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Top 20 Tips for Beginner Bloggers

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Your passion for writing might be the driving force to you starting a blog. However, content generation takes more than passion. Tons of bloggers exist in the digital space, which means competition for an audience is very high. As a beginner, it can quickly frustrate and discourage you if you are giving your very best on articles and still receiving slow traffic. That is an indicator that you need to learn more about blogging other than typifying in a bunch of words to come up with an article.


With so many experts to compete with, you need several survival skills that will shed a little light on how you can manage your brand and stand out amidst the stiff competition. Here are 20 tips that every beginner in blogging should run with:

1. Have a niche target

Your blogs are not for everyone in the world. Have a particular group of people that you reach, inspire, and engage with. The goal is to be clear about your target demographics enough to understand their needs and be in a position to meet those needs adequately.

2. Stick to originality

No matter how tempting it becomes to write like everyone else, you must resist the urge. A lot of first-time bloggers give up along the way by over-comparing themselves to other bloggers. The danger with this is that you can quickly get absorbed into their writing style and articles that you begin to copy them. That will be the beginning of your downfall. For one, Google penalizes duplication, but more importantly, you will lose your grip on your target audience if you compromise the originality of your pieces.

3. Write long-form content

Short-form material does not perform as well as long ones do. Technically, people need sufficient information on a topic for them to fully comprehend what your angles and perspectives are on that subject matter. With articles less than 500 words, you undermine this need. Instead, aim for 1000 words and more. This provides more content for your target audience to consume, and not only that but also, give Google more information to crawl for correct indexing of your site.

4. Segment your work

Do not generate your content in one block. This makes it super hard for people to read. Instead, use tables, charts, bullet point, lists, among other items, to break down your work into easy-to-read sections.

5. Use images

Text-based content is not enough for the audience. Technology, more so in smartphones, has popularized the idea of visual communication. People want to consume content visually first before they can read. While at it, select high-quality images that will not condescend your high-quality pieces.

6. Use provocative headlines

The entertainment industry thrives a lot of controversies. This is not to say that all your articles should be controversial. However, you need to indulge in a little provocation, whether visually or intellectually. This is possible through having very catchy headlines that will not only turn heads but also, stop people from doing what they were up to and focusing on your blogs.

7. Capitalize on H1 tags

H1, H2, H3, and so forth, should help you better organize your blog, without scattering your ideas. The goal is to help people easily read your work within a consistent thought-line.

8. Be consistent

If you are going to be significant and visible in your niche industry, be consistent with your writing. Build a certain momentum that your target audience can count on every after a certain period.

9. Be patient

The results you expect from your blog will not happen immediately you start blogging be patient to build your audience step by step.

10. Engage your audience

There are tons of ways you can keep your audience hooked on your blogs. The very first thing is in how you write your content. All your material should spark a conversation with your audience. You may want to use a conversational writing style, but better yet, add questions, even rhetoric ones, in your copy.


11. Respond to feedback

Whether you receive negative or positive feedback, it matters that you respond to them. Your timely response helps keep your audience hooked on your copy, and more invested in the subject matter.

12. Be a social media guru

Social media should be a blogger’s best friend. It is not just the perfect platform to access a broader audience, but also a nice way to keep your audience engaged. There is a lot you can get from social media, including, getting new ideas for content generation, keeping tabs on your competitors, and marketing your blogs, among others.

13. Always have a call-to-action

A call-to-action makes your audience know what to do when on your site. This means that you can better achieve your goals, without assuming your audience will know what you want them to do.

14. Network with other bloggers

Other people can help you improve your visibility online because they already have established a base with their audience. Be open to meet new bloggers, and better yet partner in some articles for better readership.

15. Stay on toes with current trends

Your number one job as a blogger is to feed your audience with relevant content that helps them remain entertained, informed, and aware of everything happening around them. Make an effort to learn about everything taking place in your niche so you can remain relevant to your readers.

16. Build an internal link structure

Link your pieces with each other to get more traction. This allows people to access your previous blogs easily.

17. Stop with the comparison

The more you compare yourself with other sites, the more overwhelmed you will get, which might discourage you from keeping on with blogging.

18. Build a community for your audience

A community will help keep your audience in touch with each other, creating a loyal fan-base for your blogs.

19. Get ideas from your audience

Your goal should be to meet the needs of your target audience. To do so effectively, get writing ideas from them.

20. Organize a giveaway

Gifts always seal the deal with your audience. You stand a chance to break through to a broader niche by giving away stuff.

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