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Top 30 Best Pet Safety Gadgets, Apps for Dogs & Cats

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A popular joke maintains that a pet dog’s thought process follows this formula: “They feed me, they pet me, they take me for walks…They must be gods!” This joke actually isn’t far off the mark. Dogs are natural pack animals, so everything to them exists in a strict hierarchy where the leader commands with absolute power, and the pack obeys. To dogs, you are their pack leader, and it is significant that you assert your authority early on.


When it comes to pet cats, we may not confirm the thought process that of dogs. But one thing is confirmed that when you own a pet cat or dog, you must show responsibility, and take great care of your pet.

Technology has advanced to the miraculous levels, and it also reflects in pet safety gadgets and apps. Today, it is 100% possible that you can monitor your pet, track your pet’s activities and even issue commands to follow while you are not at home.

In today’s post, I will help you become more responsible with no hassle. Here I am sharing a list of the 30 best safety gadgets and apps you can use to ensure the safety of your pet cats and dogs to the optimum. On this list, you will mainly find the best collection of:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Monitors
  • Trackers
  • Feeders
  • Treat Dispensers
  • Cameras
  • Accessories

1. Dog Monitor App


This app is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, TVOS, and Android TV. It is the best source to keep your pups or dogs in contact, always. It offers live HD video, so that you can keep in check your pet’s activities and take a promote action if you suspect a threatening situation. The app can also record your commands, which is handy in correcting behavior while you are away from the pet.

2. PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap


It is a perfect solution to avoid unwanted visitors stroll through cat flap. The device recognizes your cat through the microchip and allows to enter your cats only.

  • You can sync up 40 cats on this device.
  • It is easy to set up and its night mode makes it more secure.
  • You can buy this device for £89.99 only.

3. Electronic Pet Smart Door


Imagine you are on your bed in deep sleep and you won’t move an inch for the world, and your dog starts whining to go outside. What would you do? Ignore your dog and remain asleep, or compromise your sweet slumber. Here enters Automatic Pet Doors to the rescue!

You can install this device onto the door which leads outside. For installation, you have to measure and cut a hole accordingly to fit the SmartDoor. Now you can program up to 5 SmartKeys which are attached to the dog’s collar. As soon as your dog comes within the range of SmartDoor, it’ll open mechanically, giving the dog access to go outside. This smart device is available for $76.99.

4. Bow Tie Activity Tracker for Dogs


It is a sophisticated activity tracker and it also functions as a social networking tool for the pet owners. The device tracks your pet’s activities, while you can interact with other pet owners. The tracker of available for only $29.99.

5. Camio Video Monitoring System


Camio is a web and mobile app, available for free of charges for iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can turn your iOS or Android device into a video monitoring system.

  • It offers two-way communication, so you can talk to your pet and listen to its sounds as well.
  • You can search and capture the moments you like and share with others. Moreover, you can also add your friends to the system who can then also watch the pet just as you do.

6. Petcube Bites Pet Camera


It is a camera and, it is a tad bit bulkier than others model available, but the bulkier size is for a good reason. It works for cats and dogs and lets you watch and communicate to both pets. If you don’t want to miss even a single second of your pet’s activities, you can opt for its cloud-based service to get 24-hour footage at a little extra cost on monthly basis. You can buy it for $229.

7. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness


If you wonder how the world looks like through your dog’s eyes, this camera is the perfect answer to your fancy. It’s an extension for GoPro camera. You can it on the chest or back of your pet.

  • It records your pet’s every move while you can stay hands-free of handling the camera.
  • It’s comfy and light in weight for your pet.
  • It is made of water-friendly material, so you can allow your pet to hit the water while the camera is attached.

8. Andrew James 4 Day Automatic Pet Feeder


The pets go crazy when they are not fed on due times. At the times you are not available for your pet to feed, this automatic feeder is a savior for your furry friend. You can store and schedule food for 4 days in this digital feeder containing 4 trays.

  • Every tray will open at the scheduled time.
  • You can have your voice commands saved which will also play at the scheduled time.
  • The machine also has a built-in ice chamber to keep the food refrigerated.

If you have irregular routine, this is a must-have machine for you. It is available for £29.99 only.

9. PitPat Dog Activity Monitor


In cold, dark evenings, you can be excused for sporadically ditching walks with your furry friend with the help of PitPat. This device allows you to monitor your dog’s play time, walk, and rest to make sure your pet receives due exercise.

