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Top 15 Fastest and Safest Web Browsers for Smartphone

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Roughly 1/3rd of the world population uses smartphones these days. The extremely versatile nature of the smartphones has made it the go to option for more than just calling and texting. Increasingly, people prefer the mobile versions of once discrete devices like cameras, calculators, flashlights, you name it.


Web browsing is one other thing that has seen a major shift in trend; from desktop browsing, a large majority of the Internet users has migrated to mobile web browsing. With country wide internet coverage (3G and 4G technology and in some cases even free Wi-Fi) available in most of the developed and even developing nations, more and more people are experiencing the internet surfing through their handheld devices.

For trawling through the infinite world of Internet space, a Web Browsing App is required. Web browsers have come a long way since the days of Netscape Navigator. A plethora of apps is available both on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, each boasting lightning fast browsing speeds and unique features. Some are free and some are not. Here are the best 15 web browsers that you can download to enhance your Internet surfing experience according to your desire.

1. Google Chrome
Compatibility: Android, iOS


The default browser for phones with the Android operating system, Chrome usually comes pre-installed on Android phones. Just like most Google products, Chrome is efficient, minimalist and user friendly. The latest version even makes the separate tabs appear as individual apps, making for an easier toggling between the tabs, Chrome for Android and iOS is an extension for its desktop version.Chrome offers perhaps the smoothest synchronized transition for users who operate from both a desktop and a mobile device. It offers a no hassle syncing of passwords, bookmarks and browsing history. The browsing speeds are great. It also boasts a unified google search/address bar that comes in very handy. An incognito mode is also present for private browsing. As far as all-rounder browsers go, Chrome is by far a leader.

2. Safari
Compatibility: iOS

The flagship browser by Apple, Safari comes pre-installed on all the iOS devices. Initially, Safari was not at par with its competition, but subsequent versions have seen much improvement. Adding the URL/Search dual purpose bar was a step in the correct direction. Always one for great aesthetics, Apple cleverly hides the omnibar until it is needed, which looks very cool. They have also introduced the card style tab viewing option, making the multiple-tab browsing easier. Other functions offered by Safari include: password generator, more control options for parents, private browsing and for later versions even ad blockers.

3. Firefox
Compatibility: Android, iOS

Initially, only available for the Android users, Firefox for the mobile devices is a sleek, high speed web browser that features a rich library of add-on features. With expected options like tabbed browsing, cross-devices syncing, it is a great alternative to the default browser. Now with the release of Firefox for iOS, Apple users can also indulge in the web browsing experience that it offers.

4. Opera
Compatibility: Android, iOS


Opera is one of the fastest web browsers out there. It employs built in data compression algorithms to compress the media files for high speed browsing. Its other features include private browsing and syncing and gesture controls.

5. Flynx
Compatibility: Android

Flynx, rather than being a complete browser, specializes in opening in app links. It is a smart piece of an app that opens up in a pop up style. The unique feature of this browser is that it can load up to four web pages in the background while you continue using any other apps, while a small indicator shows the progress of the loading. You can tap the indicator twice to open up the page once it is done loading. It also adds smart ad-blocking, saving links for offline viewing and easy sharing into its arsenal, making it a must have.

6. iCab Mobile
Compatibility: iOS


iCab is one of the most powerful browsers to date. It has a load of built in features not available in its competitors. A flexible web address based ad blocking, User-agent spoofing are a couple of things that it has to offer. iCab, although not so aesthetically pleasing as other mobile specific browsers, has its fair share of mobile friendly features, like gesture recognition and data compression for reduced data costs.

7. Puffin Browser
Compatibility: Android, iOS

This one is a mobile gamer friendly browser. Puffin offers full Flash player support necessary for a lot of online gameplay. It also has onscreen virtual gamepads and trackpads for an enhanced gaming experience. Puffin can also directly save your files on cloud storage saving your data bandwidth.

8. Orweb
Compatibility: Android

Though a little slow, Orweb browser claims to be the safest, most protected web browser available for android these days. It offers a completely anonymous and private browsing experience, unlike VPN and proxies that can be tracked. It also boasts its ability to bypass firewalls and restrictions, allowing you to view blocked content.

9. Onion Browser
Compatibility: iOS

Similar to the Orweb browser, the Onion Browser provides anonymous web browsing for the iOS users. Due to its roundabout manner of connecting to the web, it is slower than the other more mainstream browser. But that is the price of privacy that you should be willing to pay.

10. Mercury browser
Compatibility: Android, iOS


Mercury is a fast browser with many control features available. It boasts an automatic brightness control feature, depending upon the time of the day. The Day and Night modes are great for those of us who thrive on late night browsing. It also allows you to share links on multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Added to these are the general ad-blocking and password features.

11. Dolphin
Compatibility: Android, iOS

Dolphin is a feature laden web browsing app. It boasts a lot of tools and add-ons. Most notable of which are gesture bookmarks that can read letters drawn on the screen to jump to frequently used webpages, and offers a voice recognition search engine. Also available arethe add-on support and multiple tabs. All in all, it is a good alternative to have around.

12. Ghostery Private Browser
Compatibility: Android

This browser keeps track of the cookie tracking and other data tracking activities different sites do and lets its users know exactly what they are up to. It also offers solutions to evade the tracking. Other features include a tracker free search engine and automatic cookie clearing.

13. Link Bubble Browser
Compatibility: Android

This is also a pop up browser, like Flynx discussed earlier and is very similar to it. The problem with the Link Bubble browser is that the free version has a very few features and is virtually useless.

14. Javelin Browser
Compatibility: Android

Javelin is a complete browser with a multitude of general features available, it also happens to have a pop up browsing feature. The browser is fast, costless and ad free. It also offers a read mode that removes all distractions from the web page making it easier to concentrate on the text only. It is a great wholesome alternative to mainstream browsers.

15. Lightning Web Browser
Compatibility: Android

As the name promises, Lightning browser is a speedy browser which is easy on the phone memory. It offers all the modern navigation tools like bookmarks, history, multiple search engines, privacy mode etc. It is not a bad alternative if you want a lightweight browser for your mobile device.

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