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Top 20 Sneaky Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

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If you have tools that help you monitor your web performance, then they can also help you collect data from your competitors. Although some of them might look familiar and already being used by you, they help evaluate other competitors in the market. Search has been such a dominant factor in the web era, as internet has grown extensively. Thus you have to take into consideration various factors while spying on other companies or let’s just say your competitors.


This is where the marketing tools come into play. Here in this article we discuss some of the best marketing tools that are designed to do the job of being sneaky enough and still be able to capture information for you from your competitors.

1. Google Alerts – Helps monitor mentions

Monitor keywords or get alerts in your inbox when someone mentions your competitor online or there is just a link or a mention that you want to track. This tool can help you gather competitor back links, monitor keywords and social mentions online.

2. Social Mention – Mention monitoring tool

With this tool you can monitor keyword mentions and company mentions and finally cross-analyze any conversation, tweet, face book post or social mentions across various social media networks. This tool has a lot of cool features including blogs, social media and videos. You can enter any keyword and discover what’s being said about the key term across all blogs and social platforms. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds.

3. Website Grader – Mention monitoring tool


This gives your competitors an overall score that is based on SEO, lead generation, social media activity and blogging success. With the help of this tool you can monitor the activity of your competitors, blogs, SEO activities and lead generation success.

4. Competitive research and keyword gadget

This one is more like a gadget and is also a cool tool that can be embedded in the website. This way you get all the information of your competitors. This also acts as a competitive analysis tool. You can easily access this tool by placing it in your website.

5. Infinigraph

The tool mostly focuses on trending topics from the audience. This shows what content and brands are trending. This tool can be used as a competitive analysis tool for your company. You can also track social media trends of your competitors, and obtain insight of your audience.

6. Google Keyword Planner


Also known as the Google keyword tool or the Google traffic estimator, this tool helps find competitor data by conducting competitor analysis. As it’s from Google, it is considered to be one of the best in the industry. You can use this tool for both paid and organic keywords. You can also monitor your own site and your competitors.

7. Instapaper

This tool is quite effective and helps you save web pages so that one can read them later. You can save it and read it on your desktop, laptop, mobiles, and even kindle. Use the book mark bar to book mark your favorite pages. With the help of this tool, you can visit different sites of your competitors in the market and save any content of your use.

8. Monitor Back links

This is mostly a tool for the keywords. But you can also follow competitor back links and have them sent straight to the inbox. It will also show which ones are the highest and the lowest domains and whether they are do follow or no follow links. This tool basically helps in tracking or monitoring links that your competitors might be earning.

9. SEM Rush


This tool digs out competitor data. It is an easy procedure altogether. All you have to do is visit the homepage and type in the competitor’s website and get all the details including a certain bunch of organic keywords, their rank and traffic. Through this tool find out how your competitors are ranking for certain organic keywords.

10. SpyFu

This is a very popular tool and helps find out which keywords your competition is targeting. This tool is helpful for both organic and Ad words. This is a paid tool. You can simply type in competitor and download all their keywords.

11. Woorank

You have the option to spy on your competitors with the help of this tool. This tool also shows competitor data in a small section, where you can create your own project and track or optimize your own website on the basis of the results you find through this tool. This is a paid too as well.

12. SpyOnWeb

With the help of this tool, you can simply enter the URL, or IP address to find out all the resources that belongs to the owner. You can discover various IP addresses to find domain info.

13. Similar Web

This tool helps in obtaining traffic insights for any website. It also helps obtain country, global, and category ranks for any websites. You can receive suggestions from competitors as well.

14. Open Site Explorer


This is a Moz tool and is one of the best tools in the SEO industry. With this tool you can find out who is linking to your competitors and even compare link data of your competition. This is certainly a paid tool that is worth the money.

15. Ahrefs

This is a tool for the back links. It is a very popular and a well known tool in the SEO industry. It can show you things like IPs and external links of your competitors.

16. Alexa

This is yet another very popular and a very cool tool with tons of statistical data and web data. This tool shows you the ratings of individual websites. This tool can spy on your competitors including things like linking, traffic and keywords. With the help of this tool you can obtain data on international competitors.

17. Simply Measured


Very much an advanced tool and shows everything that you need to know about your competitors including traffic, trends, analysis, conversions, and social media. You will have access to at least 35 different reports.

18. Majestic SEO

This is a premium tool and is one of the most popular ones. Majestic SEO tool will help you download any link profile for your competitor’s sites. You will have hundreds or thousands of links right at your fingertips. Finally export the link and analyze accordingly.

19. The Search Monitor

This tool offers great information. It focuses on competitor data and allows you to focus and monitor on affiliates and trademarks. It also helps monitor rankings and results from various important search engines for blogs, websites, forums, news and much more.

Author: Udit Khanna

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