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7 Tips: How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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Looking for some tips and tricks to encourage your visitors to make more comments on your blog? Look no further, here’s the post you must read. Undeniably, the number of comments received on your posts is one of the best ways to check the health of your blog readership. Having received sufficient amount of comments means that you’ve successfully built a good engagement and relationship with your readers. It will not only encourage your existing visitors return for lively discussion but also attract more new visitors to your blog.


Here are 7 useful tips you can use to get more comments for your blog posts. Any thoughts and suggestions, share with us in the comment box below.

End Your Article with a Question
One of the effective ways to encourage your readers to comment is ask a question at the end of your post. If your reader has read your article from the beginning to the end, it means that they are interested in what you’ve written and they will be motivated to answer your question.

Reply to Comments Promptly
This tip is not something new. When readers send their feedback about your post, you, as a responsible blogger, must response to them promptly. This will make them feel that their comments matter, and thus encouraging more comments to build a healthy and interactive discussion.

Make Sure Your Blog is Easy to Comment
Try to enter your blog as a visitor and post a comment yourself. How easy is it to comment? Is there anything that hinders your visitors from commenting? If your blog requires visitors to register and log in to comment, that could be the reason why you’re getting less comments compared to other blogs.

Reward Best Comments
To encourage more insightful comments, what you can do is put a carrot in front of your readers by offering them cool prizes or recognition for best comments posted. With this method you can motivate your reader to figure out more useful and thoughtful comments.

Ask Your Readers for Contribution
In addition to asking question, you can actually ask your readers to contribute their knowledge, expertise and experience. This is especially applicable to posts where the content is organized in the form of list and is somewhat incomplete. It makes readers feel obligated to help you by commenting their opinion.

Post Your Comments on Other Blogs
If you wish to have more visitors to comment on your blog, why not you first post your comments on other similar topic blogs? You will be allowed to leave a link to your site attracting more readers to your blog. Giving a thoughtful comment will make the author of the blog feel obliged to return the favor by visiting your site and commenting on your posts.

Make Your Content a Little Controversial
Don’t make your post boring, you should always present thought-provoking opinions to let your readers react to it. And, why not make your content a little controversial rather than writing something generic. Bear in mind that when there are conflicting opinions, there will be discussion arises on your post.


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