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Top 40 Best Virtual Pet Mobile Apps

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Looking for the best virtual pet app? Virtual pets are pet lovers everywhere, whether you already have a few pets of your own or are waiting for the right time. You can take care of your virtual pet right from your phone giving it food, water, and even playing with it! You can have any pet you want from a cat to a sheep. You can have a whole farm at your fingertips without having to muck a stall or do any of the dirty work. Read the reviews of these Pet Apps and find the best one for your lifestyle.


1. My Doumi


Doumi is a virtual pet that will never leave you bored. Doumi is active, loving to play games like dress up and being fed its favorite treats. It’s colorful and has plenty of activities to choose from. Just like a real pet, as you take good care of your Doumi it gets bigger and more evolved, becoming even more fun!

2. My Talking Tom

Baby Tom is looking for a new home! Adopt this little kitten and watch as it grows into an adult (that can talk!). Tom will take you on many adventures. There’s never a dull moment! Just like any other kitten, Tom loves getting into mischief!

3. Talking Tom Cat 2


Your favorite kitten just got even more fun! Talking Tom has more accessories and adventures to talk you on (like Climber Tom). Now that Tom is all grown-up he has his own place. Meet Tom’s neighbor Ben and see what exciting games you can play together!

4. My Talking Angela

Adopt this pretty kitty named Angela and help her live her best life! Angelia is a fashionista, and as she matures into a chic cat, she’ll need help keeping up with all of the latest fashion trends, decorating her home, and eating her favorite treats. Angela’s passion is dancing, help her get famous!

5. My Talking Hank

Everyone needs a puppy! Talking Hank is looking for his new best friend to keep him company on his tropical Hawaiian Paradise. You can feed hank his favorite treats and rock him to sleep in his hammock. Hank is an amateur photographer and needs help documenting all of his adventures.

6. Talking Ginger

Play games with Talking Ginger the curious kitten. Ginger loves to have fun and needs help getting ready for the day. Groom ginger and brush his teeth, then put him to bed and watch him sleep. Ginger is tiny, cute, and needs someone to play with!

7. Egg!


Ready for a game unlike any other? The game of eggs brings you to the Eggverse, a place where these magical creatures grow. How you raise your egg will shape its personality, style, and how it will hatch. Each egg has a different style, and there are plenty of surprises along the way.

8. Dog Simulator 2015

Ever wished you could trade places with your dog? This is the next best thing. Play as a real puppy. You can get into all sorts of mischief like barking or destroying the house. Dog Simulator lets you play as the puppy of your choice either by yourself or in multi-player mode you can play with other puppy friends. There are many different games, settings, and challenges to choose from. You’ll finally understand why puppies are so happy!

9. My Talking Pet Pro

Always wondered what your pet would sound like if they could talk? Wonder no more! My Talking Pet Pro lets you take a picture of your pet and then makes them talk! You choose what they will say and customize the voice. You can even add fun effects. Send photos to your friends, family, or even have your pet be your own digital personal assistant! They can read you the latest news headlines or remind you of an important event on your calendar.

10. Cat Simulator 2015


Enjoy life as a cat! Choose from different realistic cats and then spend the day having all of the fun cats have. You can annoy the local dogs or destroy some objects in the house. There’s plenty of fun to be had with fun locations, people to interact with, and exciting challenges.

11. My Boo Virtual Pet & Mini Game

Boo is the needy pet that will keep you entertained for hours. Boo needs help staying healthy, being fed, washed, and put to bed at night. Boo loves getting dressed up and has a closet full of styles. Boo loves attention, and there are many fun games to do together.

12. Cat Simulator: Kittens 2018

Have fun as a cat or dog and have fun in fun locations like the farm or the beach. There are many games to choose from. You can unlock other places and pets to play. Dress your pet up with fun accessories and take pictures!