  • You can clip it on your pet’s collar to work.
  • Interestingly, the device doesn’t need to be charged.
  • It is available for £39 only.

10. Candid Catmera

If you love taking lots of pictures of your cat, Candid Catmera is the perfect app for you. On top of that, this app will help you take your cat’s pictures when you are not with your cat. The app draws your cat’s attention towards your device by making different sounds and a game, takes the pictures while the cat is playing and send it to your mobile phone. This app is available for iPhone and iPad.

11. Petzi Treat Cam


Every pet owner remains concerned when he/she is away, wondering if the pet is behaving properly or badly. The Petzi Treat Cam can remove your concerns completely. It is a bi-functional device which can be controlled through an app. It has a WiFi-connected camera and a treat dispenser.

  • You can release the treat by tapping a button on the app while the camera lets you watch your pet enjoying the treat with delight.
  • Another interesting feature of Petzi Treat Cam is night vision mode of the camera. If you forgot to turn on the lights in your pet’s area, you can still watch its activities.
  • The device also allows you to take pictures.
  • It is available for $169.99 only.

12. Whistle 3 GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor


Cats are curios and dogs loves to chase after them. As a result, bot the pets can get out of your sight in the blink of an eye. If you have a pet that keeps troubling you in this regard, Whistle 3 GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor is just what the doctor ordered. The product has already received overwhelming reviews, and it is popularity is spreading with every passing day. It is a trip monitor which lets you track pet’s location of last 24 hours. You can configure a pre-set safe place. The moment your pet goes out of that range, the devices sends notifications alerts through text, app, or email. With a prompt action, you can keep your pet safe before it can get lose its track.

  • It has a battery with a long lasting time of a week, while it recharges within a couple of hours.
  • It costs $59.95 along with subscription plan, while monthly subscription plan costs $6.95 per month.

13. 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder


If you have inconsistent routine, this gadget is a blessing for you. It helps you program your pet meals, so that the pet does not stay hungry, even when you are outside or busy with some house chores.

  • The device has 5 slots of 1-cup sized meals, which you can fill in with wet or dry foods.
  • The slots are removable and dishwasher-friendly, so cleaning remains hassle-free.
  • You can program the meals on the digital display with ease.
  • The manufacture offers 1-year warranty too.
  • The device can be purchased for $54.99.

14. Wüf Smart Dog Collar


It is a power-pack collar for your furry friend. It come with the following features:

  • GPS tracking
  • Virtual fences
  • Invisible leash
  • Activity tracking
  • Health tracking
  • 2-way communication
  • Training resources
  • Community

This smart collar is the assurance that you will never lose your pet.

15. Petnet SmartFeeder

This feeder helps you manage your pet’s timely meals and portions. The device can be controlled with an app, available for iOS and Android. It allocates meals based on stats and analysis of pet’s and health and activity.

  • You can store up to 7 pounds of meals.
  • The battery can last for 7 hours.
  • You will receive a notification when your pet has finished the meal.
  • The device is available for $179.

16. Pet First Aid App


This app, developed by American Red Cross, functions as first-aid guide for the pet owners. It is a must-have app to stay prepared for dealing with unforeseen accidents to your pets.

17. Cam2Pet App


This app is also a good resource for the pet owners who have to remain outside home most of the time. The app works perfectly on mobiles and tablets. With Cam2Pet App, you can:

  • Stream live video
  • Record your video and play for your pet when you are not at home
  • Take photos
  • Talk to your Pet
  • Zoom video
  • Record your sound to calm your pet

18. Animal Poison Control Center App


This app has been developed by American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). It also functions as a reference guide like Pet First Aid by American Red Cross. This app particularly focuses on:

  • Identification of poisonous plants and other perilous edibles
  • Things to do if your pet has eaten something harmful

19. ASPCA Mobile App


Also developed by ASPCA, this app lets you learn the things you should do in times of natural disaster and emergency situations to keep yourself and your pets safe and secure.

20. Voyce


The company offers health and wellness technology for animals in form of ensuring accurate diagnosis and monitoring. It is a combination of an app and a device. To use Voyce, hook it to your pet’s collar. The device start tracking heart-rate and activities. It is a superb solution for the pets with severe medical conditions.

