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Download Free Rovio Angry Birds Games and Play Now

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Angry Birds is one of the most worldwide popular puzzle games for smartphone devices including iPhone and Android based phones. Due to the popularity of this game, we’ve written quite a number of articles about it and received huge response from our readers. In today’s article, we would like to share with you 2 Angry Birds game installers (free demo) which are available for Windows XP and Windows 7. Yes, you can download and play the games on your PC, laptop or other Windows based computers for free. Furthermore, we also give away 2 links in this article so that you can play the game on your favorite web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Have fun!


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Download Angry Birds installers here:

Angry Birds (39.3 MB)

Angry Birds Rio (33.1MB)

Play Angry Birds game on your favorite web browsers:

Play Angry Birds on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for free


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