13. Goat Simulator

Goat mischief at its finest! The goal of the game is to destroy as much as you can, all while being a cute goat. You can do tricks and get into all sorts of trouble. There are no limits to how much fun you can have. Run wild and have a goaty good time.

14. Virtual Talk – AI Chatbot


Talk with one of the smartest chatbots in the world. You can have virtual discussions with the virtual characters of your choosing. You can talk in chat rooms, send photos, videos, and even private messages to people. You can teach your phrases and choose the picture for your character.

15. Cat Sim Online: Play With Cats

Raise your own cat family and keep them safe in the wild. You can customize each of your kittens, even breeding your own. As you explore the world, you can unlock new breeds. Go on adventures with your cats, traveling in new places. Play by yourself or form clans with your friends and play multiplayer games. There’s strength in number!

16. Tiny Sheep: Pet Sim on a Farm

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a sheep farmer? Be the shepherd of your virtual flock. Build your farm and take care of your sheep. They need to be fed, cared for, and protected from wolves. You can compete with your friends to see who has the most prize-worthy sheep and sell your wool.

17. Stray Cat Simulator

This realistic simulator lets you save all of the stray cats in this big city filled with danger! Keep your cats safe by building your own cat family and taking on the world together as a team. Battle against birds, rats, dogs, and even other cats. Your cats need to stay healthy and be on their best behavior or animal control will intervene! Goin on missions and adventures as you take back your city.

18. My Horse

At one point, every kid asks for a horse for their birthday. Virtual horses are all of the fun of having a pony, without having to do the hard work. You can take care of your horse by grooming, feeding, and training. You can compete in equestrian events and visit your friend’s stables when they’re out of town.

19. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet


Enter the world of Bubbu, the virtual kitten the will always keep you on your toes. Bubbu’s house is full of surprises and fun adventures and activities. Bubbu needs your help to be fed, dressed, as well as getting bathed and cuddled. Bubbu needs a lot of attention all day to stay happy and healthy. Don’t forget to take Bubbu to the vet when he’s hurt.

20. Moy Virtual Pet Game

Moy wants to be your new best friend. Moy is a colorful pet alien that is ready to have fun. Moy needs to be bathed, fed, and put to bed. Dress Moy up in fun outfits and play mini-games to keep him entertained. Moy can play the piano and even talk!

21. Moy 5 – Virtual Pet Game

Moy 5 is the same Moy you love with extra features. You can play 45 fun min0games and even play with up to four of your friends in real-time. Moy has real emotions and gets sad if you don’t spend enough time with him. You can help Moy make music, build a home, and even take care of its fish!

22. MewSim Pet Cat


MewSim Cat is looking for someone to have fun with. MewSim wants someone to feed him yummy treats, buy new toys like a stereo, brush and maintain its fur, and make sure that he’s happy. MewSim is full of surprises and can’t wait to meet you!

23. Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium

Tap Tap Fish is a simple game that helps you relax. You can create your own aquarium with coral and fish. You can view fish in HD 3D or even VR. Choose your background music from the voice of a whale or water droplets so you can unwind and enjoy the beautiful aquatic graphics.

24. Pet Shop Story

Run your own pet shop! Fill it with your favorite pets from dogs and cats to birds and even other fun animals. You can create your won designer pets by cross-breeding. Design fun habitats for each of your pets and make your customers happy to get rewards!

25. Mimitos Virtual Cat – Virtual Pet with Minigames


Mimitos Virtual Cat is looking for someone to give him love and attention. You can adopt Mimitos, and look after him. He needs to be fed, played with, and loves being tickled. You can play fun mini-games and even customize his home and garden. You can even dress Mimitos up.

26. Joy Virtual Pet Game


Joy is an entertaining virtual alien pet that will keep you entertained. You can play fun mini-games and customize Joy’s outfits and rooms. Joy needs to be cleaned, fed and put to bed. When Joy’s being extra-good, you can buy him mini-pets.

