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9 Ways to Get High Quality and PageRank Backlinks

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When it comes to running a successful website or blog, the first thing you should do is to publish quality and unique web contents to build a strong base of royalty audience. The next thing you need to do is to have an effective strategy for increasing your site’s traffic. On the web, you’ll find many blogs and forums sharing a variety of tricks that claim to be useful for enhancing web traffic. If you decide to give those tricks a try, make sure they comply with Google’s website quality guidelines to avoid your site from being penalized or even banned by Google.


Today we’ll be focusing on how you can get more traffic from Google search engine through obtaining quality backlinks. We all know that getting authoritative baclinks helps to increase a site’s PageRank, it will make a site rank higher on Google search results to receive more organic traffic. Before that, let’s find out what kinds of backlinks are considered of high quality:-

How to Define High Quality Backlinks?

  • Relevant and natural anchor text placed within the linking page’s content.
  • Title and content of linking page are highly relevant to backlink’s page.
  • PageRank of the linking page is at least 4.
  • Backlink has no “nofollow” attribute.
  • Usage of targeted keywords or key phrases as anchor text.
  • Backlinks from government (.gov), or educational (.edu) websites.
  • Linking page with less than 30 external links

Incoming links can be easily obtained through commenting, but getting the first rate backlinks that fulfill above mentioned qualifications are not as easy as you thought. Here are some tips you can use to search for authoritative sites and get backlinks from them!

Search Authoritative Websites through Google
Make use of Google search engine to find out websites within your niche using your targeted keywords, and then figure out a proper way to ask links from them.

Find out Where Your Competitors Get Their Backlinks from
Open Site Explorer is a useful online tool offered by SEOmoz, helping you to dig out your competitors’ incoming links. Try to get backlinks from these linking sites.

Search for Government and Educational Organization Websites
As mentioned above, government and educational websites tend to have high PageRank score. You may find these sites out using search queries like “” and “”.

Search for “Dofollow” Blogs
Use search query “yourname@yourkeywords” to find out keywordluv and commentluv installed blogs as they normally allow you to make “dofollow” comments. Some Firefox add-ons like SearchStatus, NoDoFollow, and SEO Toobar can be handy helping you to defect dofollow and nofollow links in an easier way. If you are using Chrome browser, try SEO for chrome extension.

Make use of “Dofollow” Blogs Search Engines
Search engines like Dofollow Diver, Wmtips’s search engine and PageRush enable you to search for websites and blogs where you can get dofollow links easily.

Write Guest Posts
You might find that many popular websites don’t allow “dofollow” attributed links on their comments section. What you can do is to write some high-value guest posts for these sites and ask them to return you a link at the author bio section. This practice has been commonly used by bloggers to obtain backlinks from high PR authority sites and it doesn’t violate Google’s quality guidelines. Additionally, you may suggest article exchange to get reciprocal backlinks for both sites.

Submit Your Articles to Article Submission Sites
Some authority websites such as, and accept any original and high quality articles. You can submit your articles to them for more exposure.

Make Constructive Comments
When making comments, make sure it’s something valuable and beneficial to the discussion or post. Do not spam as this kind of comments will automatically be filtered and deleted by commenting system like Akismet or manually removed by author. After making comments you can leave a link but make sure its destination is relevant to the linking page content.

Request Links from Other Sites
While link exchange scheme is not allowed according to Google webmaster quality guidelines, but you can always find chances of getting one-way link from high PR sites. Try to contact authority sites and introduce your website/ blog telling them how your site can be beneficial to them and what values can you offer. Who knows that they might accept you as a partner or recommend your site to their audience? However excessive reciprocal links might be penalized by Google, so don’t overdo it.

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