the right price.

Waze is the app for people who don’t want to be stuck in traffic. This app uses GPS mapping technology to create a personal, up-to-the-minute traffic report. It actually uses information from other drivers’ phones to determine how fast they’re going, send messages and alert you to accidents and detours in advance. This is great for many reasons; the quicker that you get to the places that you are going the faster you can get work done. You can plan your day around the easiest routes to get somewhere. This will cut down on your stress as we all know that sitting in traffic can lead to a much worse day with more stress.

Dragon Dictation
If you’re not familiar with Dragon, it is the pioneer in the talk-to-text world. Now, Dragon offers an app. Dragon allows you to type emails, status updates and text messages, all without having to type at all. This saves time if you are constantly traveling by car and keeps you safer than typing an email on your phone while driving.

Crossfit Apps iWod
With having an on the go type of lifestyle, it sometimes becomes difficult to make it to the gym. Crossfit classes are run at specific times that may not always be conducive to a hectic schedule. There are a variety of Crossfit apps on a variety of operating systems. These can be used at home, or even in a yard as many of the exercises only take the most simple of equipment, your body.

This seems like a simple thing, many people do not have the time to write a personal blog or the desire. This app helps in the cases where you would like your family and friends to know what you are up to but don’t have the time to call all of them.

When on the go, it can become difficult to let all of your friends know where you are at what time. With Snapchat, people use this to take a picture of a sign outside a bar or restaurant to send instead of personally texting everybody with their location.

With these great apps, your on-the-go lifestyle will be perfectly complemented. What other apps do you use to help you as part of your mobile lifestyle? There are a variety that could fit into all categories, these just depend on your personal preference and lifestyle.

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