27. My Tiny Pet

Hatch your own virtual pet and grow it into an adult. My Tiny Pet lets you name and take care of your new pet. Tiny Pets have life like emotions and plenty of mini-games to play with. You can take care of it daily by feeding, playing, dressing up, and tucking in your Tiny Pet. See what your friend’s pets are up to.

28. Daily Kitten: Virtual Cat Pet

Daily Kitten lets you take care of your cat by giving it attention, playing with it, and teaching good habits. There are mini-games to play with. You can pet your cat by taping the screen. Your kitten is realistic and interacts with its environment and goes on missions.

29. My Chicken – Virtual Pet Game


Ever wondered what it’s like to have a pet chicken? Adopt your own virtual chicken and have some fun. Multiplayer mode lets you play with your friends. Your pet chicken needs lots of care, just like a real one would. It needs to be played with, fed, cleaned, and trained. Help decorate it’s home and stay happy.

30. Dino Virtual Pet Game

Take care of your own baby dinosaur! Your Dino will have life-life-like emotions and needs to be nurtured daily. You can get your Dino mini pets that need to be hatched. Set up your Dino’s home by decorating and building furnishings, you can even take care of the garden and aquarium.

31. Dragon Pet


Dragon Pet lets you hatch your own dragon egg! Become a dragon trainer and help your baby dragon grow into an adult. Go on adventures and battle other dragons. You can explore the world of dragons and play fun mini-games within the realm.

32. Furdiburb

Hatch your own alien! Furdibub is an adorable alien that needs help maturing. You can feed and clean up after your new pet. Explore the Furdibub world filled with magical items and creatures.

33. Bird Land

There are over 20 million birds that live in Birdland. You can take care of your own bird bets or visit other aviaries or visit birds in their natural, free habitats. You can feed, clean, play with, and breed your own birds. If your friend is going out of town, you can visit their pets and take care of them!

34. My Newborn Kitty – Fluffy Care

Take care of Mommy cat as she prepares to have kittens. You can give her an ultrasound, help decorate the nurses and more. Once the kittens are born, you can take care for them and help Mommy cat change diapers! You can feed, clean, play with, and care for the kittens as well as give them medical care and spa treatments!

35. Baby Bunny – My Talking Pet

Is there anything cuter than a baby bunny? Choose which fluffy bunny to adopt and give it all of the love, attention, and daily care they need. Your bunny can talk and loves to take photos and play games.

36. Cthulhu Virtual Pet


Lovecraft fans (and even non-fans) will enjoy helping raise Cthulu as it evolves from an infant into an adult (a monster). There are five mini-games to play and help keep Cthulhu happy and fed.

37. iQuarium – Virtual Fish

Have all of the relaxing fun of an aquarium right in your pocket. iQuarium lets you take care of your own virtual aquarium. You can choose to be as active with your fish pets as you want. You can interact and play with your fish, or just watch them swim. Your fish will develop personalities depending on how you take care of them.

38. My Talking Panda – Virtual Pet

My Talking Panda is an exciting virtual pet that loves to repeat what you say. You can play with your panda with fun mini-games. You can customize your panda’s clothing and environment. You can help your panda workout, feeding it, and giving it love and attention.

39. Dog Simulator

Who let the dogs out? Have fun with your own pack of dogs. There are hours of fun to be had. You can dress your virtual pet up with accessories and play lots of games. Chase ducks and squirrels in the garden or hang out in the kitchen while dinner’s being made.

40. My Derp – The World’s Dumbest Virtual Pet


My Derp is a uniquely mischievous little pet that is always getting into trouble. Help Derp stay clean as you clean up after him. Derp has mini-games to play in. You can help Derp mature into a full-fledged adult, but it’s not easy.

There are many fun virtual pets apps to enjoy on your phone. Virtual pets are fun and interactive games that let you take care of virtual pets of all different shapes, sizes, and species. Many apps let you take care of your pet as a baby and help it grown into an adult. You can go on adventures, playing mini-games within games.

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