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Top 8 Best Health and Fitness Apps

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Well in 2018, the app ecosystem turns 10 years old. In these 10 years, apps have brought tremendous changes; you name the domain and it is ruling. From banking, movie, socializing, shopping, to weather navigation; apps have encaged our world entirely. Referring to the various statistics, there was 197 billion apps download.


The app developers are creating apps which are user-oriented and flexible according to the configuration of the mobile phones. Again according to the reports, there are 4.68 billion smartphone users in the world. One area where apps development have created wonder include healthcare. And when we talk about health care, it is not limited to consulting a doctor or fixing an appointment; apps are revolutionizing the whole structure of health care from brick mortar structure to desktop and now to apps.


The idea of healthcare is also changing with time; people are much behind “Prevention is better than cure”. They take prominent steps to keep themselves physically fit and mentally sound. Keeping this in view, app developers have developed apps which can track the calories burnt or how much they still need to gain in a day, track their body mass index, book a doctor online, and helps to plan the diet in advance.

Here is a list of apps and respective functions which contribute to managing fitness and health of an individual:

1. DietBet


As the name suggests, it is an app where you can put a bet for losing body weight and you can win the money as well. For instance, if you have put a bet of some amount to lose 6% of your body weight, and you succeed in doing so, then you can win back the money and more.

The data says “the app is used by more than 300,000 and people have lost 3.6 billion pounds and gained $16 billion.
Winning money is a bonus here, apart from that it is easy to feed the weigh-ins, track the progress and exchange motivational quotes.

2. Fooducate


Food is one of the major deciding factor and nowadays people are more conscious of the calories they are consuming. This app assists in finding the calorie content of specific food and segregate the food items based on the nutrient content (vitamin, minerals, sugar content, etc.).

It can scan almost 250,000 food items and tell their calorie content and let you know how good or bad it is for your health. Overall, it makes the food item shopping easy by giving options for several food items with the required amount of calorie count and track down the item in the store.

3. MapMyRun


As the name suggests, it helps in mapping the running route. It has 70 million routes in the store and helps you find the nearby running routes. All it needs is to enter your zip code. The app comes with a function called “Route Genius”. This person enables a person to feed the distance that he wants to cover and then the app tells you the path to follow.

The app is beneficial for traveling runners as they help find them to trace route in a new location. This app doesn’t let you miss the scenic run in the area.

4. PEAR Personal Coach


This is an app based fitness trainer which provides several interactive workout audio clips. The workout audio clip contains instructions of eminent fitness trainer such as Dallas Cowboys, Deena Kastor, Jay Jhonson and several others.

The app enables to learn about the ability of the body to consume oxygen during exercise. It is also referred to as VO2Max. This indicated the cardiovascular health of an individual.

This can be done by synchronizing the device with a heart rate monitor and perform a running test.

5. Sleep Cycle


The app helps in improving the sleep of an individual by assisting you to wake you up on the right side of the bed.

The app works by analyzing the movement and sound, and makes sure you wake up when sleep is lightest or least exhausted. In the app you need to set a “wake up phase” and around this time (somewhere around 30 minutes) the alarm goes off.

6. Fit Radio


The app plays music based on the workout you are performing such as Zumba, spin or yoga. The music is categorized as DJ created mixes and it maintains consistent beats. You can select music genre and a few mixes in its basic version.

The paid version (which is available on $3.99 for a month) gives access to several stations and more than 25 genres of music. It also allows saving favorites, mixes of DJs and allows skipping advertisements.

7. Happify


This is quite unusual but very helpful app. It aims to improve well-being and life satisfaction through strategies based on science. Once you download the app, you have to choose a track which further allots you tasks.

The tasks allotted help in reducing stress, negative thoughts, and resolve ongoing issues. Completing task one by one gives you a new outlook on life and eventually you have a happy year.

8. Pocket Yoga


The app enables you to practice yoga anywhere and everywhere. The database of yoga consists of more than 200 yoga poses along with their benefits for people of different ages.

These apps promote fitness by managing diet and instructing proper exercises. This helps in flexible exercise hour. Also, apps facilitate to practice yoga or exercise of your choice at the comfort of your home. This saves money as well.

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