21. Paw Tracker


It is a small and lightweight GPS system that employs satellite to locate your pet’s current location. You can operate it with a mobile app. It works for real-time tracking.

  • You can keep in check the activity history on your mobile or tablet, i.e., where you pet has been.
  • It works without any restriction pertaining to distance.
  • Its LED light helps you find the pet in dark areas.
  • The geo-fence option sends an alert the moment you pet leaves the range.
  • It is available for $99.95.
  • The subscription fee is $6.95 or $9.95.

22. Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Tosser

This gadget allows you to keep an eye on you dog in real time, command the dog to follow your instructions, and it tosses the treat.

  • The camera also has night vision mode.
  • It also works with Amazon Alexa.
  • This gadget is available for $194 only.

23. Dog Vacay


At times, it is impossible to accompany your pet on a journey, which may cause a great stress and trouble for you. If you have to leave your pet at home, Dog Vacay will take care of your furry friend. Unique on this list, Dog Vacay is neither an app nor a device. It is basically a community of the pet sitters and dog walkers.

All you have to do is visit the official website of Dog Vacay, pick a pet-sitter you like, meet in person, finalize the deal, and handover your dog to the sitter. You can hire a sitter for just a walk, or accommodation for a day or more. The sitter will send you the photos and videos to ensure the safety of your dog.

24. Pod GPS and Activity Monitor


This very small GPS tracker and activity monitor can be attached to the pet’s collar, and it won’t bother the pet at all. It has a battery life up to 5 days. You can purchase this GPS tracker for $197.94. The subscription plan is available for a yearly fee of $49.99.

25. Petsmart – Pet Protective Clothes & Accessories


Just like we are affected by the inclement weather, so do our pets. Therefore, you must have protective clothes for your pets against extreme weather conditions and during the travel. You can get such clothes and accessories from many brands like Petsmart, Petco, etc.

26. PetChatz HD


The pets are a significant part of the family, and they need your presence around. When you are outside, you pet isn’t happy at home either. PetChatz is a 2-way video communication gadget that allows you to interact with your pets.

You can access the gadget through an app on your mobile phone, laptop or desktop. The device connects on Silent Mode, but you can watch your pet. To start communication, press the ‘Chat’ your pet will hear your voice. Moreover, it works as a treat dispenser. You can buy this gadget for $349.99 only.

27. Gibi Pet Locator


This is a GPS tracking device, a perfect solution for the owners of pets that wander a lot and lose track easily. It is a sturdy, waterproof gadget but light in weight.

  • You can access the device through online browser, thus, it is accessible on the go on your smartphone, tablet and computer. The device quickly locates the pet on google maps.
  • Allocation to the safe zone sends you alerts if you pet moves out of the allocated safe zones.
  • It is available for $99.99 only with a subscription plan of $9.95/mo.

28. Eyenimal Cat Video Cam


It is a camera gadget that will allow you to see the world with the perspective of your cat. It is designed for cats, but you can mount it on your dog too. It weighs only 35g, so your pet won’t feel even a little bit of gadget’s weight. The batter can last up to two hours. You can get it for $99.

29. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain


It is another great product by PetSafe. Just like feeders, this is designed to offer your pet with water supply. It can store 168 ounces of water, which makes it an ideal gadget for all sizes of pets.

  • It has a replaceable water filter to ensure water tastes good every time.
  • It also has adjustable water flow control.
  • It is available for a meager amount of $49.99 only.

30. Loc8tor Pet Locator


It is safe to say that it is the smallest GPS tracker among the entire range of GPS trackers available. As its size, it works for a short range. This, it is the most suitable options for small-sized pets. It can cover 4 dogs at the same time. It is also a suitable options for visually impaired pet owners, as it gives audio clues. It is available for $99.99 only, which makes it quite an affordable GPS locator.

Tabcat is another Loca8tor brand’s mini and effective cat locating device. Its radio frequency based technology offers great range, performance and better accuracy than other GPS cat trackers.


As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your pet is safe and secure. To help you in this regard, I have tried my best to compile this list. These are the best safety gadgets and apps to ensure the safety of your pet dogs and cats I found so far. I hope you can now make an informed decision when you get one or more safety gadgets or apps for your pets.

I would love to hear your feedback about this list as well as your experience with these pet safety gadgets and apps. So, don’t forget to share your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

Always Keep Your Pets Happy, Healthy and Safe!

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