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4 Free WordPress Apps for Your PC and Web Browsers

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There are many ways for you to post to your WordPress blog, and with WordPress is just one of them. There are several apps for WordPress. Some of these applications for posting are for mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, letting you post on the go, but there are many for your computer as well. If you have a Windows based PC, there are many applications that you can try to make your experience posting to WordPress even better. The following are just some of the apps you may want to use to enhance posting to your blog via your PC or with your Internet browser.


Press This
This is a tool for grabbing images, texts and video from anywhere on the web and post them to your blog. An ultimate sharing tool, Press This also lets you share links to your blog.

Considered a mini-application or bookmarklet, this tool is already integrated into WordPress and works with your web browser. You can find Press This in your “Available Tools” on your dashboard, and you install it by dragging the link into your browser’s bookmark bar.

It is simple to use. When you find some content you want to share, highlight it with you cursor and then click on your Press This bookmarklet on the browser’s bar. A small pop-up window will appear to facilitate publishing and adding any commentary before you post. It is compatible with multiple blogs.

Sharing links is even easier. If you are on a page you want to share, don’t highlight anything before you click on the bookmarkelet.

This application also works with your browser. This is not another simple sharing tool, but it is a full blog editor. You can, however, use it to share content from pages with an easy drag and drop format.

Essentially a browser plugin, ScribeFire lets you blog from within your browser with ease. There is a version for many browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Additionally, it is compatible with multiple blogging platforms, so if you blog with a platform other than WordPress, it could be a big help too.

Windows Live Writer
WordPress is just one of the many blogging platforms that you can post to with Windows Live Writer. Easy to use, it is set up in the very familiar style of the Microsoft Office Suite.

You can use Windows Live Writer to blog to an existing blog, or you can use it to set up a new WordPress blog. Either way, set up is an easy, guided process. Most of the setup is done automatically for you.

Starting a new post is simple. You start a new post and add your title and post body in the appropriate places. A full featured editor, with Windows Live Writer, you can change fonts, text styles and more without being and HTML expert. Inserting images, videos, maps and more is all easy and guided through the tabbed interface.

This application makes sharing and posting easy. Not only does it work with WordPress, but you can use it to share content to your blogs, email, messaging programs and social networks. Shareaholic, like many other apps, works with your web browser.

A browser plugin, Sharaholic lets you share almost anything you find on the web in about 100 different ways. It also lets you manage your bookmarks, making Shareaholic a versatile, useful application beyond what it can do for your WordPress blog. This customizable app does have a WordPress plugin, making it even more integrated with your WordPress blog.

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